Peppa Pig

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"Five Stars" - by NatalieA
Toddler loves peppa. Has watched this many times.
"so I love" - by Lorrane (Utah)
My daughter loves it, so I love it
"Finally a US version!!" - by F. Reedus
I'm so happy that they finally have a US version as my little girl loves Peppa Pig. These are all episodes we've seen before but it's good to have them for bedtime and days when theres nothing on and nothing to do.
"simply done, good topics - my 3 1/2 year old loves it" - by JustAnotherConsumer (INDEPENDENCE, KY, US)
my daughter loves this show, it's not about a bunch of fairy princesses trying to sell you something. Just good stories - simply told and it's somehow sort of relaxing, maybe it's the accent - sounds british. We watch one before bed time.
"Peppy does teach" - by Brystal Bohannon
My daughter loves Peppa anything and Peppy is educational and teaches sharing and caring so I can’t complain.
"Cute and Fun" - by Sweetmama (NC)
My almost 3 y.o. LOVES Peppa Pig! It's cute and I don't have to worry about commercials or any questionable content. I downloaded it to our video library and she watches it on Roku. It also means she can watch it on my Kindle Fire when we are traveling, as long as there is wifi.
"Foreign Languages......" - by Dee Densel
My GG Kids love it! The only thing I don't like about it is that it comes in several languages and constantly get it set to Chinese or Japanese and it is not easy to get back to English......... You need to be able to set it and forget it!!!
"Five Stars" - by Megan
My 4 yr old approves!
"My 4 year old son loves this house!" - by Christina Michelle
My 4 year old son loves Peppa Pig. His favorite character is George! When he saw this toy in the toy store, he begged me to get it so I ordered it for Christmas. The house is cute. It comes with George and Peppa and some furniture (bunk beds, couch, bath tub, washer, stove, fridge, sink, kitchen table and chairs and TV.

Each toy has a piece that rotates to show a different scene. For example, the fridge, when opened, has an empty fridge scene with just a bottle of ketchup - then you can flip it to show a full fridge of food! This also applies to the table, TV, washer, sink, tub.

The only thing I would like to change would be the way you close the house. It comes with a handle which tells me it can be carried, yet the door doesn't close all the way because of ... full review
"Love these socks" - by Mami (Miami, FL)
Beautiful peppa pig socks made with excellent materials. Fast delivery. Fit perfectly. Granddaughter loves everything peppa pig.
"Jingle all the way" - by ashley
Bought this for my son for Christmas. When he was at my partners shop, he found it and nearly exploded from excitement. We had to tell him it was someone else's but if you have a toddler, get this bus before they're all gone.
"of course they loved it. The house itself is okay" - by Ashley
I bought this for my two littles that are Peppa pig obsessed...of course they loved it. The house itself is okay...the door never stays shut, as soon as you shut it it falls back open.