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"really enjoying it!" - by ignacio
where to start. this projector comes with everything you could need, it includes an HDMI cable, AV cables, cable for the computer, and even a remote controller. it was really easy to set up, and if for some reason you are having a hard time, the manual is very descriptive and easy to understand. as for the video quality, i really enjoy it, the brightness and colors are really good, i was surprised by its image quality. it also comes with a small thank you note, which is a very nice touch and shows the importance the seller takes in the customer.
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"We've had multiple movie nights since and our kids and neighbors love it! We positioned the projector about 14' from ..." - by Amazon Customer
Got the projector and had some hesitation because of the modest price. Reviews helped bolster our confidence and we thankfully went for it! We've had multiple movie nights since and our kids and neighbors love it! We positioned the projector about 14' from the screen to get a 10' x 7' picture that is absolutely amazing! Clarity and resolution are superb and the simplicity of functions and controls are wonderful. GREAT PURCHASE!
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"I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality" - by Lily
Bought this projector for an outdoor movie screening event in my backyard. I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality, brightness and the sound (although I did decide to hook up my in-home surround sound system blue ray player to it, which was super easy). I've since connected my Ruko stick with the provided HDMI cable and streamed Netflix through the projector, attached my JBL Bluetooth speaker with an AUX cable, and even used the HDMI to connect my MacBook so we could watch old home movies and flip through photos through the projector. One of the best purchases I've made in years. Oh! Almost forgot my favorite carrying case. Intimate design, comfortable fabrics, ideal for carrying out or storage.
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"Good picture, fan is loud" - by Princess Tiffany
I’ve only used this once while I was in my conference room at work. It had a pretty decent picture on a tan wall. Brightness was good for it being a room with all windows on one of the walls. The fan is pretty loud on it. But the picture is good for what I’m needing
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"Great purchase!!!" - by Draco76123 (APO, AP)
This is my first real projector so I don't have anything significant to compare it to. I was torn between this and the Benq HT2050, but ultimately went with this because I knew I was going to use it sometimes during the day and not just at night in complete darkness, plus I didn't want to take the chance with the "rainbow" effects. Right now I'm just projecting onto a plain white wall, but have a 120" fixed frame projector screen on order, but even watching a movie directly on a wall, I am more than satisfied. The picture is extremely sharp and clear and the color is fairly accurate, although that's just eyeballing it, no testing equipment. One of the pics is in our apartment living room at 11.5 ft from the wall projecting a roughly 110 inch screen. All the walls are white so when there's a bright ... full review
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"I LOVE everything about this projector" - by Li Shiyao
I LOVE everything about this projector!!! I used it to watch the world cup and it was working pretty well, better than my expectation for the price. All my friends enjoyed it.

1. Lumens: the lumens is higher than average home projectors so that you don’t even need to buy a screen for it! The wall is enough (just make sure there isn’t a patch of light on the wall)

2. Cables and connectivity: the HDMI cord included in the box can basically connect this projector to anything: laptop, tablet, TV, computer; find a cable for any android phones (maybe not the new Samsung one) you can connect the projector to TV box, fire sticks etc.

3. Picture: I don’t even have words!!! In a completely dark room, the picture is big but so clear and bright! And sometimes I like to watch an episode of sitcom when I prepare dinner after ... full review
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"It's a fine little projector, 1500 Lumens?" - by JZ
I have a mix feeling for this, but overall, it's good. It's a genuine 840 X 480 px projector. That is the first thing I would check when I got any projector Made in China by an unknown brand because it's THE most important part of a projector and it could be fake. So, this projector is capable of displaying fonts up to 8px, even thought the photos in my review don't show it clearly; Part of that is because I don't have a proper projection screen, as putting the image on a rough wall will decrease its resolution, but even with my not ideal shiny and rough wall, the image quality when viewed 2-3 meters away is still stunningly good. See video for a sample clip; The sound quality is not the best. Don't compare it to a high end speaker but do compare it to a typical ... full review
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"Really nice projector for the price" - by Y Cintron
This is a really nice compact projector for the price. It shows a decent display in a movie stored in a portable hard drive. The speakers are not outstanding but does the job. Perfect for presentations, watching movies and more. The remote control is responsive and works pretty well although it doesn't come with batteries.
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"Love it!" - by Mason Jai
Honestly, this is the best home projector I’ve ever purchased. I’m not a high tech lover and usually needed to wait until my hobby coming home to install any devices such as this projector. But I’ve found out an easy way to install it. The box has included a remote controller, ab signal cable, power plug, 2 support base and an user’s manual. However, the only thing I’m using in the box is the power plug, and a HDMI adaptor cable to connect an iPhone/ipad to this projector. It’s just that simple. The keystone and focus on the projector are also useful for adjusting the better images. So far, we all love it and enjoy watching movies at home with it. Highly recommended!!!
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"Amazing price for quality" - by Elizabeth Pace
Amazing price for quality! Perfect for a home theater on low budget. Remote quality could be better. Great picture and sound.
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"Amazing Value + Easy to Install" - by Paul Barwick (San Francisco)
QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount is an amazing value for such an affordable product. I used it to mount my Epson 725HD and I am glad that I didn't buy a more expensive mount. This one was easy for me, a 69 yr old man with severe breathing problems, to figure out, then put together and install. It comes with a lot of hardware for just about any configuration and/or projector. I'm not sure that it is fancy enough to fit into some multi-thousand dollar home theater, but I'm just an average guy with an average TV room and it works fine for me.
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"Wow, great option for that price" - by Alex Yakauleu
Was looking for some not expensive option for baby room to watch cartoons and small movies.
This projector definitely fits my expectations. I have an expensive full-hd competitor in my living room, and this projector is not bad at all comparing to the expensive one.

- good resolution for that price
- quick picture response, no delays on movies, can be used for playing games too
- brightness is fine, you have to close windows shades for sure, but in a range 10-15 feets from the wall picture is looking good
- remote controller is well made quality and projector has 2 IR slot receiver on front and back
- price is really great
- hdmi cable included (let you save extra 7$)

Potential Cons:
- if you are looking for regular projector alternate and want to watch it in daylight, that is not a right thing for you, look for projectors >$600 cost
- you can hear how fan is working, but it is not loud. Mine other expensive projector works louder anyway

Not tested:
- sound (no reason, as I use 5/1 sound system)
"One of the Best Short Throw Gaming Projectors" - by Chris Majestic (Baltimore, MD)
This is a great gaming projector overall. It's very bright and has great input lag. I personally think it has a better picture than the GT1080. It does fall short to the HT2150ST but costs considerably less. It's definitely worth checking out.

Bright, colorful, and sharp
Short Throw (100" screen from 5ft away)
Great input lag for gamers
Small and lightweight
Competitively priced

Fan Noise. Can be distracting if you're sitting right next to it.
92% Rec. 709 Color Coverage (less than HT2150ST)
2x Color Wheel
No lens shift