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"It makes toast!!" - by Dorothy Inman (Covina, CA United States)
After seeing toasters on Amazon for upwards of $300, I naturally opted for the less than $20 model...........Guess what ?? It makes toast! and it will handle bagels and other wider items. This is just fine and the sides stay cool which I really like.
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"Ironically it makes toast" - by Amazon Customer (MI, USA)
Push the lever down and shortly after that toast pops out. Some kind of voodoo magic working here.
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"This toaster is great! We bought this toaster to go in the ..." - by Sealy
This toaster is great! We bought this toaster to go in the trailer for when we go camping. It is nice and compact. The toast comes out toasted evenly and the settings allow the toast to not be burnt. The color is great and it is easy to clean. This toaster would be great to use on a small counter as well.
**[...]. If you have any questions, just ask! :)**
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"Great look but doesn't toast complete slice of bread-----" - by D. Russell
Satisfied with the toasting levels and looks of the toaster-----------but 1/2 inch of the sandwich bread does not toast.
When the bread is in the down position being toasted then the 1/2 inch top of bread is sticking out of the toaster.
The bread slices I use are the standard 4&1/2 inch height.
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"Great toaster--very very happy" - by Joanna D. (USA)
This basic white toaster has all the features I want. Bagel? Check! Defrost? Check! Reheat? Check! Toast? Well, of course. And if I needed it, I could get this in a four slice model, but for our two-person office, we only need a small unit. I keep a toaster and a microwave in our break room, which is basically a small kitchen table in the back room. The utilitarian look works fine with our equally basic white microwave and is just what I wanted.

Update: I liked this toaster so much, I am banishing my old one to the office and using this at home. It really works well. I love the "cancel" button right below all the others--right up front when you need to prevent toast from burning. Slots are wide enough for homemade bread, sliced thick. This is really a terrific, no frills but totally functional toaster. The only ... full review
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"Love the look and the concept of this combo toaster/toaster ..." - by ksj (San Diego)
Love the look and the concept of this combo toaster/toaster oven. However, when using toast function, the bread does not toast evenly. It toasts enough to enjoy, but parts of it are more toasted than other parts.
"this is the greatest toaster ive ever had makes restaurant quality toast and ..." - by coasterfreak1
this is the greatest toaster ive ever had makes restaurant quality toast and bagels easy to use easy to clean no burning of toast or bagelsunlike other ones very well made sides can get alittle hot during toasting supervise children while using it love it buy and enjoy
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"It has a nice feature for frozen items" - by Katie B. (OH)
Arrived on time and securely packaged. It took a little time to adjust to the settings.......sometimes burnt toast other times, pale. It has a nice feature for frozen items. The body of the toaster is very lightweight which could be a hinderance to some.
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"Nice little coffee maker" - by Kathleen T.
iFILL CUP [[ASIN:B00XQ0K420 iFill Cup - Single Serve Compact K-Cup Coffee Brewer - iFill300 (Black)]],
CHULUX [[ASIN:B010NMMPH0 Single Serve Coffee Brewer, CHULUX [Compact] K-Cup coffee maker, Black]]
AICOK [[ASIN:B015E971CG Aicok K-cup Coffeemaker Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer]]

There Single Serve Coffee Makers are identical except for the name labels and instructions on the side. (Check them all out on Amazon, they are different prices and the Chulux is available in different colors.)

I bought this coffee maker for small size and the fact that is has a single use resivour. I did not want a Kureg that lets the warm water sit in the machine, seems unsanitary.

This is not as quick as a Kureg, because it heats water for each cup, but it works well. The amount of water you put in the resivour is the amount it heats--up to 15 ounces. More water = more time to ... full review
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"High Quality mid-range 2 slice toaster" - by AK818
After our expensive toaster suddenly stopped working I was in the market for a mid-range two slice option. My parents have the four slice Cuisinart toaster with a different finish (goes for roughly under $100 at department stores) and its been going strong for years.
Happy I ordered this option as it looks nice with our other countertop & major appliances, which are mostly just black, stainless steel, or a combination of the two.

There was only a weird smell the first couple of times we used it which is very normal for toasters, but it didn't affect taste of anything inside. The defrost option actually makes a difference when I toast frozen waffles, so its nice to have that feature. The outside doesn't show fingerprints and looks perfect wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge.
I would recommend spending the extra $10-20 over very basic toasters as this has a nice ... full review
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"So far, so good" - by Dennis C. Bernth
This toaster is replacing a one month old Sunbeam toaster that was total junk from the beginning. In use for less than a week, but it has none of the weaknesses of the Sunbeam and plenty of strengths. If it keeps working the way it has been I'll be a happy camper. The old toaster before the Sunbeam lasted probably 8 or 9 years, and was still working OK but had a crusty nasty buildup inside from melted cinnamon sugar from some bagels that was about impossible to remove. If this one lasts 5 years before dying I'll be impressed and happy. If it dies prematurely, I'll be back to lower my rating.
In stock on June 5, 2020.
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"Simple easy to use bright red toaster that works great" - by Carguy100
If you want a basic bright red colored toaster that just works the way it should than this is the one for you. Can't complain about it at all. Didn't have to read the directions to know how to use it. Looks great and works great. If in doubt give it a try I think you'll be surprised at how well it works.
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"Don't let the price fool you, this is the toaster to buy." - by Scott Lougheed (United States)
The Oster was recommended by a website we consult for thorough product testing. It was the cheapest toaster they tested and outperformed toasters 4 times the price. We tend to dislike buying cheap, disposable appliance (or anything cheap and disposable, for that matter), we are "buy it for life" type people. When we were shopping to replace our 30 year old toaster, we were disappointed by what we perceived as almost universally low quality products for sometimes-inordinate prices. Some of them were hideous while others were simply okay. We took a chance on it and we couldn't be happier. This toaster is fantastic, and not just "fantastic for the price". It toasts quickly and evenly. Button-feel is good (as far as toasters go, anyway) and the knob feel is reasonable. The appearance is handsome, and I appreciate the classic layout and modest footprint (I would have liked perfectly straight ... full review
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This is one of the higher end toaster you can find in the market. For around $80 to toast your bread and bagel, this better be a pretty darn perfect toaster.

At first, I was surprised at the automatic "lever-less" function of this toaster. You just put your bread/ bagel in the slot and press the toast button. For bagels, you set it on level 4 and you get a perfect toasted bagel EVERY SINGLE TIME! So as advertised, they really have the smart toast bagel technology.

As for regular bread, I am sad to say it doesn't give a consistent toast like they do with bagel.

Like other reviewer mentioned, I do agree that the cord for this toaster is too short. If it is 12 inches longer, it will be much better.

I would give this toaster a 4 STARS because it functions well as a toaster, ... full review
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"great customer service" - by Robert E Scallen (Las Vegas, NV.)
I am thrilled with this toaster and the company, great customer service. I did have a problem
and it was taken care of immediately. I've never head or seen a automatic toaster. Like any toaster: first you have to put the bread in the slot on the top, then select lite 1 to 7 for dark,
last push the lever down, when its done, it pops up. I can tell you it toast perfect. see less