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"Salmon was fine, however what was not as described , should be 5 oz cans not 2.6 oz" - by Kindle Customer
I ordered 12 cans 5oz each total weight 60oz of salmon......Instead what I received was 12 packets 2.6 oz each totaling 31.2 oz... I cannot return these as they were for someone else but I am owed .....someone owes me 23.8 oz of salmon that I paid for. I would appreciate 5 CANS to make up for when I never received .
"Rubinsteins Canned Red Salmon" - by Martha R. Barclay
This red salmon is expensive but very good. It beats all the others out here so it's worth the price. So, if you like canned salmon, go for it!
"Expensive, but tasty" - by JD (Ohio, USA)
I was baited into buying the more expensive sockeye salmon after reading reviews about how good it is. After trying it, I agree with the other reviewers.

On Sundays, I make a large salad to take for lunch during the work week. It's really easy to bring a can of salmon and add it to the top of my salad. Makes for an easy-to-prepare, healthy meal!
"This is the best canned salmon!" - by Honeycutt
I have purchased all of Wild Planet's canned salmon, sockeye, pink and all their tuna's. They are wonderful. Less mercury than any other and nothing is added! No spring water or oil. I love to open a can of the pink salmon and eat it right out of the can. The flavor is not too is great!!
"Fresh and clean taste" - by dareing (Seattle, WA USA)
I use canned pink salmon for salmon loaf and salmon cakes. Over time I have used many brands but this Bumble Bee Brand is the best I have found. The taste is clean and fresh.There are minimal skin and bones in the meat. Both are edible but easy to pick out too if you prefer. I am very glad I found this brand and it will now be my brand of choice. The price for 4 cans was very reasonable at Amazon too. Shipment was fast and arrived with no damage. But the stars are earned by the good taste of this Omega-3 fish.
"A Great Product" - by Adara (Delray Beach, FL, US)
There are times when I like to use canned salmon just for a change. Although I would prefer to have canned (low sodium) Alaskan sockeye salmon, Crown Prince provides a satisfactory alternative, low sodium pink salmon. Actually, each can is packed with solid pieces of fish with barely a tiny amount of bones and skin. The cans are BPA free also. This product comes in handy when a "quick-fix" protein is needed at any time. If dinner or lunch time is approaching, and I need something in a jiffy, Crown Prince Natural Pink Salmon comes in handy. It can be prepared to one's taste in a variety of ways~~~great in salads, entrees, or on its own as a snack. As I have stated ~~~a great product!
"Best tasting canned salmon I have ever eaten" - by Burton
The continence is very fresh and moist. Best tasting canned salmon I have ever eaten!!
"Great stuff" - by Robert Sherman (Gaithersburg MD)
Terrific salmon in every way. Better than Deming's
Full disclosure: I eat my salmon straight out of the .can. If you mix yours with something else, you my have a different view.
"its great in patties or sandwiches" - by jd149
I received the first 6 cans of an 8 can order, but had to notify amazon about the others. Other than that, its great in patties or sandwiches. The real reason I ordered is that all the stores around here stopped carrying these large cans. Overall I'm very satisfied and will order again.