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"Buy it!" - by Marcus Brown
Received my product in a timely fashion - as only Amazon can guarantee. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion that we have sitting in the garage until recall parts come available. A it sits he battery dies periodically. I don't want to keep calling my roadside assistant to jump my car every time I want to start it. This mini jump box hooks right up and my car started right up. Exactly what I expected.
"The gauge is nice to keep track of how much power is left" - by Jill (Michigan)
I purchased this to run my cpap while camping. I was hoping I could get more than one night out of it, but I didn't dare push it. The gauge is nice to keep track of how much power is left. I would use just more than half for a night, even with my humidifier off. I used this at scout camp and began looking around each day to see how many other units similar to this were being charged on a daily basis so I didn't feel like this was a poor purchase by any means. I'm convinced that one night is all you get unless you go the deep cycle marine battery option. I do like that this unit is versatile in that I can use it to jump start a battery or power/charge other items.
"4000 amps) This unit is awesome!!" - by Scott M.
I purchased the largest unit of these (GB-150, 4000 amps) This unit is awesome !!!! I am a Marine (Boat) Mechanic and run into Dead Batteries all the time and I Mean DEAD (less than 2 volts) This unit starts cold V8 engines like a new battery. I have tried all types of jump packs and this one is the lightest and most powerful of any I have tested. Now as far as the Amp rating (in this case 4000) I believe it is more marketing (Amps cumulative over time) VS actual delivered, for instance, I connected this unit fully charged to a 500 amp variable battery load tester to see what it could deliver, It maxed out at 420 Amps and held that for 20 seconds which is phenomenal !!! The units thermal protection kicked in after this. Realistically a modern V8 engine will average less than 200 ... full review
"Stopped powering on.... (Updated 2018)" - by Roger
Had the item for a couple days.... tested it twice. I check it every morning to make sure it has enough juice.... and for some reason this morning it doesn't turn on.... i figured with such good reviews I would have been ok.... might have been the needle in the haystack.
Please Resolve or I can just return it....

-Update 8.1.2018
Company rep. reached out and sent a replacement because of the bad experience. This new unit works great!!!
"My tow truck guy used this to start a dead car that sat all winter...it worked so well I bought one myself!" - by WolfX5 (USA)
I recently needed a jump start and the tow truck driver that was sent out by AAA said his company put a JNC jump pack into each of their 8 service trucks. The microsecond he hooked this up to my truck, it lit up light a Christmas tree and started right away even though the car had sat
unused for over 6 months. I really like that THIS model (and the JNC770B) have an OFF switch, unlike the earlier models like the JNC660. The light on this unit is also ridiculously bright and the built-it digital voltage meter seems vastly superior to the analog one on the earlier models. I've already used the USB charger to recharge my cell phone on the road and I just couldn't be happier with the strength, quality and usability of the JNC770R.
"Not bad for the price." - by kelly a swickard (Northville, MI United States)
As a tow truck driver I use this jump pack just about everyday. It's works great but my only complaint is that once it get cold it doesn't have much power. Living in Michigan it can below 0 at night in the winters. I just bring it in at night in the winter but in the summer I leave it in the truck for weeks without worrying
"JUNK in less than 6 Months from DeWALT, but actually made by Black & Decker" - by Jack
Not what you'd expect from DeWALT, but actually made by Black & Decker.
Nicely packaged, shipping and arrived on time. Removed it from packaging and read instructions. Charged it to full capacity and kept it plugged into power outlet in the truck ready for use.
Used it help start another truck that had a dead battery. Worked great. A few days later, my riding lawn mower needed a jump start, so I grabbed the DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter: 1400 Peak/700, the charged screen reflected a full charge, yet wouldn't crank the Lawn Mower. Ok....got it, maybe not made for a riding lawn mower. I allowed my wife's car battery to drain with the headlights on overnight to test this Great Name Brand Product: Wouldn't restart the car, yet the battery charge bar on the DeWALT panel reflected fully charged.
Yet figuring I could use half the product versus not at all, I used ... full review