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"Another keto product" - by BigMigz (Idaho falls)
I have been trying all these so called Keto snacks and bars. Some are good and some are bad. These aren't too bad actually. At first glance they look pasty and I thought it was gonna be a dough ball in my mouth. They are kinda crumbly and packed full of nuts and stuff. It's got that crunch in it and the taste is good to me. Now they might taste better or worse to others because c'mon our taste buds are all different. The lemon one I swear tastes like fruit loops. All in all they are good but a little pricey.
"Good value, lower sugar content than most" - by Fleur de Lisa (Florida)
These bars taste good with far less sugar than most other protein bars I've tried. Pretty simple ingredient list. They are a good value with 12 in a pack. I like my Vega snack bars but they have more sugar and only 4 bars per pack so I will order the Orgain bars again.
"Protein goodness :D" - by huskandhunger
Lemon Bar = Their best flavor that tastes like dessert almost and not like you are eating a protein bar. :)

Maple Bar = such a rich maple flavor, amazing <3

Anything Chocolate or Browny = Blegh! >_< Don't eat them, they taste dry, have an after taste, and in the case of the Espresso bean flavor gets stuck in your teeth.

Creamy PB = my favorite: a simple PB type bar that tastes like a protein bar but blends well with a peanut flavor. Not too 'sweet' of the bunch which I enjoyed.

Crunchy PB = soy crisps, but crosses the line into too synthetically sweet for me.

White Chocolate = we will find out :O

Caramel = I do not know it is coming and I will update :o
"Delicious but packaging was rough and bars squished" - by vfallon (Boston, MA United States)
Probably the best tasting protein bars out there without any sugar alcohols like Maltitol, xylitol, erythritol and sorbitol which bloats you and makes you gassy. I do wish they didn't use Soy. Otherwise a perfect protein bar. My package arrived today but in rough shape. Box was broken inside packaging and bars were squished.
"Sport Protein Bar" - by Dave
I found these when looking for a protein bar that does not use soy-based protein, has healthy ingredients, tastes good, and is available at a decent price. Got these today, and the taste is actually pretty good for a protein bar (I got the chocolate peanut butter). They are also not overly sweet, but it would be nice if a darker chocolate was used, which is healthier and would cut down the sugar a bit. My one issue is that they were under $20 when purchased, and the price jumped about 25% right after ordering. I would purchase these on a regular basis at the lower price, but otherwise will look for alternatives.

*** See comment for Important Updates on safety !!
"Probars -- work for my health problems. Tons of Protein, Tons of Flavor!" - by Charsey (Colorado)
Okay, I am not your typical nutrition bar eater. I've lost 16 lbs recently due to radiation enteritis (obviously from chemo and radiation). The list of foods my body tolerates has narrowed dramatically. I cannot drink any kind of protein shakes, especially those with maltodextrin. Must eat low fat. I tried a Probar Meal at my local REI four weeks ago and was amazed. Not only do they taste great as do the regular Probars, I can "process' them without them going right through me. I was so disheartened with Cliff bars, always reducing their size and corresponding nutritional value. Probar gets it about providing protein in a great tasting bar; a bar that makes you feel good. So, for the last 30 days I have eaten one Probar meal/Koka Moka or Probar Base/Peanut Butter Chocolate or Chocolate Mint/day. Some days I have 2. No ... full review
"Need to really eat a lot of greens and fiber to make you stools not so dry" - by steve
Loved the taste very filling however it did make me constipated
"and they get me through to dinner just fine." - by Erin N. Hauk (Seattle, WA)
For vegan protein bars, these taste decent, travel okay (they get a little crumbly) but work for a quick mini-meal if you have fast paced days. I leave one in my purse and one in my car for days I forget to pack a lunch, and they get me through to dinner just fine.
"THE BEST bars!!!!" - by MissCat05
These bars are amazing! I can't believe how naturally low in sugar they are yet they taste like a delicious dessert without any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Add to that they are full of healthy fats like omega 3s, they each have a good amount of clean plant protein, they are full of lots of raw ingredients which is a huge plus, and they each have a whopping 13 grams of fiber! I adore the texture! I would best describe it as a soft chewy cookie dough texture. So if you're looking for something crispy this probably isn't for you, but I love them. These bars never give me a blood sugar spike or crash, so if you have trouble in that area these are great. I haven't tried all the flavors yet, but for sure my favorite so far is the peanut butter dark chocolate and sea salt; ... full review