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"Easy to setup. Great value." - by Liz Kara
I’ve been wanting to get a projector for some time but was having a hard time deciding on one. I’m glad that I decided on this one. The price point is great. The unit comes with cables, an adjustable stand, and a remote. Setup is easy (once I realized there was a clear cover on the lens!). I hooked it up to my phone and was able to view live sporting events that I was watching on my phone. After the game was over I hooked it up to a DVD player and my kids watched frozen and were able to operate the machine, and they went crazy when we aimed it at the ceiling while laying on the floor watching.
"Good for a movie night" - by Shon
This projector does what it claims but of course it is not a $1000 projector, so don't expect $1000 performance .
If you want to watch movies on this, make sure it's dark. If the lights are on, you can still see the picture, but it's not going to be a good experience. For the sound, the built-in speakers works but it will never give you the theater feels. You might wanna use the HDMI with your laptop and then use its Bluetooth to connect with some other speakers/Alexa.
I've found that I get much better audio performance if I route the audio directly from my device to the speaker rather than routing it through the projector and then out.
If you're looking for a serious home theater projector, I'd recommend spending the money for a system designed for it, however, for a movie night outside, or just a fun change on ... full review
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"Good value!" - by Wynand
I’m very happy with the unit. Using it and setting it up is very simple, and it has more features than I need. The picture quality is great, not full HD but it looks like it is the 768 as advertised. I tested it out with BBC’s Planet Earth on BluRay at home and it looks good.

The brightness and contrast is good for presentations. The integrated speaker over HDMI is also plenty loud and clear enough if your presentation needs it.

A bonus is that it looks neat and professional.
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"Awesome gift for my guy!" - by Marlene E. Sanders
We love it! Didn’t realize we could just use it to watch tv! Great birthday gift for my fiancée!
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"Can't go wrong for a good movie night" - by Seth
Pretty impressed by this relatively small projector. Purchased this projector on thursday for a movie night on Saturday, and had no issues. The picture quality was surprisingly good considering it was rear projected through a pool screen, then onto the included screen. The remote worked from a pretty good distance, about 15-20 feet. And the brightness was pretty good, as can be seen in my photos it wasn't completely dark we had a few tiki torches and a firepit going while under the moon light and the brightness held up. The screen is probably the most impressive, there are alot of projectors with similar performance but the screen puts the combo well above others. At work I deal with projectors of all types from micro Optomas all the way up to monster D4KL Christie's in an array to create an 80+ foot tall picture and all types of projection ... full review
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"I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality" - by Lily
Bought this projector for an outdoor movie screening event in my backyard. I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality, brightness and the sound (although I did decide to hook up my in-home surround sound system blue ray player to it, which was super easy). I've since connected my Ruko stick with the provided HDMI cable and streamed Netflix through the projector, attached my JBL Bluetooth speaker with an AUX cable, and even used the HDMI to connect my MacBook so we could watch old home movies and flip through photos through the projector. One of the best purchases I've made in years. Oh! Almost forgot my favorite carrying case. Intimate design, comfortable fabrics, ideal for carrying out or storage.
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"I recommend that" - by Jolina
I purchased a mini protector a month ago but I returned than I got this one instead. I’m so happy I made a right decision . It’s pricey but worthy every penny you spend .
"Nice projector in semi lightness and the dark." - by Amanda
Overall very happy with the projector. Can easily use in semi light room, even better in darkness. One picture is in the semi lightness and one in semi darkness. Can't wait to try in full dark. Only complaint is the option to ceiling mount. The description says screw holes for ceiling mount. There is only one hole. While I got it work, it would be much nicer and stronger with more holes. Great price.
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"Best Cinema Projector for the price" - by Ravi
I bought this projector for $150 in Black Friday deal and I must say that this is almost as good as a $500-600 projector of any well known brands like - EPSON or BENQ. The kind of brightness and Contrast Ratio this projector is having, it is quite unbelievable to see. Even when there is a lot of lights in my room, I am able to watch the videos quite easily. I have watched movies on this projector for 8-9 hours continuously and I didn't face any problems at all. No one can beat this projector for the price point. Highly Recommended Product.
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"Great price" - by Amazon Customer
Amazingly surprised at how nice this projector is!! So happy I found it, great price for this product.