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"Quick, easy, tasty and convenient" - by Sharie Breihan-Groot (Felton, CA USA)
Hard to find many flavors in our stores, so this is a great way to get quick and easy lunches for my hubby to take to work in different flavors.
"BEST OF COMPLEATS - Price keeps going up though" - by D. Vanhoose (Donna, TX)
Chicken Breast & Stuffing - This is really good, better than the chicken with mashed rocks (potatoes). I've tried most of these, and the beef ones really DO smell and rather taste like I think dog-food would, but this one is really delicious. A different gravy for the stuffing, and the stuffing (dressing) is very tasty. Chicken is real, not pressed like their turkey one, and quite a meaty little breast. Very satisfying, I usually add a biscuit and side salad or green beans, or just alone for a quick tasty easy lunch.

However, when I ordered it on Amazon in December 2012, I paid $13 including shipping for six of these. I tried to put it on subscription, but that does not guarantee price stays the same I noticed anyway. Now today, March 2013, it's over $24? Almost double.

Walmart has them online for ... full review
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"Its back!" - by Frances R. Johnson
I loved this milk and then their prices skyrocketed, so I had to give up this whole milk. Now its back and I bought in volume. The expire date is out 6 months. I will keep buying this as long as it stays smart priced. It tastes so good and is shelf stable. None have had the lumps others tacked about.
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"good emergency food" - by Amazon Customer (Lexington SC)
good emergency food. Heats well enough. Taste ok.
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"Five Stars" - by BB (Arkansas)
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"Excellent" - by James Cotten (Silver Creek, GA)
As advertised! I cannot recommend more highly. Everyone should have this in their emergency stores, regardless of whether you are a "prepper" or not.
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"Finally Real Milk Delivered! THANK YOU!" - by Benben .
You don't how much you miss something until you don't have it. I'm disabled and have trouble getting milk. I've tried all the milk substitutes and all I can say about them is yuck! As soon as I got this milk I put 1 container in the fridge and the rest in the pantry. It was incredible having fresh milk on my cereal and in my coffee. It's wonderful to be able to pour real milk in my coffee instead something dry that won't dissolve and is made up all chemicals. I'm sorry if this is crude but I need my bran flakes to keep regular and they taste so much better with real milk. I live in Wisconsin, the Dairy State, milk was something that was always just there until it wasn't. All winter I worried if I was not getting enough vitamin D and now my worries are ... full review
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"Great Shelf-Life Meal That Has A Variety of Uses" - by Dawn Dolly Golden (Alaska)
I purchased these for a local food bank that only hands out non-perishable items. Because of this, most families don't have access to meats. Having struggled with a bit of financially-caused hunger myself, I can honestly say that meals like this are always greatly appreciated by food-bank recipients.

This wholesome little microwavable meal may not be the healthiest or most appetizing meal in the world, but it certainly beats a night without a meal for many families. Each package of any Hormel Compleats meal is very filling. The serving size is large, large enough to fill even the hungriest of bellies.

This specific meal, the Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes has a few large delicious chunks of roast beef meat atop of smooth mashed potatoes, topped with brown gravy. The meat is very moist and the texture is exactly what you would expect of canned meat. It's not over-processed or strewn with ... full review
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"Perfect for gluten-free travel." - by Ashley (Connecticut, USA)
I have celiac disease and prefer to bring my own food with me when I travel. I recently went on a week-long trip and brought a six-pack of St. Dalfour Gourmet on the Go with me in my checked bag. It worked out perfectly! I didn't need to reheat or refrigerate the servings, so they were ideal for eating in my hotel room. Even though the servings were tinned, they were light enough that they didn't make my bag too heavy. The average cost per tin made them an affordable choice. They provided me with a solid amount of protein and vegetables per meal. And best of all, they were absolutely delicious! A little oily -- I skipped the additional oil packets after the first serving -- but the seasonings are wonderful. I will definitely buy St. Dalfour Gourmet on the ... full review
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"Made camping a lot better" - by Alan (Ocala, FL)
VERY easy! Went camping with these, and by far better than our normal cold food. (other than the shmores). It's not gourmet, but i was in the WOODS eating a hot meal while it was raining, tasted just fine to me :)
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"tasks as good as any fresh milk I have had" - by DaveM77
I have been buying this for a couple months now. To me, it is indistinguishable from fresh whole milk. I am sure that there are many people who can tell the difference, but none of my family and friends have been able to tell them apart.
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"Best bread ever" - by alexolupa
Best bread ever. I am German and I know what good bread is made from. Only bread I'm eating here, not with so many ingredients like in American bread.
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"Healthier than a granola bar" - by Paige Turner (DCA, CDG, LAX)
Good ole Dinty Moore. Hearty, homey, hot, Real meat, real vegetables, real good. The only thing better than these little packages is the big cans because, hey, more Dinty. Except you can pop these little ones into the microwave.
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"It tastes just like regular milk and perhaps better" - by Amazun Custumer
It tastes just like regular milk and perhaps better. However it's found in places that offer stuff for $1.
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"Decent 2-Minute Quick Meals" - by KC (Northern CA)
This set of Hormel Compleats XL comes in a set of five separate entrees: Stroganoff, Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes w Gravy, Chicken Alfredo, and Dinty Moore's famous Beef Stew. Each entree/ meal has a good portion size, and the calorie content varies from a low of 260 calories for the Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes w Gravy and a high of 440 calories for the Chicken Alfredo. Each tray (Recycle Code 5), is 1 serving, and they are shelf stable for approximately 1 year and a few mo. according to the expiration dates I received in my set.

The directions for the Stroganoff and Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes say to vent tray by either poking air holes in the top plastic film or peeling back the film 1/4" on one side, and then microwaving 2 minutes or until hot. All the other directions ... full review