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"Good monitor, came secured well in the box" - by Andrew Jauregui
Good monitor, came secured well in the box. struggled a bit to set it up but at the end its a good monitor. the 24 inch was bigger than I expected so beware for if you want a big or not so big monitor. i come from a dell monitor so i can really see differences fast. overall good monitor and worth its price. thank you benq !
"Excellent monitor for gamers" - by Dave (San Francisco, CA United States)
I decided to get this monitor after reading a lot of reviews and because I've played an enormous amount of Destiny on PlayStation 4 and felt I've hit my peak in my skill improvement. I had the money to spend and was willing to see if getting a gaming monitor with a 1ms response time would up my PVP game at all.

I had been using a 2011 26" Samsung LCD TV for the PS4 so I could game while still watching TV shows, movies, and sports on the big TV in my living room, so I opted for the 27" instead of 24" because I didn't want to go down in size even though some people seem to consider 24" perfect for gaming monitors. I figured that they're probably sitting at a desk up close to it, while I'm in my recliner, so the 27" would probably be a better ... full review
"You'll need speakers." - by Maverick York (RVA)
These are great monitors, but the speakers are really quiet. If you want any volume, buy the "AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers" to go with this monitor. Those speakers are about $14, and they're great.
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"It's a very niche product, but if you're looking for a console specific monitor, this is perfect." - by Aaron G (Portland, OR)
I ended up buying the upgraded PS4 Pro, so my OG PS4 was sitting gathering dust. As a means of avoiding drive time (playing video games in the library instead of sitting in traffic), I checked to see if there was a portable monitor I might be able to use. There was another option where the monitor and the system was meant to be in a bag, but I was worried about the system possibly overheating. It was also more expensive. I saw this as an option and the reviews (not just for this one, but for the other models for other consoles) were good, so I figured I would give it a shot. And I must say, I'm not disappointed. It fits on top of the system and clips on easy enough and when it's properly installed, it looks just like an extension of the PS4 itself. The size ... full review
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"Amazing for the price" - by Cy
Amazing for the price. I bought two of these for gaming, one for myself and one for my wife. I just had my fingers crossed that they would meet expectations and they went above and beyond.

In the picture are the Viewsonic on the left compared to my old monitor on the right. It's so much more crisp, clean and the colors are perfect. Unlike the other monitor which now looks washed out.
"Probably the best monitor I’ve seen till now." - by Sam A
I just got this monitor few days ago and setting up literally took a minute. Colors are so vibrant and bright. Darks are good and brights are rich. I work in a IT field and I’ve seen and used a lot of monitors, this is by far the best I’ve used till date. I’ve only used vga and it’s already better than using hdmi in most of the monitors. I can only imagine what it would be after using with an hdmi cable. Its a steal for the price I got.
"After much research, I took a chance on this one. I recommend you do the same." - by Cash and Dani
Update December 24, 2018
Still loving this monitor. No issues, trusty, and looks great.

EDIT, FEB 26 2018
Still loving the monitor. Will keep posted here if issues arise. For now though, I recommend you hop on this monitor.

Double boxed. Internal monitor box arrived in relatively good shape with lightly crushed corners. The monitor inside was cased in strong styrofoam packing that shelled nicely around the entire monitor housing, no movement in there. Came with monitor, power cable (no external brick, basic cable into monitor, which is nice for saving precious desk space), brushed metal legs as a stand, and a DP cable.

