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In stock on June 15, 2020.
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"Good-enough, low-cost alternative to thermal lamination" - by Kristen (Southern California)
These are essentially full-page clear plastic stickers. You sandwich your document between them, then trim as needed around the edges.

-Cheap. At our local shop, thermal lamination costs about $3/page, which makes these self-laminating sheets a far more economical option.
-Extremely easy to use
-Provides sufficient protection for most household uses

-The results are not anywhere near as good as thermal lamination. Specifically, the end product is (a) less rigid, (b) slightly cloudy instead of crystal-clear, and (c) more prone to peeling around the edges.

-Plan to leave at least a 1/8" margin around the document. Better yet, leave 1/4". The bigger the margin, the better the two sheets of laminating material will stay stuck together.
-Remember that this package contains 50 sheets, which is enough to laminate 25 pages (since each page has to be sandwiched between 2 lamination sheets).

I primarily use these for protecting labels ... full review
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"Great Product - Image on Amazon Site Confusing" - by MyMeta4 (Santa Barbara CA)
Hi -

1) My positive feelings correlate with all those positive comments from other reviewers. This forms a very robust tag and not only lasts longer but looks much better than those cheap freebie adhesive paper tags you get at airports. I found it was very easy to insert card evenly and wind up with a professional looking product. I, too, feel it is a wee bit bigger than I would want but feel the wider edges around the card guarantee better lamination. I wasn't surprised to learn people who trim this after inserting a standard business card find it falls apart, it needs the traction of that wide margin. If you custom make your own smaller labels, then you can
proportionately trim these I suppose.

2) There are indeed 25 pouches in this packet! As of today (April 2012) the image on the Amazon site shows a packet that clearly says ... full review
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"Great Product" - by YpsiGirl (usa)
Hey folks don't pay extra to have someone laminate your stuff. I just do it myself. Have used this for ages and when
someone ask me "do you want to pay an extra $1.00 or $2.00 to have that laminated?" I say no. Found it years ago
in office supply store, and now I just get it at a better price here. One box lasts us a long time. Use it for making check lists,
permits, medication lists just about anything you take in and out of your wallet. But be careful some documents will tell you not
to laminate, like #ss cards. Also good for waterproof paper, to some degree at least.
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"I ordered this on 7-2-17. It fits the Medicare ..." - by burls
I ordered this on 7-2-17. It fits the Medicare card perfectly. So, ignore the prior complaints about it not being big enough. They fixed the sizing.
"Nice laminating sheets without the need for a laminating machine" - by et (Western US)
These are great if you don’t want the expense of a machine to laminate documents. 3M has a clever design such that you only place a small portion of the top of the laminating sheet on first, THEN remove the rest of the backing to complete the job.
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"They worked beautifully!" - by LNJ
The state that I live in doesn't laminate our car registration cards. They are flimsy pieces of paper. So I purchased these laminating sheets. No thermal machine needed. They worked beautifully!
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"You can't beat the price for this 50 sheet pack of laminating sheets!" - by Mike Brown
You can't beat the price for this 50 sheet pack of laminating sheets! While not super thick like what you see on cards that have been laminated, it still works very well. I've used it preserve membership cards and signs, and the results have been excellent.
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"Simple, Easy to Use, Trimmable Laminating Sheets" - by J. Dowshen (Bordentown, NJ USA)
They promote them for business cards, but I used them for paper cards like the new Social Security cards. Easy to use and you can trim to be sure they fit in your wallet. Just be careful to have the card perfectly in place before dropping the hinged top sheet as it become a permanent bond.
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"These little laminated sheets are perfect to protect our insurance cards" - by Patty H
These little laminated sheets are perfect to protect our insurance cards, car registrations, and anything else that needs to be protected.
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"Great product" - by M Kline
I know that while pondering with weather or not I should by these sleeves since none of the reviews I read mentioned if they would with the Scotts laminating machine. I went ahead and purchased 4 boxes these pouches and I must say THEY ARE GREAT! I find that they are thinner than the Scotts pouches but once your item was laminated it adhered perfectly and actually much better than the actual Scotts brand. I will buy more of this product and well since I currently have a student teacher that has been wanting a laminating machine so for her gift I bought her one and will be including a pack of pouches for her to enjoy in her new class.
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"First time for me. Used it to do both ..." - by red dog
First time for me. Used it to do both sides of a table saw out feed table. Got the job done and the cost was in the park for what might be a one time use.
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"No heating required to laminate." - by Marc
Works well for our Medicare Cards without using a thermal process.
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"Easy to make" - by Bekka
So easy to use! I bought these to laminate name tags for my employees, let me tell you they are great and simple to apply. I made a bunch in like 10 mins. And i had enough to laminate menus too!
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"Exactly what it says it is." - by CrankyFuzz
There is not much to say about this other than it is what it is BUT I will say this, it is not static cling type, it is VERY sticky. If you do not prepare and place your picture/business card on without lining everything up first, you will ruin your picture or card. It is very durable, it is air tight.
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"Will buy this item whenever needed over any other!" - by Alien Country (24706 volterra court florida republic lutz florida)
The best Self-Adhesive Sheets ever. The price is outstanding - beats any office store price out there. Most office stores will sell you a fraction of what this pack contains for the same price you would pay for these 50-sheets pack.

The sheets are sturdy enough to apply over what you are looking to laminate. You can cut-off the borders you do not need easily with scissors. The thickness accounts for the easy application.