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"So far so good!!" - by Amazon Customer
I purchased this for part of my grandson's birthday gift. It was delivered on schedule and appears to be okay. So far so good!!
"One of the best PS Vita slim tempered glass protectors I've seen." - by JJ
This tempered glass protector is of very high quality, comes with two and comes with two rear protectors as well. Very nice wooden packaging. The only downside is that the rear protectors are incredibly tricky to install which is more of the nature of the device design than the fault of thw protector. This is a good buy, the only room for inprovement i can think of it making the rear protectors tempered glass as well to make installation easier and offer more solid rear protection.
"Makes gaming easier!" - by Serpiente83
Makes playing any game so much more enjoyable! I used to get hand cramps when I played intense games. I could only play for about an hour before I couldn't keep going. Using this case, it now almost feels like I'm using a PS2 controller! Way more comfortable. Now I find myself wearing out the charge before I get even a little uncomfortable. Definitely recommend this!
"With my Steam controller I had to jump through hoops to get it set up to something I was comfortable with and it did not always respond as I ..." - by one2enjoy (USA)
Oh my goodness....If I knew what I know now I would of never invested in Steams controller for my computer! Thank goodness for grandson's input because I would of never know any different. I originally purchased the Steam controller and I will admit it does do what it claims to do...unfortunately PS controllers rule. With my Steam controller I had to jump through hoops to get it set up to something I was comfortable with and it did not always respond as I had set it up to do. When I first started using the PS4 controller I found the buttons to be a bit much however with a bit of endurance it is like second nature now. The easy of the control of things is exceptionally well designed and I don't have to put batteries in constantly as I did on the Steam controller. I will state that even ... full review
"It works to keep things organized and charged" - by Darren Harrison (Washington D.C.)
I ordered this set-up so I would be able to keep my Ps4Pro and PSVR set up all organized and must have missed the information that keeps everything charged and the Playstation cooled with a fan under the unit. Sure enough the controller, both Move devices, headphones and the cooling fan are all powered by plugging into the available USB connections on the stand.
I only have the one dualshock controller, so the "design flaw" mentioned by the other reviewers does not impact me, but I can see their point, the PSVR wires do travel in such a way that it might be difficult to charge a second controller.
Still I am extremely pleased with my purchase
"It is a great piece of technology" - by P. Jason (somewhere)
Been about a month since i purchased and used it. My main issue after the 'Wow' effect is that most games specially those needing depth perception have pixelising issue. Adjusting eye distance helped a little. I would have given 4.5 but it is either 4 or 5. Maybe if future updates increases the quality i'll change it to 5.

If you have glasses like me a lens protector is necessary as your glasses will scratch against the vr lens and i've read that the vr lenses are not replaceable. Its a bit hard to apply to to the convex shape of the vr lens. Find below the protector i've purchased:
[[ASIN:B01MS2LZDI Hyperkin PS VR Lens Protectors - PlayStation 4]]
they send 2 pairs which is worth the price if you do not want your lenses scratched

-It is a great piece of technology. Some games look great.
-Cinematic mode is also very good.
-Easy to install.
-immersive ... full review
"Great case, worth the price" - by Amazon Customer
Excellent case. Shell is hard enought to keep contents safe. The pockets for games are nice and snug too. I also liked the zipped pocket to store charger, headphones, and screen wiper. Its a bit more expensive then most cases on amazon but well worth it for the quality. Not gonna fit in your pocket, but the vita was never that type of handheld anyway.
"Initial Review - Works Great!" - by K. Mann (Phoenix, AZ)
After a little snag in the ordering process, the charger finally came in. First off, the seller didn't put in sizing information with the PSVR resting on top and wouldn't answer my questions about it, so I've provided the info myself. As you can see in the photo, the whole stand is about 16" tall with the PSVR headset, which made it a little big for shelf I keep all my chargers on, but I as able to move the shelves around (thanks IKEA!).

Anyway, the whole set-up works quite well. While I prefer the way the official Dualshock 4 charger works (where the controllers click in and the light bar shows the charging status) I don't mind this one since there's a light on the side to show charging status. The Move controllers slotted in easily and putting the whole thing together was a breeze. I really appreciate having the ... full review
"Must Buy When On Sale" - by I Like Stuff
Not sure why the price went up to $60 at all because the experience isnt always stellar and I dont see any improvements worth $10 more per year from their entire base.

I do appreciate the free games although most of the time they arent typically games I would like to play and i still prefer Sony to Microsoft for now. Other than that you’re going to need this to play with your friends on playstation so i can especially recommend these when you can find them for $40
"Works Ok but weak sensors." - by Munchnplay
It is a must have for the psvr but a royal pain when you are there and the sensors won't pick up rotations or proper depth! Onesies day we will be there but these will suffice and are needed for some pvsr titles.
"My Favorite Headset - Made The Right Choice Getting These" - by Delk
I'm so glad I chose these over the Gold series because the bass on these is noticeably better. Despite the higher cost, I feel I got what I paid for. They are comfortable but after about 2 hours, I do feel some pressure on the top of my head and either have to re-adjust them or take them off. I also like them better than the Astro's A50's because those have better sound quality but get warmer over time and are not as compatible with PS4's surround sound and 3D sound features.
"A must have with the vr" - by vette
I so love this controller... it didn't want to pair with my PlayStation for some reason.. But eventually it started to work with my PlayStation...its way better than using the move and the dualshock
"Works Great ! Perfect fit ! Awsome !!!" - by Alfonso
Works perfect !!! Have to adjust controlling for each game. But totally worth it for playing PS4 games with. Allows me to enjoy call of Duty and other great games On my PS Vita Slim. Also helps out with just regular PSVita games.
"No more handcramps! And the extra battery life isn't half-bad either." - by Colin T. (Seattle)
I wasn't too sure about the Nyko Power Grip for the PS Vita 2000, but after using it for 100+ hours, I gotta say I'm quite happy with it. The battery doesn't really add any noticeable weight compared to the PS Vita 1000 grip, and the handles are more comfortable than the previous one. The Vita snaps into place pretty easily (though you have to be a bit careful to make sure the power plug lines up correctly), and once in it is very secure. I haven't had it pop out or dislodge once.

The battery itself is a bit odd, in that it takes forever to charge. I thought mine was broken when I first go it, since it seriously took like 12 hours to charge (it is faster now, but still kinda slow). But once charged, it works well enough. Adds at least a couple hours to my Vita's ... full review