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"Cute!" - by elizabeth kc wang
My 5yr old neice really likes these earrings. She wore a pair all day and didn’t complain about these pinching her ears. They have little white, rubber cushions and maybe those helped. They also include reinforcement cusions in case you lose any.
"I got what was promised. Beautiful velvet black box" - by M. Esmeralda Cervantes (San Jose, Ca)
They sure sparkle. Beautiful velvet box. Makes a perfect gift.
"My ears are happy!" - by Traci R.
I love these! I got my ears pieced at a tattoo parlor 3 weeks ago and I know that I am supposed to wait to change them but the ones I had on were itching me and my ears were getting infected. The shop was super clean and I was cleaning them so I knew it was the metal.
I cleaned these and changed them out and the itching stopped immediately! Yes! I am wearing them all day and night with no issues. I got the 1.5 CTTW and cannot imagine how big the others are! These are plenty big for my ears. I think anything larger on me would have been too much or looked fake. But these sparkle and look nice after wearing them for a week. I would definitely buy these again!
"Smaller than they Seem" - by Marissa B.
I absolutely LOVE these earings! The picture makes them look a little big and I was worried they would be TOO big. But when they came in they are actually tiny! Perfect for my newborn Baby Girl's ears.
"Five Stars" - by Ana Gomez
I got these earrings for my granddaughter and I loved them!
They look so cute on her.
"Definitely worth purchasing and wearing daily!" - by Julie Hubbard
I have my diamond earrings, but wearing them to work is out of the question! I love the shape and shine that these earrings give without the worry if I were to lose one it would cost me an arm and a leg to replace!!!!