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"Love this!" - by Nicki
I purchased this to hang up in my laundry room because that is my catch all space after school, lol! I have really been happy with this shelf and use it every day to put my kids school work in! This helps to keep all of the papers cleaned up but I pull them all out later, when I have time to go through everything.
"Good for filing; beware that some of the hanging tabs may slide in and out too easily without catching in place." - by Jessamynn (Florida)
I bought these to hang in a storage box to organize greeting cards. They are reasonably sturdy and usable for this purpose. The sliding hanging tabs are a nice feature if you want to be able to move the pockets between a hanging file and a regular storage box. Most of the tabs have a bit of a "catch" to them so they stay in the extended or retracted position; however, some of the tabs on the ones I purchased did not have the "catching" feature and slide too easily in and out - so these may not hold in place as well especially if the pocket doesn't have much in it to weigh it down.
"A pocket that is a big help in several ways" - by A SoCal Property Mgmt Firm
My coworkers frequently grab multiple files or stacks of paper to take home with them and those items have been known to suddenly slip and spill all over. These pockets solve the problem because they can expand to fit the need and they are durable to reuse. I use the pockets in a pinch to organize a project that needs to be available for easy access on top of a desk. Instead of a horizontal stack of files and paper where everything is hidden beneath the top item, this large pocket can keep the files upright for easy viewing and access. When no longer needed, they can collapse and be put out of site quickly - unlike a bulky plastic upright file sorter,
"Top Notch Service!!!!" - by Cheryl Taylor (Bellimgham, WA, US)
I ordered a package of these pockets for a choir music library because they are extra wide and sturdy.
I was greatly impressed and surprised when they arrived the very next morning....not 2-3 days later!
Fantastic customer service as far as I'm concerned. I will be purchasing more in the future as my music library grows.
"Outstanding" - by Lydia E York
Speed. Quality. Value... Pick two. The rare instance when I got all three, Product arrived ahead of expectation. The folders are good quality, unlike the ones I purchased at a major office supply retailer. The value speaks for itself. Plus, the green in the picture was very close to the green I received. I will make this my go to folder for future needs.
"Best for the money" - by DZRhino (San Jose, CA)
Comparing price per folder, this is a great deal. Very sturdy, work perfectly. I use them to hold tennis string packages so pulling packs in and out a lot. Never tear or fail.
"I Have One Word For You: Plastics!" - by Jim A
I wanted to get some file folders that could withstand some of the years of wear and tear. The paper folders are OK, but you have to replace them after a few years. When I stumbled across these plastic ones, I ordered them right away.
I read some of the other reviews, mentioning the thinness of the plastic, but I didn't find it to be a problem at all. In fact, I don't think that I would want them any thicker. Other reviewers mentioned tearing, which I am doubtful about, unless you are really manhandling them. For routine office use, I think it would be hard to tear them.
I especially like the idea that you can place a label on it, and remove it later without tearing up the folder. If you need some file folders, I would suggest the plastic ones, because you'll never ... full review
"regular folders" - by Avid Cook
nice regular folders, I do not like the plastic ones because paper is always slipping & sliding out of them. They seen to have a good thickness to them. For my use though I really prefer folders that measure 1/2" wider, but these are hard to find. The colors are clean & pleasant and I like not having a brad strip in the way. They are nicely glued on the inside & outside edges & should hold up well.
"Great wall/portable wall organizer" - by MissJinny
As someone who works from home 2 days per week and ha as cramped working area, this is the best organizational folder ever. They come with labels but also perfectly fits the Avery long labels so I was able to print from my computer. I hang the file and have easy quick access to all of my most important documents. And I love being able to compact it into a portable file organizer. The bottom has a calendar holder that I also use.
"EXCELLENT... won't go back to the adjustable plastic tabs again" - by Galaxy Consulting LLC
These are great. I asked myself - where were these when I was working in an actual office instead of my home. If you're not changing tab names constantly, (and I don't know many people who do), this is PERFECT. Unlike those little plastic tabs, these tabs stay firm (no angle, no shine) and most importantly, no trying to get little paper tabs inside little plastic sleeves. I used a label maker to make labels for this. I will never order those "other" folder hangers again. Oh, and I did put a couple of regular folders in the hanging files... they are fine unless the file folders are really packed full. then it's a little difficult to see the tab.But i imagine it would be the same with the other ones as well.
"Good product for the price" - by Kristen (Southern California)
These folders are just what I needed -- a bright, clean white color with a glossy finish, at a good price. I find that they give a nicer, more professional look than matte paper folders. Because they're white, fingerprints and smudges aren't super-visible they way they are ondark-colored glossy folders. The material is perhaps on the thinner side, but they're sturdy enough for my purposes. If you need folders that will hold up to being stuffed full and getting carried around a lot, I might suggest looking for a heavier-weight product.
"I absolutely LOVE these!" - by M Summers (Pennsylvania)
I absolutely LOVE these!!! Bought 2 for my new office and they look great. Such a good quality. I am really please with this purchase!
"I drive a school bus and these are being used ..." - by Robert Crosby
I drive a school bus and these are being used to put the name of the student on the index card and then slide the card into the holder. That way I can pull the old card out and replace it with the new one. The holders are above the the window. Doing the job I want them to do.
"Great folder" - by charlene1
I am very satisfied with this product. The five pockets has been very useful in dividing documents.