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"Works like a charm" - by Ty
I actually thought my glass top stove was ruined, because there seemed to be marks and burns that would NOT come off. We expected to say "good bye" to our security deposit. This saved the day, and made the stove look new again! I was SO relieved and I didn't even have to use the razor! The scrubbing pad is good for about 5-6 cleanings, depending on how much gunk you need to get off. Remember, you have to put some elbow grease into this to get it's full effort, if your arm isn't tired when you're done.... You didn't do it right!
"Excellent product." - by Steven G Hamburger
I’ve owned this cookware set for around two years now, and it’s the major cookware I have used since purchase. When I ordered the set, the major concern I had was that the handles would be loose and shaky or would be difficult to attach. Neither turned out to be true. The handles work as well as any removable handles could be expected to.

This cookware works perfectly on an induction cooktop. The small storage footprint is ideal. I recommend adding the steamer basket for larger steamer jobs. I would recommend this set to anyone for daily cooking.

Items of my personal preference that I would modify: The small knob handles on the lids get hot and are difficult to handle. You will need a good pot holder with a neoprene or similar non-slip surface. I would prefer handles similar to those on ... full review
"Best cook station" - by lilinette
I just got this for my last camping trip and we just love it. It keeps everything organized and out of the picnic table. The quality is very good. It does not take much room in the car since it's flat. Our campsite looked nice, organized and cozy with this new outdoor camping gear. I also used it for my son's birthday at school. Happy with this item. Love it.
"Good chips" - by Brian
They give plenty of flavor, it's really not hard to accidentally use too much and overpower your meat with the apple smoke. Very tasty when used in moderation (my dogs seem to think they're tasty straight out of the bag......)
"I have been looking all over for spoons like this that have the flat end" - by T Dew
I have been looking all over for spoons like this that have the flat end. Others that I did find had a ridiculous price tag on them, this the price was right so I bought 4!
"Works great!" - by Toni Connell (Vancouver, WA)
Works like a charm! I love this classic stove! It's so easy to light and works amazingly with my cast iron pan!
"This is something for food prep in your house that you won't know you've missed so much until you TRY IT!" - by Darlene (Atlanta, GA)
Of all of the purchases that I've ever made to add to my kitchen's efficiency and fun, this is the one thing I could not do without. I ordered it after making a decision to cook with fresh ingredients in order to make my meals healthier. It took me awhile to gather data from online forums and various cookbooks and "how to" resources before I actually opened the box and began my discovery journey. It's been a delicious one, indeed, not to mention how much time I am saving in the process. The quality of manufacturing is evident and customer service will make you happy, IF you need to call them....I've heard. I have not had one single need to call them but forums indicate that they are very accommodating and quick to respond to any issue you might happen upon.

I tried hard boiled eggs ... full review
"Great Cook set with one flaw..." - by Mike (Colorado)
Overall I'm very happy with my purchase of this cook set. It's not too expensive but it's durable and packs very well. At 13.5 oz it's light, but keep in mind that it's also pretty small. 24 fl oz is the same as two cans of soda. The handle also serves as a latch to keep it all together which is a very nice touch. The two cups are well insulated and a good size. You can drink boiling hot coffee out of these cups and only feel a gentle warming of your hands.

This set seems to be designed primarily for the backpacker with a propane/butane stove and it would be a great size for that as many other reviewers said. However, I use this set with a fire pit and placing it above the fire will take at least 15 mins to boil, but you can cut that down ... full review