Rice for Sushi

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"This is our favorite rice product" - by M. Nakamoto (Bellingham, WA)
It's difficult to find this at my local stores, so I was very happy to see it available at Amazon. We don't prepare it for sushi, but for our mealtime starch.
"great rice" - by sophia
i love this rice, good for sushi
"Best Rice Ever!" - by s.i.
This rice is difficult to find where I live, so being able to get it from Amazon is a great help. It's the best "sushi" rice, and the best rice all-around at my house.
"Highest quality, USA grown, I know the fields this rice is grown in." - by Lezlie in South Central Iowa (Osceola, IA)
Other than buying a FAR MORE rare and FAR MORE expensive brand of sushi rice that's actually grown in Japan, this is the highest quality of rice grown and available in the USA. I lived an hour from the rice-growing region of NorCal for 26 yrs, I've driven by the fields this rice grows in and the mill that polishes it when I came down out of the mountains into the valley, many, many times.

I've eaten at some of the very top, haute cuisine sushi restaurants in this country,fed delicacies from the hands of the masters themselves, so I'm familiar with excellent sushi rice compared to average. Yeah, when I've plunked down $250 to be fed the very best sushi, I expect the ultimate highest quality rice grown in Japan. But the vast majority of the sushi rice eaten in Japan is grown by the farmers in NorCal, and a ... full review