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"worth it" - by C. Heinrich (Del Rio, Texas)
I'm not going to go into the music on the blu ray, if your reading this then your already familiar with Legend, probably already have it, like myself on cassette and cd, so I'll just stick with the quality of the blu ray. Who ever did the sound mixing did an outstanding job, you hear this album like never before. I hear things I don't remember on my other formats. The audio quality and mixing on the DTS HD is perfect, which is the only version I have listened to so far. Kudos to the people responsible. Is it the best I have ever heard or own? Not sure but it's one of them,especially considering the age of the material. The 30th Anniversary deluxe version has two songs not on my cd from 84( that's 1984) which to be honest doesn't add a whole lot to the over all, they ... full review
"The most Transcendent Reggae record ever made; Just Amazing" - by TUCO H. (Los Angeles, CA)
If you collected the best cuts from all of Bob Marley's records, this one would still top it. Why? First of all, the production by Lee 'Scratch' Perry, is sheer genius even though it was recorded on a Teac 4-track machine as late as 1976! You feel like you're getting pulled into a cave by the mixture of spacy ambience and monstrously deep bass and drums. Second, the vocals by Cedric Myton and Roydel Johnson are beyond genius, they're magical, like a combination of Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye floating in outer space. Third, there's a defenite all encompassing good humor or 'postive vibration' underlying things even when the lyrics are quite serious. It doesn't try to drive its point home with a hammer but rather convinces all the more effectively with the unrelenting beauty of the ... full review
"Great Sound!" - by L. Zavatto (Northport, N.Y., USA)
I got this CD because of the song "Long Time Now" which I had only heard sung by an uncle and his nephew on their sailboat while cruising in the Azores many years ago. I've been searching for the CD for years and finally found it. A great island/reggae sound all around.
"definitly not your normal regge singer!!!" - by SEXY CHICA (CALIFORNIA)
Wa Do Dem, Ganja Smugiling and Noahs Ark. These are just a few of ek a mouse's hits. This is definitly not your Bob Marley type of regge singer altough different it's still 1 of the best. Whats so great about this regge singer is the way he sings his regge he takes you to a different dimension it's like your living his songs. Ek A Mouse has many fans still to this day his songs are veary popular and to believe will be for many years. This classic is to be 1 of the best hes ever done even better then his greatist hits. Yes this regge singer has definitly proved himself to be a great. I mean what would regge be with out Ek A Mouse. This is what regge is all about. The way his music sounds is unlike any other, it's the way he sings like ... full review
"Sweeeeeet regae" - by bryce palmer
Bonza beats and riddims old school dubs rockers
If you like jimmy cliff and sugar minnott you will love this collection of tunes
""...Young, Gifted & Black..." - Trojan 50 by VARIOUS (2018 BMG/Trojan 4LP/6CD/2x7" Box Set)" - by Mark Barry (Margate)
On paper the 4LP/6CD/2x7" Box Set "Trojan 50" looks the sumptuous business - a 12" x 12" all-labels retrospective 'celebrating 50 years of Trojan Records' (1968 to 2018). From the gorgeous embossed Trojan Logo artwork and attached card rear, the arm-wrestling weight and silk ribbon inside to lift out the snazzy contents - it's a beautiful thing to hold in your grubby paws for sure. But having lived with this LP-sized beast since its Friday, 10 August 2018 release date and as a huge fan of the iconic British Reggae label – I’m finding the actual music listen a bit underwhelming in places - and on the presentation front side at least - for me it's strangely scant of details and oddly unsatisfying. Bluntly you're probably going to get more actual discography info from this review than you will from the reissue itself. There's a lot of Reggae in your ... full review
"One of the Best Reggae Singers" - by Bill C
Etana has for a long time been one of the best Reggae singers. This album catches her at her absolute best! I've heard every song and as hard it is to believe, no bad songs. What a great album!!!
"A good start to the world of Trojan records" - by Alfredo Irizarry
Really well master clean sound good with essential tracks from Trojan
"Five Stars" - by Antonio DePietro
Henry junjo is the unsung genius of early Dancehall Reggae. If you're curious about this period- definitely cop!
"Those who see will see..." - by Atman (UK)
A special one here, for us(to those whom overstan dis), like all the ress, very special.

jah bless.
"Original Vinyl Album Tracks" - by Defender (San Jose, CA USA)
I have been transferring all my vinyl to digital and I've noticed a few things about the CD versions of these albums. One, for single Reggae albums, more obscure ones in particular, they will often rearrange song titles and add songs. Two, for double albums they will typically omit tracks, so they can release it on one CD. This album is no exception. Missing tracks on this CD are KKK and Smile Jamaica by Steel Pulse from Side 1.

Here is the original track list for those interested -

Side 1 (Steel Pulse)

Sound System

Ku Klux Klan

Handsworth Revolution

Smile Jamaica

Side 2

Belly Full A/K/A Them Bellyfull - Rita Marley & the I-Threes

Sugar Pie - Melody Makers & the Wailers

Wa Do Dem - Eek A Mouse & the Wailers

If I Had the World - Dennis Brown

Side 3

Plastic Smile - Black Uhuru

Guess Who's Comoming to Dinner - Black Uhuru

The Bed's Too Big Without ... full review
""Funky Reggae Party" Mr. Marley would love this album." - by Johnny's Sound System (Minneapolis)
One of the few Soul Jazz Records albums I would recommend, instead of replaying songs that are on previous "Heartbeat's Studio One" albums instead this album focuses on actual Disco style Reggae. Not all songs are great, however after listening to this album you will get a great listen in to the rarely heard "Reggae Disco" style music of the mid seventies and early eighties. I am not sure of the session players on a lot of these songs but it has a 1980-1983 Sly & Robbie style Black Uhuru sounds. I got the cd just so I can burn it and spread the music around. I would also recommend purchasing the vinyl version because that is what this album was mastered for, record players, vinyl sound. Apparently this album was an album "Hustle!" that was released sometime when, I do not know. I am ... full review