Photograph of The Moon

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"Hard-to-believe 8-inch x 10-inch black and white photographs of unusual trees" - by Kent Price (Palo Alto, CA USA)
Hard-to-believe 8-inch x 10-inch black and white photographs of unusual trees from around the world. This is a great coffee-table book which displays the wonders of nature. And the Amazon price of $35 is also hard to believe.

The book is nicely balanced with an introduction by the author, an article on the form and function of ancient trees by Todd Forrest, 62 tree pictures followed by 15 pages of captions, closing comments on the art of the tree by Steven Brown, and a 2-page index of the trees shown.

I highly recommend this book for those interested in unusual trees and nature in general.
"Very cool" - by Sophia
I think it's fun to watch the changes of the moon and check for the full moon.
"UPDATE: Almost great, fit an issue, it's not cheap. New portable VR HMD's MUCH cheaper, with many of the same features" - by Dennis M. Wierzbicki (Chicago, IL United States)
NOTE: I received this device at a reduced price in return for a detailed review.

This is going to be a very in-depth review, as you would expect for something as complex and feature-filled as the Royole Moon, and as should be expected from a computer/TV accessory that costs as much, if not more, than many 4K TV’s.

Bear with me – the review might also be a bit disjointed. There just so much to cover with a device as sophisticated as the Moon.

According to Royole: “Our goal with Moon was simple - deliver a truly immersive, 3D movie watching or gaming experience that could be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The idea was to create a brand-new 3D virtual mobile theater from the ground up, with ultra-high-resolution displays, top-quality noise-cancelling headphones, a world's first foldable design, and our own operating system to connect you to unlimited movies and music.”.

I think they succeeded, ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Fiesta Balloons Columbus
Very nice... exactly as was described by seller! Thanks
"Finally! The Best Guide to New Orleans' French Quarter" - by Manhattan Reader
This is a wonderful book. It's a combination of a very accurate walking tour guide of New Orleans' French Quarter and a truly accurate historical account as well. The text is smooth and easy to read. The details for a self-walk through the area are so very useful and complete. No getting lost with these directions! As an ex-business person in the heart of the French Quarter for many years I dealt daily with befuddled and misinformed tourists. I wish I had been able to recommend the purchase of this book,back then. If I have any complaint it is that there is quite a bit of back-story on the 500 block of Royal, which is not in the book. However, that makes for another enticing reason to purchase the book and do some "self-digging" of that area. Buy the book! This is ... full review
"Why only 16 Gb" - by PhotoGraphics (United States)
I bought the 16 Gb model of this drive, in fact I bought two of them. The first question most people would ask is why. With 32, 64 and even 128 Gb drives costing only pennies more why buy such a small capacity? The easy answer is because that’s all I need. In today’s technology the most common media to use to make a restore disk for your computer’s operating system is with a USB thumb drive, for most laptops these days that’s the only media you can use. A typical restore disk needs between 9 - 12 Gb of storage room, making a 16 Gb drive the ideal capacity.


A restore drive is one of the most task critical things I can do and it’s important to me to choose the brand I trust the most. To date I’ve never had a problem with SanDisk so choosing them for ... full review
"Top notch photo and seller!!!" - by Bernard J. Buonocore Jr. (Aston, Pennsylvania)
Top notch photo and seller!!!
"Much better than last product" - by Emily
I bought another product that was like this and was really disappointed. I returned it and bought this instead and I love it.

I like how the lenses screw onto the mount. The wide angle shows a significant difference. The fisheye is super cool, but expect a small black ring around the picture. The macro is useless to me, but works. You essentially have to place the camera on the object you want to take a picture of.

I wish it had a small carrying box instead of a bag. The bag doesn't really protect the lenses.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this product. I put some before and after picture with the regular and front facing camera. The order is

1: wide
2: macro
3: fish eye

I also have a screen protector on my iPhone 6 and this product has a clear image with both cameras.
"To RAVE about!" - by bookjunkie
Writing a GOOD nonfiction book for children is a daunting mission, but Seymour Simon has conquered the task! 'The Moon' is clearly written, and gives and amazing amount of information in an easy to understand sort of way. The text is white on a black backround and causes the reader to focus on the pictures while reading the book. I am so impressed with the clear delivery of information blended with the incredible pictures that I am going to purchase more of Seymour Simon's work.
"Tribute to Patsy Cline/Portrait of Patsy Cline" - by George
Great Value! Outstanding Sound Quality!! This woman had a fantastic voice. It's hard to believe that she has been gone for 49 years! Her voice was a gift from The Almighty for sure. This music is timeless.