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"So handy!" - by thompsje
I am really happy I made this purchase. I used to fell trees without protection, and weedwack without a face guard. That was stupid. Luckily, I didn't get hurt. The instructions could have been better for putting this together, but it wasn't hard to figure out. I like how easily adjustable the headband for fitting is. Also, it comes with a clear shield, but I have only used the screen. The hearing protection does the trick. I was foolish to ever work without this. I am really glad I made the purchase.
"Very comfortable and easy to adjust size" - by Casey Mallory
I have to wear a bump cap for a security job I work and this one is really comfortable. There is a pad in the front and back that make this easy to wear for a full shift and the dial on the back makes it easy to change sizes if you are wearing a stocking cap or something underneath. I have only had this for a month but it seems solid and made to last. Hopefully I will never have to trauma test it. haha
"Does not offer a lot of protection but...." - by FlyBri (New York, NY)
Great to wear when hanging out with my police officer, Native American, Cowboy, Biker, and Military friends at the YMCA!
"Protect Your Noggin" - by Greg
This product has protected my head countless times in crawl spaces and a few times in attics (when I remember to wear it). The plastic and foam are not too warm in the heat of the summer, the insert is easy to wipe clean, and the fabric cover washes easily, with no issue reassembling. I have not had a scab on my head since owning this bump cap. You may look a bit funny (like a jockey, actually), but it does the job well. Should I ever need to replace it, I will not hesitate to do so. I can't recommend this enough.
"Great protection" - by Dennis Wayne Martin (VA)
These helmets were used for cave exploring and they provided great protection.
"Keep yourself ahead of safety" - by Patrick P. (Portland)
Now I look awesome and feel safe at work. I do a lot of new construction work on large job sites where a hard hat and reflective vest are required. The hard hats provided by my company were uncomfortable and super old, some of them cracked even. This hard hat is super comfortable, and looks a lot better than the old dump truck driver style like in Die Hard. I feel pretty safe if most common job site objects were to fall on my head, and the green is a really nice shade.
"The Best So Far !" - by MR POOSA
The best safety vest for the money. Really bright and the materials are top notch. L/XL (44R) fits perfect over my duty jacket. Perfect for traffic control duty. Will order another one. (Why not? It only cost 10 dollars)
"Just fold the tabs and slide the top of the closest tab half into the slot" - by Persona_Alio
Yes, it can be difficult to assemble, but once you figure it out, the process itself is quite easily. Just "fold the tabs up and out" towards the walls of the helmet, slide the top of the half of the tab closest to you into the slot on the helmet, and you'll find that it slides down into place. It's not entirely intuitive, but reading the directions very carefully will help. The same applies to adjusting the helmet.

It is a fine quality product, and I would recommend it. Beyond assembly issues, the one qualm I have is that it feels a bit too large for me, but it is still quite secure and adequate for protection.

EDIT: Okay, I was actually wrong when I said "slide in the middle of the tab", I guess I was just as confused as well. I've corrected this review, and even uploaded a picture.
"Great product" - by michael lloyd (stetson,maine)
This is a good product. I bought this model and another brand which was slightly more expensive just to compare. I like the Nocry more as it seems to fit better. I see no problem with the quality and the price makes it go from good to great!
"Very pleased with this product" - by Amazon Customer
Very pleased with this product. The hard that's webbing is extremely well manufactured. The shell itself, is very lightweight. The lens is welcomed, as it keeps sparks/dust out of my immediate eyesight. I will order all my future hard hats from Centurion. Thank you so much for an amazing product.
"One of my better purchases" - by Andrea K. McMillan
Just used my Jackson BH3 today with both my MIG and AC, and couldn’t be happier. This is my first Auto Darkening helmet, wish I would have got this sooner. All settings; sensitivity, delay, and shade are infinitely adjustable. I set both sensitivity and delay just past max, and used 9 and 10 on shade, I have no after affects on my sight, so I’m assuming it’s “dialed in”. I could see my puddles perfectly, without the need for additional light, like I used to use with my other helmets. Couldn’t be happier, the only down side I would point out is; for the price, Jackson should include a nice soft helmet cover/sock. I’ve spent half this much on Harley helmets and got a nice cover to store them in. im storing mine in a Harley Helmet bag now, but it could be bigger.