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"They are a good protein packed snack that dissolve in the mouth" - by Bedrosi
My baby loves Bamba! It was her first solid food. We started feeding them to her at 6 months as a peanut allergy preventive. They are a good protein packed snack that dissolve in the mouth. So no teeth required.
"Triple good: delicious, great first finger food, prevent peanut allergy!!" - by pibbles
Awesome for peanut allergy prevention! We started our baby on these as one of her first finger foods, doing baby led weaning. They were much better than the expensive baby puffs you can get at the grocery store, and they have the added bonus of being a clinically proven tool for reducing the risk of peanut allergy in your kid.

I also have to admit that every time we order these, even though they're for the baby, I end up eating more than half of them. They're freaking delicious.
"Fast shipping!!! Exactly what I was hoping for!!!!" - by Amazon Customer, these are the 1 oz packs that you buy individually in a vending machine. Where I work, that is $0.60 per 1 oz pack out of the vending machine. With this order you get 48 of these 1 oz packs for less than $15. If I were to buy 48 packs out of the vending machine that would cost me almost double!!! So, if I would highly recommend you buying these and keeping them at your desk instead of buying them one at a time out of a vending machine!!!! I will be ordering more. Very Fresh!!!!! Update: I've purchased this three times now and have not been disappointed.
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"Perfectly portioned snack" - by KC (Massachusetts)
I've gotten this same one on many flights, which is what drew me to them. It's the perfect snack size portion at 1 oz. The peanuts are crunchy and salted just right.
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"a good generic gift to sent" - by Tamara Wilhite (Euless, TX United States)
Good mix of snacks and treats. A little over priced.
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"good stuff" - by Ron Konieczka
good stuff
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"Yum yum yum!" - by LK
I used to gobble nuts (like a pig). SO glad these are individually packaged! Love these peanuts!
"Delicious, excellent day/workout/hiking snack." - by D Z
Been surviving off of these and quest bars (chocolate chip cookie dough) for the last year as a 3rd year medical student. I always have 3 of these and 3 of the quest bars in my ruck daily, and sometimes will go through all of them in one day since there's not much time to eat. These last me a while, I don't feel woozy or food coma-y after eating them, and they just taste delicious. I buy them by 4/5-box-fuls at a time via subscribe and ship, which makes it at least a little bit cheaper (and they don't really get stale if I have a vacation and don't need to eat them).

For optimal eating while others are talking/in a meeting: these are quick to get out of the wrapper (which is initially loud but quiets down), and once out of the wrapper it just depends on your ability ... full review
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"Strong peanut butter taste which I like soo much" - by Amazon Customer
Strong peanut butter taste which I like soo much. But I will like it more if the biscut is more chewy
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"My favorite snack peanuts" - by AC
These are my favorite snack peanuts. They came well packaged and shipped quickly.

And for those that want to know: the ones I got are about 9 months before the expiration date. Plenty of time.
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"Our son bought us the peanuts as a gift. ..." - by D. S. Ziegler (Roanoke, Va USA)
Our son bought us the peanuts as a gift. In my house...that is never a wrong move. Thank you so much for the nuts, they are tasty.
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"Healthy, delicious and satisfying snack on the go I look forward to!" - by Cheryl Weber
Perfect energy boost without feeling full or heavy. I use as a great on the go snack, or with long workouts. Perfect to send to my college kid for his backpack. Kids love anytime of day and I never feel bad. Love the taste texture and especially love the non-GMO
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"These seem to be better than the other brands out there" - by Amazon Customer
These are great tasting, have a nice amount of peanut butter inside them and don't crumble in your hand when you take them out of the package.