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"The Abused Beatles Masterpiece Done Better" - by Pair A Normal
Abbey Road (one of my desert island CDs) finally gets some decent treatment from Capitol. When the 87 mastered CDs came out for some reason Abbey Road got the shaft. Tape hiss was so notable and sound quality so muddy it was a huge disappointment when I bought this CD is 1987. But this IS Abbey Road and I still played the heck out of the CD. So now we have a 2009 remaster -- is all well with the world again?---almost. Do NOT pay attention to any review that just says this album is louder and not better - this is not true with Abbey Road - it does have some validity with other Beatle albums (most notably the White Album) but that is NOT the case with this album and some pre-1965 ones. The low end is clearer and lower (as in "Come Together" and "Oh Darling" the ... full review
"a detailed review of the 2013 3cd set" - by art 87 (LA, Ca USA)
the 5 stars is for what is here rather than deducted for what is missing.

Disc 1: The Remaster

to my ears, it sounds exactly like the 2004 remaster, which is excellent already. the only difference is Silver Springs is added to the end of side 2 instead of end of side 1.

Disc 2: Live 1977

the Mac now have 4 official live cds: 1980 Fleetwood Mac Live (the Tusk tour), 1997 The Dance (w/3 additional tracks on the Silver Springs single cd), a 2003 10 track bonus cd included with the 2 disc Live in Boston dvd & now this one.

i am happy to hear & have these 12 tracks from 1977. here is the young Mac at there prime. later tours, they become more polished & the recording quality of course improves, but it's great to hear them young. Oh Daddy & Songbird ... full review
"Fleetwood Mac At Their Prime" - by ABaxter
There are a couple of Fleetwood Mac's songs on here that I would have loved to have had, like Songbird, The Chain, & Landslide, but this has almost every other hit you can imagine from Fleetwood Mac. From the glory days of the 70's to the re-emergence of Fleetwood Mac with Tusk. I immediately downloaded it to my iPod, and carry it in the car. If you have been enchanted by Stevie, & crushing on Lindsay at anytime in your life, add this to your collection.
"Eagles fans "must have"" - by Alexander J. Semritc (Seattle, WA USA)
Listen to this album and you will begin to sense that most of the songs have a country feelin. Others use powerful bacground music to "power through. This album is classic rock at its early beginnings.
Also, if you're a classic rock buff, this album is essential for your collection. In this greatest hits collection, there are only ten tracks to listen to, but these classic songs do not wear out on you. This collection also defines the early Eagles' creativity and diversity in their music. It shows Glenn Frey and Don Henley as two of the best songwriters in classic rock history.
The album has classic rockers such as "Take It Easy" (-recently chose as best song to cruise to) and "Already Gone". Wonderful relaxing classics consist of "Peaceful, Easy Feeling", "Best Of My Love", and "Tequila Sunrise". The songs are so soothing, they almost take you to another place ... full review
"A Requiem for Bon..Became the Ultimate Guitar Rock Album..." - by Lance G. Rigley (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)
The essence of a great rock n roll band is the ability to drive a beat at breakneck pace,shatter the ear drums and create a sound that makes you think like every other act around is a copy of that particualr band...or simply put,the essence is to sound like AC/DC,pure and simple. This is one of the truely great rock albums of all time,and after 20 years it sounds as fresh today as ever.From the opening ominous toll of the bells in *Hells Bells* to the fading chords of the rock anthem,* Rock n Roll Aint Noise Pollution *this delivers near perfect guitar rock on all levels. From the spotlighted hard and relentless blues based power chords and frantic solos of Angus Young to the tight and machine gun like powerhouse rhythms of Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams providing the basis for the screeching vocals of Brian Johnston and rhythm ... full review
"I'm packing my bags for the Misty Mountain..." - by nellgwen
I knew I wanted this. And I knew I wanted all of these, and I knew I wanted Super Deluxe Editions. If you're going to do it go for the gold.
I received a $100.00 gift certificate for Christmas so I purchased it. It arrived very quickly. And the packaging was quite sufficient to withstand any shipping abuses. And the download card, which was included worked just fine.

We all know this album so I won't get into the song list. I will say this though...Well, first, I don't own a turntable right now. I'll have to purchase one to listen to the albums. However after the very first seconds of hearing Black Dog I was brought back to the days of getting high and listening to this album in a dark living room with headphones. You know the ritual. But not because of the music. Because of ... full review
"R.I.P. King" - by Jacob (NY, USA)
I never realized how good this guy's music was until he died and I listened to his double disc essential collection fully for the first time. I'd heard all the hits before, "Billie Jean," "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Thriller," etc. However, I felt that I should obtain the record that made it all happen....Thriller, despite having almost the whole CD on my computer already from the essential collection. No matter. The DVD alone is almost worth the price of admission. It'll be great to be able to pop that in down the road and show my kids what great music was like.

