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by LG
"My mom likes it. Budget monitor for sure, and it shows." - by claire
I bought this for my mom, because her laptop is 13.3" and she does a lot of business stuff and needed more screen real estate. I'll start with the positives.
+ Ultrawide: obviously this is the reason why you would get a 21:9 monitor, and this is great for that purpose. I used it briefly with Premier Pro and the long timeline scrubbing is simply beautiful. Not having to scroll to edit very different pieces of the video is really nice. I can have multiple files open with video clips and transitions. I need to get an ultrawide for myself.
+ Lightweight: its probably not the lightest monitor on the market at this price range, but my mom is 56 years old (Im 23) and has had 2 surgeries on her wrist. She can pick this up with both hands rather easily if she needs to move from one side of her ... full review
by LG
"Multitasking dream / wide spreadsheets" - by Amazon Customer (Royal Oak, MI United States)
Amazing monitor for those who multi-task. Love the LG driver allowing multiple layouts but I find myself using side by side the most. Or when in excel this is great for wide spreadsheets. I will admit with only one program/app up it can be difficult because the width. My eyes can’t focus that far out, but generally I’ll open something else and resize the width to something comfortable for the main app I’m using. In honesty who doesn’t like having a webpage open with live feed as you work if it doesn’t cut down on the size of your work app/program. Oh and the 2k? Is a great picture too. Have not done any gaming so can’t comment on latency or rendering.
by LG
"Purrfect" - by Catitude
I am delighted with this monitor.
The usable real estate for gaming, graphics, research or anything else you might need multiple windows open for is amazing. The split window functionality that is part of the package is fantastic for Business, Socializing as well as Gaming.
I have Vision conditions that heavily influenced my choices.
I need large bold fonts & larger scaled UI's... 34 inches has ample room for customizing.
Nyctalopia, which is commonly referred to as Night Blindness, affects my ability to distinguish details in dim lighting as well as darkened scenes on TV & dim gloomy heavily shadowed Time of Day & ambiance effects, evening, night or weather conditions in Game screens.
Websites with Light Fonts on Dark backgrounds are mere smudged blurs & their content unreadable.
My most recent previous Monitor was the LG 34UM58 which I gifted to my sister after 2 months use... It's only fault was a max brightness of ... full review
by LG
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"Very nice gaming monitor." - by Track2
Fantastic monitor, hands down the best format for gaming. For the price and at 2k, this thing is great. I'm very picky, and I'm not sure I could go back to gaming on something that is not extra wide after using this fantastic display. You see more than the other guy in game giving you a giant advantage.
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"Working great, very clear, vivid display | Easy Menu | Can connect to multiple devices/Choose input | Comes with all cables" - by Bugs
I'm pleased with this purchase. I think it's a good value. I use a multiple monitor system and wanted a good widescreen that I could watch movies on while I worked. This monitor provides very nice, vivid colors and so far it has been very dependable.
Things I like
It comes with all cables. The VGA/HDMI/DVI cables were included, the power cable was included, and it also had an audio cable with it.
On Windows 10, I plugged it in to a USB VGA display adapter, and it simply worked with no further action needed on my part.
It has audio - granted, it is not loud at all, even at the loudest volume
Packed well in the box, it comes in 2 main pieces, the monitor, and the stand.
The stand is very easy to put on - a large phillips screwdriver and a penny or straight edge screwdriver are all ... full review
by LG
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"Like 2 screens in one! Love it!" - by KarenR (Dallas, TX USA)
I only wish I'd gotten a larger one! It was easy to set up and install. It's like having two laptop screens above my laptop at my desk. I mounted it on a small shelf, but it can also be wall mounted.
by LG
"Absolutely Perfect" - by bOb
I absolutely love this thing. I just got it today and so far it has been perfect for all my needs. I bought an ASUS VS278Q-P hoping it was good, and it turned out to be trash. Plus it was a little to big for my what I was looking for. I was really hoping this one was good and it was better then I was expecting.

-Super crisp
-Love the IPS panel and the LED back lit. The Asus monitor I got was neither of these and made me nauseous but this one is so comfortable on the eyes
- Pretty big
-Nice and slim
-Love the color scheme and base
-Super smooth with the 75hz, Overwatch looks beautiful and this

-Honestly none so far
-This could be a con but it doesn't have VESA mount but I wasn't planning on it so I didn't care

Other thoughts: Just get it, I was super skeptical but don't be. ... full review
by LG
"Overall Great Monitor" - by Ben S
Has a PBP mode that allows more than one input to be displayed on the same screen... So that means you could have 2 computers that share the same screen at the same time. I've never really been impressed by LG's color accuracy on any of their devices (phones / TV's that I've owned in the past) but this one doesn't really bother me too much. The darks are relatively dark and colors seem to stand out well. The software that emulates more than one monitor that comes with this thing is good, but if you're like me you'll end up frequently disabling it when it's not needed over some minor annoyances. As far as gaming goes... It seems to run very well. I expected to experience some pretty intense frame-rate drops after moving from a standard monitor but it seems like games are about as smooth with this monitor ... full review
by LG
In stock on June 10, 2020.
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"Four Stars" - by Jason Kmecheck
I love it but honestly 2x 27"+ wide screens would have been better. But its pretty darn sweet!
"Perfect for Me" - by Sara (Yarmouth Port, MA, US)
Image quality in pictures doesn't do this monitor justice. Very crisp.
This is my replacement, the first one had a lone dead pixel but they replaced it easily.
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"Other than that its been a trooper and is still beautiful." - by Brian K. Watson
Had this a few eyars now and its still going strong. It does fail to receive signal on DisplayPort at times. Other than that its been a trooper and is still beautiful.
Only 4 left in stock - order soon.
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"Good Monitor for Great Price." - by W
This monitor is pretty much exactly as advertised, a good 1440p 144hz GSYNC monitor at a very reasonable price. It is a TN panel, so the color reproduction is not flawless, but unless you work as a real paid professional artist, the colors are good enough that no one will notice a difference. Another concern with the TN panel type is the viewing angles, but it doesn't seem to actually suffer from severe color shift at extreme viewing angles, unless viewed from the bottom up. The actual screen performance is great, I also have a 1440p 144hz IPS monitor from Acer that costs several hundred more dollars, but this monitor is equivalent to it in almost every regard. This is good screen compared to it's competitors, and it has a very good price.

For those who haven't used a 1440p screen, a 144hz screen, or a GSYNC screen before, each of ... full review