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"Opinions from a muscle-tester" - by Rachel O
I make a smoothie Every Day for the last few years and the company I normally get my greens powder from has been back-ordered for quite some time, which left me to look for alternatives. I scoured the pages of Amazon looking for a greens powder that tested "strong" until I finally landed on this one. Lets just say on a scale from 0-10 I think this is a 9. I think its equal to the one I was taking before that is back-ordered, and that says alot!!
Since I have been taking greens powders for many years I cant really attest to how this makes me feel - I feel as I usually do!
If anyone is looking for a smoothie recipe this is what I use:
1 banana, 1 orange, many frozen mixed berries
Whey protein - be very discerning about which one!
Greens powder
Tangy Tangerine powder
Nutritonal yeast
A probiotic powder
I make a big ... full review
It has a distinct flavor with Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk BUT I plug my nose and chug. It's good for the body, and if I wanted something tasty I would've bought a cookie.
"It made my sickly kid thrive!" - by ML
I have a very picky two year old and finding ways to get fruits and veggies in him is nearly impossible. I thank god that I came across this product! At first I was very hesitant (he was as well) because the look and smell is just awful. I put a TINY bit in his coconut yogurt and added dark chocolate chips and the kid gobbled it up! Over time I added more and more and now he is up to almost two scoops per yogurt. He loves it. This is a kid who is so picky that he won't even touch pizza, pasta, or other fun kid foods. If he likes this product than I can almost guarantee you will too. The most amazing part about this product is his health has improved tremendously. He was a very sickly kid, he spent his life in and out of the ... full review
"So nice to be able to try flavors before buying a ..." - by Kim
So nice to be able to try flavors before buying a larger version.

Very different flavors. I tried orange dream which is very reminiscent of the orange creamsicles popsicles flavor. While it was pleasant, it was not something I would want a whole jar of unless there was no other pleasant flavor.

The tangerine which I thought would be wonderful was one of my least favorite. It had the taste of powdered child's aspirin with a slight orange flavor and strong medicinal aftertaste. (Considering that particular one is geared toward building up immunity for colds and the like, the taste is understandable.)

The chocolate flavor tasted like the powdered chocolate which goes into milk but not as sweet. I was out of milk and could not try it in milk, but would definitely drink it with milk (and if needed, add a bit of regular chocolate milk for extra flavor). I think the ... full review
"My Favorite Way to Start the Day with Greens" - by ChrissyDee
This powder is a great way to get your greens in daily, without having to spend all that time and money buying, chopping, and blending fresh fruits and veggies. The amount of vitamins plus probiotics in this stuff is great, plus it's gluten free, vegan, and organic which means it fits into ANY diet no matter how restrictive! I mix one scoop with 5 ounces of pure carrot juice in a shaker cup each morning and it's my favorite way to start the day.
"The Best There Is Out There" - by ReynerN
My wife and I are both health conscious and we discipline ourselves to eat as much organic food we can get, both vegetable and protein as well as supplement (vitamins, etc). We've been using this product for about 2 years now and I've been purchasing this in local store, before finding this in Amazon at a cheaper price. I second all the positive reviews for this product. Here is the benefit I received from the Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula:

1. More energy throughout the day
Before taking this, I used to take organic vitamins. If I didn't take my vitamins, I can feel the difference in energy level. After taking this (2 caplets before breakfast, 1 before lunch, 2 before dinner) I no longer feel any difference whether I'm taking vitamins or not. My energy level is maintained during the day and at 2pm, I have not felt ... full review
"and enjoy gardening so much more" - by Marguerite R Knight (Morrow, GA, US)
Since I started drinking this every day, I have more energy, and enjoy gardening so much more. Can't believe the energy I have, I am 80 years old and love having energy to do things and do what I want to do.
"Great Superfood!" - by hoovj
Very pleased with this superfood reds in my smootie. Was hesitant to buy after reading the reviews about not dissoving that great, but one day didn't want a smoothie and decided to just put some in water to take the rest of my vitamins with. It was not warm water and I didn't use the vitamix, just stirred some in plain water. It dissolved quickly and throughly with just the tiniest particles at the bottom, which I thought was pretty amazing for all the nutrients in it and how many seeds berries have. Very pleasant taste in the water without any protein to cover the taste too. Will definitely purchase again and also recommend it.
"Wow!!!!!!" - by Mark Trevis
This SUPER green blend from Abundant Naturals is totally rave!!!!
I had been getting up at 230 AM for a part time job. I was really dragging my butt and my energy was way off trying to work at that time.
I started taking this product and right away noticed an impact from it. My energy began to feel totally smoothed out and my body felt less under attack and the work not as jarring to my system.

Thank you Abundant greens!!!!
"Thank you for creating this product ! First time l tried it l wasn't so sure, now l know it's a phenomenal product." - by Kit and kaboodle
I have to admit.... when l first tried this for the very first time l was kinda scared because l did not like how it tasted. It did not taste horrible but it did not taste amazing either. The thing that scared me most was the smell - l did not like the smell at all.
I have never tried anything like this before and I've never tried blendering vegetables and I've never tried juicing vegetables either.
I bought this because the 'Growth Surge' from Jacked is a great product and l know that l don't get enough vegetables in my daily diet and l want too and l thought that this would be so much easier to get my daily required amount of veggies without the hassle.
First time l made a Green Surge drink l poured about 12 oz. of tap water that was not cold and not warm, ... full review
Mix with 2% milk and not water for a better flavor. It's helped my digestive tract 100% by drinking one scoop every morning a lot better then other supplements I've tried. Taste not too bad.
"Morning protein." - by JS
Not the best tasting stuff but it's tolerable. I mix it with my morning protein shake since I am not able to get all my fruits and veggies after bariatric surgery.