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"A must-have for book book lovers." - by John (PHOENIX, AZ USA)
I started to become interested in book collecting about 2 years ago and this was one of the first books that I purchased. It is an excellent book for a beginning collector. The author describes the history of book production and how books are produced in modern times. There is also a very good chapter on the grading of books, and how to determine if a book is "collectible." Another chapter describes ways to determine if a book by a certain publisher is a first edition. However, if you plan to collect rare, old books then this text may not be the best for you. The focus of this book is on collecting modern first editions.
Although it's full of facts, the book is written in a light, easy-to-read style. The author is an avid book collector and he provides plenty of anecdotes about ... full review
"Splendid book about books" - by David A. Novak (Lorain, Ohio)
I work as a rare book librarian for a private book club. It is not my day job. This volume was well forth the price and has offered me much insight.
"Inspiration for the die-hard book collector" - by Amazon Customer
I absolutely loved this book! It was exciting to read about how people were able to uncover valuable and rare books. The stories were just great and it really is true that you never know WHAT you might run across when you are a dedicated book hunter. Fun!
by DK
"Beautiful book!" - by P. Butherus (Conserative Hell)
Every one who is fond of books must have a copy of this one. Beautiful book!
"Really enjoyed this very much" - by Rudy G
Really enjoyed this very much, it is a good keep sake...nice way to have history of Marvel. If you are a collector of Marvel items, please add this to your collection.
"Short, but quintessential Peter grant story. For any ..." - by Me
Short, but quintessential Peter grant story. For any fan of the series.
"Chase and angel" - by Mary Fritz (Georgia)
Finally ! chases and angels story

Love this series💖💖💖
it just keeps getting better and better.
This story is about angel losing chase and her family and during this time she gains
Insight into a lot of the fears that control her for so long and as she breaks free from her fears ,she tries to find chase and free her family.

A wonderful series and I cannot wait until Rikki story comes out.
I hope you get and enjoy this book if you do please if you would leave a honest review ☺
"Great frameable prints of good quality." - by RayOfLight
Detailed paintings of select nature living things which are a joy to examine or simply look at leisurely.
The accompanying book is an added treasure.
"For all vintage guitar fanatics!!" - by C. G. M. Beusenberg (etten-leur, nb Netherlands)
If you are a vintage guitar player or collector than this is the book too buy,they are all there,Gibson,Fender,Guild,etc in beautiful pictures captured,this collection of vintage guitars is unbelievable,all guitars are from the period before 1970 and they are all in mint condition,if you can not find you're most loved guitar in this book you will not find it.....a must for guitarlovers!
"A true must-have for any variety collector. Highlights the ..." - by Cameron Chapman (Baltimore, MD)
A true must-have for any variety collector. Highlights the ones that people (unless they're set copletionists) will actually buy. May have to cross-reference with Wexler's page for die marks to confirm if it not obvious, but either way, this is a very well written, and informative book.
"1) and it did an excellent job with pennies" - by Joe A Flickinger
I already had the sixth addition (Pt. 1) and it did an excellent job with pennies, nickels and dimes. Unfortunately, a sixth edition by these two gentleman cannot happen, so I opted for the earlier (Pt. 2) covering quarters and halves. The pictures are excellent and make identification easy and grading as well. I highly recommend this book.
"A great series" - by Karli (Colorado)
I am always excited to find a new series that is so good I can't stop reading, going from one book to the next until I'm waiting on the release of the next book. This is all that. Dawn Sullivan is also a new author to me, which is even more exciting, because it means there are other series out there to explore. In fact I found there is a related series to RARE, the White River Wolves. Book one of that series fits into RARE as book 2.5. If you like strong, protective, caring alpha males and kick-ass alpha females, you will probably like this series. It has become one of my new favorites.
"Great Debut Novel" - by Ramie
I would have preferred to leave 4.5 stars (there's always room from growth) and I hate that Amazon doesn't allow for nuance. Nevertheless- Shai's debut novel was like the euphoria one feels when those first few leaves turn in fall, the first snowflake hitting your nose, the first spring bloom or that first splash into the swimming pool. I loved the absolute strength and confidence of her characters. The last dozen books I've read always featured characters who have ridiculously low self esteem. Imani and Ansel have their vulnerabilities and bouts of self doubt but they don't WALLOW in it. They proved that two alphas can fall in love and coexist (Will it work for ordinary humans? Probably not. :( ) New species of shifters are included and the world she is creating will shake up the status quo character line up of this genre. I'm ... full review
"Autobiographies are a gift to the human race" - by sungrass (Maine, USA)
Enjoy 2 women who have a passion if life... books. It's good these women know the art of sharing, as well.