Initial Feeling:
The legs/stand feel extremely solid and heavy, a good sign. Some people need height adjustment on their monitor, which this doesn't have. I don't need that, and the tilt function works well. Even before turning on, the panel looks gorgeous and big. (I'm coming from a 23" 1080p LG that ... full review
"Wasn't real sure about this monitor" - by Wheelzup (Swanton, OH USA)
It turns out that this monitor is very good at doing a little bit of everything. For gaming it's great with plenty of space to see what's going on around me. It replaced an ultra-wide display that was great for having multiple programs open. At first I couldn't get it to work properly, everything was on the dark side and I couldn't get the on screen controls to straighten it out. The Freesync2 was working fine with the cable provided with the display but it wouldn't run at the advertised specs i.e 144Hz. I went and purchased a better display port cable and hooked it up display port to display port on both the monitor and video cards (a pair of MSI Radeon RX480 in Crossfire) and it recognized all of the settings that it's supposed to run at. I haven't run any benchmarks on it yet but everything that ... full review
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"great product" - by Amazon Customer
I had the vanguard and upgraded to the sentinal... the screen is much better ... overall a better design then the previous one ... but i think 350 bucks is a lil high...
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"Great screen, terrible speakers" - by Jaron P.
Screen is awesome for the size. 1080p on a screen that small is easily comparable to 4k. Colors pop, looks great. Integrates really well with the PS4 Pro. Ppl see it and don’t even realize it’s not part of the actual console. Speakers, however, are garbage. Very tinny. Can’t stand it. I use the aux cords in the back and plug in separate speakers, which mitigated it. Would expect better for a $200+ monitor. But overall, pretty happy with it. Has been a game changer for slow days at work.
"A lot better. PG279QZ" - by Robert
I did upload pictures, but it looks way better in person.

I ordered this on December 9th. I've been waiting for the sale price of the PG279Q, but the model was just too expensive for me, and complaints about the BLB (backlight bleeding). Checking Amazon again, I saw this, (PG279QZ), Never seen this one before, but it was showing $599, "what's this model?" I did my research and it is the IPS panel with Gsync, 2560x1440, 144hz and can be overclocked to 165hz in the panel option (easy to use), which is exactly what I needed! It's also official on the ASUS website so not a knockoff. The truth is, there is still BLB, but it's very minimal compared to the previous PG279Q model. All IPS panels have a slight bleed, which is normal. But I spent some time messing with the color settings and it looks beautiful. NOTE: the stock ... full review
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"Could Not Be Happier" - by Amazon Customer
I am very happy with the product. It is exactly what I needed, an affordable large curved monitor that looks very modern.

The monitor is thin, has a magnificent looking stand, the white color of the monitor and the non-edgy design all make it look amazing. All of these features make this product a great buy.

I actually bought two monitors and the circular look is incredible and very flashy (for the same price as one monitor of another more popular brand). As a college student, I can honestly say that my productivity has increased a lot. Both monitor are powered by my 2012 MacBook Pro, which is great because all my data is present.

I absolutely recommend this product. I have had both monitors for over a month, and after trying them out, I do not see any malfunction or physical sign of wear.
by LG
In stock on June 15, 2020.
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"Absolutely Perfect" - by bOb
I absolutely love this thing. I just got it today and so far it has been perfect for all my needs. I bought an ASUS VS278Q-P hoping it was good, and it turned out to be trash. Plus it was a little to big for my what I was looking for. I was really hoping this one was good and it was better then I was expecting.

-Super crisp
-Love the IPS panel and the LED back lit. The Asus monitor I got was neither of these and made me nauseous but this one is so comfortable on the eyes
- Pretty big
-Nice and slim
-Love the color scheme and base
-Super smooth with the 75hz, Overwatch looks beautiful and this

-Honestly none so far
-This could be a con but it doesn't have VESA mount but I wasn't planning on it so I didn't care

Other thoughts: Just get it, I was super skeptical but don't be. ... full review
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"Outstanding whites and clarity! Great image!" - by HappyTrader
Outstanding whites and clarity! This is by far the best monitor I've bought and I've ordered at least 25 over the last few months for various jobs. I needed two monitors for my typical work space and didnt want to buy anything super expensive. I've looked at BenQ before but always leaned toward ACER, DELL, HP, etc. I decided to take a chance on these and boy was I shocked at the quality of the image! I was using a Sceptre before and never could get a decent sharp image and I tried all sorts of drivers, profiles, etc and it just never looked good and made my eyes tired trying to use it. I also figured it could have something to do with the DPI issue in Windows10, though that could be resolved by now - havent checked lately.

Right out of the box they looked great! Im using a ... full review