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"Nutritious product" - by Vonn (USA)
My husband is going through chemo and radiation and I have been making him a protein shake with lots of other spices, peanut butter, celery, carrots, frozen blueberries, etc. He loves the taste of this and it gives him the protein that doctors recommended he have. I use to make it with Almond Milk but lately have been making it with filtered water, he doesn't notice a difference. I also add Kale or spinach to get the greens into him.
"Can't Live With Out It!" - by Amazon Customer
Awesome brand of collagen. I like that it's unflavored because I add this to my smoothies and just don't want to go over board with all the flavors includes superfoods, veggies , fruits, and meal replacements. Also, this product is grass fed and has relieved my joint pain and made my hair healthy and shinier. Love it & will buy again.
"My wife and I have both been experiencing joint and ..." - by Goldenhawk (Colorado)
My wife and I have both been experiencing joint and muscle pain as well as gut issues. This product has helped considerably and as an added plus, our skin and hair are becoming more supple. We will continue to use Bone Broth Collagen and we are looking into trying the other formulas as well.
"Have only had one serving but so far, loving it! (review updated ~10 days later....still loving it)" - by Jennifer
This mixes in easily and has no flavor (exactly what I was looking for). I like that it comes from grass fed cows and I like that it's a simple whey protein concentrate (not isolate--so, still a processed food but...less so within the category. But, BTW, this also means: if you're lactose intolerant, you may want to check as you may tolerate an isolate better than a concentrate). I buy and try different protein powders primarily because I am a dietitian and work with a lot of patients who need an easy way to add protein to soups, smoothies, shakes and other everyday foods but can't tolerate artificial flavorings or sweeteners or just don't want unnecessary extra ingredients they can't pronounce on the label. Personally, I can meet my own protein goals without adding powders but I'm constantly trying to find simple protein powders to suggest--and ... full review
"My Grandson in Marine Boot Camp loves these!" - by Linda
My grandson is currently in boot camp at Parris Island. These protein bars are one of the only things they're allowed to have shipped to them while they're in boot camp. He and his platoon love them! Since the boys love them so much, so far, I've sent him five 18-count boxes. These are well worth the price!
"Four Stars" - by Amazon Customer (Oregon)
A great muscle recovery product without the unnecessary additives.
"Great value for the price, tastes terrible (no sucralose in Double Rich Chocolate )" - by Clone Number 3
I ordered the double rich chocolate (DBC), thanks to reviews indicating it did not use sucralose (and it does not as of 06/12/18).

I've never used ON before, I do not know if it "used to" taste better. As of 06/12/18 the DBC flavor tastes roughly like burnt brownie flavored cardboard. Thing is, I understand without a SUPER sweetener, it can be difficult to achieve flavor, but be forewarned, it is AWFUL tasting. Consistency remains almost the same as whatever liquid you have mixed it into (adds no extra thickness). I tried both water and milk.

On the positive front, it is jam packed with goodies with every scoop. It mixes extremely well (I use milk mainly) and when mixed with other powders, it continued to mix well (I add extra probiotics and stuff for my joints).

I let it sit for a few hours on the counter, everything settled and needed a ... full review
"It's a excellent product!" - by Amazon Customer
It's a excellent product!!! It has been helping me to muscles and get stronger. Also, I've never liked the taste of a whey protein powder before trying this turbo chocolate. Definelly I'll buy more :)