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"Better than Expected. Solid Construction." - by Chip Lohman (Woodbridge, VA USA)
Pro: Better than I expected. When it arrived the package was so small that I thought I had been had. But, through clever engineering, the selfie unfolds like a transformer toy to also serve as a tripod with built-in Bluetooth remote. The remote cleverly mounts within the tripod to avoid losing it. A simple blue tooth pairing of the remote to the camera, and setting the camera to quick launch using the power key, is all that is required. I use it for self-portraits for DIY articles and candid shots of our dogs playing on the floor.

Con: (sorta) Does not initiate video on my Galaxy S8+.

Read the instructions all the way to the end and you'll learn how to charge the remote with the included USB cable.
"great product, only downfall is it is a bit ..." - by A. B.
great product, only downfall is it is a bit light when standing as the legs are made of plastic and can fall if the table it is on is bumped, so you must be sure to set it up properly
Overall i love it. It is light and easy to carry.
I definitely recommend this product.
"The iPhone holder is NOT LOOSE or WONKY" - by Edna
Light weight, easy to use! Haven't taken it out into the elements but so far so good
"I like how small this is" - by Antuan Goodwin (Oakland, CA USA)
I like how small this is, that it fits on a keychain and that it has a built-in bottle opener. The tripod leg configuration is great and most of the Stance feels well made... except for the tip. I don't like the plastic tip that plugs into the USB-C port. It's a bit soft (which I imagine is good for the USB port itself) and I bent mine a bit during the first week because I started twisting the ball joint before the connection was fully seated in the USB port. I bent it back and the Stance is still very useable, but I'm now extra careful with it.

And the USB port is, obviously, blocked during use. It's a part of the design and I knew that going in, but it also means that I don't use the Stance for watching longer movies or when writing with an external keyboard ... full review
"Perfect For Our Honeymoon!" - by Ashlee
LOVE this selfie stick! First one I've ever used/purchased. My husband and I used it on our honeymoon last week to Colorado and got the most amazing photos using both the tripod function and the handheld stick function. I've attached two example photos, one using the tripod and one handheld. Very sturdy construction overall for the low price I paid. The only time that we worried was on top of Pike's Peak with the wind, but that's to be expected with those crazy gusty winds up there! Bluetooth remote battery has lasted us two weeks now -- I've only had to charge it once since using.
"Nice to not have to find something to lean the ..." - by Andrew Rasmussen
Small, lightweight. Started carrying with when I got a Bluetooth keyboard to use with my phone. Nice to not have to find something to lean the phone against. Hold my iPhone 6 with thin case easily. Not big enough tor my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with case (ok without case)

Slides around when using touch screen.
"Just buy it" - by Amazon Customer
This thing is great. I purchased it to watch movies on my phone on a flight but it lives on my nightstand full time now. It’s so useful. It was very stable holding my phone on the tray table even with turbulence. It’s very light, compact, and stable.
"Great little phone stand." - by Scylla (Brooklyn, NY USA)
This handy little stand comes folded flat and measures only 2 3/4 by 3 1/4 inches. It has little rubber feet at each corner, and rubber inside the lip where the phone rests. When you unfold it the back brace support gives you an option of 5 lock in positions to better adjust the angle of your phone. I was concerned about the fit with a case. I have an Iphone 5s in an Otterbox case and the phone fits with room to spare. It is plastic but very sturdy. I am very please with the quality and functionality of this stand. I think it's a great deal for the price.
"This is such an amazing little tool" - by Ashlee Sims (Louisville, KY)
This is such an amazing little tool! It is very easy to use, inconspicuous, and the flexibility is a major plus. I can fold out the three legs into a tripod, set my camera on a table/stand/etc and let it record my videos without having to hold it up for extended periods of time to film; the same can be said for the fact you can bend the legs into a grip to make sure it will hold steady when a flat surface is not available. When all the legs are met together in the middle as a straight handle, it allows ease of use in photos and with videos while being less of a burden and much more portable than some of the very long and large selfie sticks. This has been a great help in recording videos for my YouTube channel, and I would definitely recommend it.
"Perfect stand for my Samsung S8 Plus" - by Mary L. Barrow (Redding, CA)
This is the best little cell phone stand. I just bought a S8 plus and wanted to be able to stand it up or lay it sideways with a case on it. It works both ways. The angles are great and functional. A very good buy. I would definitely buy again. It seems to be made of a denser plastic so it supports my phone with the case on it perfectly.