The extra songs are cool, great of him to record with some of the biggest stars of the day. Sound quality is i've heard of these songs.

Get the best selling album of all time. Every song is a classic. Will not be disappointed.
"Purple Rain 180 Gram Vinyl" - by primetimeoflife
This vinyl pressing is perfection. The sound quality is just incredible - every track is so dynamic - even the inner tracks. Just about zero background noise. And the music on this album? EPIC, of course! Do yourself a favor and get this. Play it loud and enjoy.
"A Groundbreaking Masterpiece (Yes, I'm Serious)" - by Quaker (United States)
These are not words I toss around lightly, but seriously, Hamilton is a masterpiece that will change musical theater forever. This show is certain to sweep the 2016 Tony Awards and I would not be surprised at all if Lin-Manuel Miranda is awarded a Pulitzer Prize along the way.

As for the soundtrack, let's just say this is one of those epics that gets better and better with every listen (and I've listened dozens of times already). Every member of my family has been addicted to it since the day it was released. It's a brilliant pastiche of musical and poetic styles, all perfectly tailored to each particular character, yet woven into an intricate narrative that will inspire, entertain, and break your heart.

I was privileged to see the show the week that it opened, and can't stop telling people about it, so I was beyond thrilled that the production team, including ... full review
"One Album That Never Will Age!" - by Bing
From the very first time this lp was issued in the 1950s, I have enjoyed it like no other Christmas lp. With the new reissue, it gives the buyer a feeling of something that he can share with the grandchilden. Its fun is still in place and Bing's touch was never better. One thing that I think was a boo boo.....The version of White Christmas used has always been the 1947 version. I consider this new lp.........simply great!
"Vinyl 21" - by Tony (Kalispell, MT)
This review is for the vinyl version. My sister introduced me to Adele. While I am not a fan of new artistes in general, her voice is simply wonderful. This album is varied in musical styles and she pulls it off with every song. The vinyl pressing is of high quality, quiet and enjoyable to listen to.
"Best remastered sound with original versions of "Break on Through" and "The End"..." - by C. B. Miller (USA)
Best re-mastered sound. This re-master has a warmer, softer sound, more akin to the original 1967 LP record. The 40th anniversary (2007) re-masters are louder with more compression. The vocals in the 2007 version are too loud and that detracts from the instruments and songs. In addition, this version has the original released versions of: "Break on Through" and "The End". The first song does not have the "flown in" addition of the word "higher" in the song and the second one ("The End") does not have the pronounced "F-bombs" in the song. So, if you prefer the original released versions of these two songs, that is another reason to get this stereo re-mastered CD, over the prior released ones.
"Ho Hey!" - by Einsatz (USA)
Admittedly, I bought this CD for the song Ho Hey, and then became crazy about the rest. For the most part, the songs are fairly upbeat, ranging from the humorous (Submarines) to antiwar (Charlie Boy), with a few stopovers in between for a life lesson (Classy Girls) and an amusing love song (Dead Sea). If I had any complaints at all, it would be about the order in which the songs are presented. Why a dirge after the lovely Ho Hey? They didn't just switch gears they slammed on the brakes. I almost got whiplash!

I do love my songs with a bit of substance. This group has all that and more.

My favorites are Ho Hey, Dead Sea, Flapper Girl, and Submarines.
"Belt broke after minimal use" - by Susan E. Remer (Battle Creek MI)
The quality of the turntable is fine for the money and got really good reviews - hence, the reason I settled on this brand model.. However, the belt broke after minimal use within a year of purchase - so far I haven't found a source for a new belt The Fluance website is no help at all as it doesn't offer replacement belts. So, I will keep searching, but really am shocked by the crappy quality of the belt, which is cracked in more than one place.

UPDATE: The Fluance customer service staff immediately responded to my review and after some back&forth questions, we were sent a new belt for free under the warranty. I also learned that you have to call Fluance if you need a new belt, which I didn't realize because replacement needle cartridges are available for purchase from their website. Calling customer support is always my last ... full review
"It is like looking through a glass onion." - by Gary Blanchard
I vividly remember when this album was released; there was something about buying an album in a plain white cover that made you feel you were getting a bootleg recording. After the excesses of Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour, I was happy to hear the more straightforward music of this album. At the same time, one got a sense of impending doom as it seemed to be less of a band effort and more songs by individual members.

As someone who came from the folk tradition, I enjoyed a lot of the songs. Donovan had shared his guitar technique with the Beatles while they were all in India with the Maharishi, and that was reflected here. In fact, much of the album was written in India. Little did we know that Sexy Sadie was originally written as "Maharishi, what have you done?"

This remastered version sounds wonderful and brings me back ... full review