Porter Cable Dual Action Polisher

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"Lite & Easy Mechine" - by Lyn
I am 69 years old and for me to buff my motor home has been impossible, until I purchased the Porter-Cable 7424XP 6 inch Variable -Speed Buffer. I do not have the money to pay some one $450.00 plus to clean my motor home, so I took a chance and purchased my buffer and man I was glad I did. It is so easy and lite to use. I am now half way done polishing a 40' motor home and it looks great. I am using Chemical's from the Chemical Guys line of products as well as Meguiar's 105 & 205 compounds topping it with Meguiars Hi-Tech Wax #26. You should see it
"Nice starter kit." - by J. E. Grumling (Aspen, Colorado, USA)
I just bought a new car. In the past I maintained the finish of my cars by hand polishing and waxing. Over the years I'd gotten lazy and put it off because my last car wasn't in good shape and no amount of polish would fix the issues. That's all changed now, so I've been investigating the latest in cleaning and polishing "tech" on the Internet. What I found was a lot of professional detailer's videos showing how easy it is to get a good finish on a car with today's polishes and waxes. Almost all of them are using the Porter Cable 7424XP random orbit polisher.

First, the 7424XP:
I've tried polishing wheels in the past and none of them were easier to use than hand buffing. The problem with the cheap ones is that they usually only run at one speed (too fast), and aren't counter-balanced, so by the end ... full review
"Mirror-Like Finish" - by Jason Bourne
I could not be more thrilled with my purchase of the TORQX polisher. 13 hours to 4-step polish my 2007 crew-cab black chevy Silverado 1500 that had years of neglect. Completely worth the money. The pictures speak for themselves.
"Excellent" - by Savvy1777
Fantastic product that does a great job. If you have a cordless drill powerful enough you can do it, sans the cord. Two batteries got me through compounding and waxing a 4-door Ford Super duty. Might seem like a small pad area but does the job quickly and reaches where the bigger type won't.
"It is such a comfortable, reliable machine" - by Tina S.
I have logged over 150 hours on my Torq10FX in the last year. It is such a comfortable, reliable machine. Perfect for every step of a full paint correction. A must own for every detailer!
"I using it to polish out fine scratches in metal" - by Dharam Singh (Millis, MA)
just what the doctor ordered. I using it to polish out fine scratches in metal, using a liquid car painter polish. It works will
"Works great for cleaning bathroom tile" - by M. Johnson (Raleigh, NC)
I have a porter cable 7336. I saw another review where someone said it did not fit their model. I did have take my time and slowly screw it in the buffer/sander. At first I thought it didn't fit, but after trying it once more I realized it was screwing in correctly.

In any case it worked fine in cleaning my very dirty tile/grout. So much so that I no longer need to re-grout as I had planned.

I highly recommend this brush.