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"Fully integrated with Alexa!! Better than more expensive Wemo outlets. **UPDATE**" - by JZ (Lehighton, PA United States)

Sorry, I didn't know this review had gotten this much attention, but I will clear a few of my points up.

I have been using the smart home devices for over 2 years now. I started with the Wemo (now have 4 outlets 3 this size and 1 insight and 2 wall switches) 3 TP-Link outlets, and 10 Philips Hue bulbs. All controlled with My Echo and 2 Dots. For the first year or so the Wemo outlets were a pain every time the power went out. Through firmware updates this is no longer the case and they work just fine now. I also was not using IFTTT at the time so it not having IFTTT support wasn't an issue for me. I have since been using IFTTT which is why I've personally gone back to using Wemos over these, but still use these on devices I don't use IFTTT triggers ... full review
"Great little plug!" - by Nancy N. (Northern NJ)
I bought these to try as the placement of lamps and switches in my apartment is rather awkward, where you have to walk way into the rooms to turn them on, and by then you've already tripped over yourself in the dark. These plugs are fantastic! They only take up one outlet and leave the other wide open if needed. Super easy to set up via the app and with Alexa and I have basic, 12 foot extension cords plugged into them which are working fine. On those nights when I'm coming home from work in the dark, it will be nice to just flip the lights on without having to worry about setting up timers. I'll definitely be buying more and while these are on the "pricier" side compared to some of the no name brands, if they keep working as smoothly as they appear ... full review
"Three month and one microwave erase—" - by BreAnna Conner (Oregon)
For those looking for quick review about book durability — book is more durable than any soft notebook I’ve had. No pages have torn or ripped from binding nor has cover. Binding is plastic and pages (no clue about paper weight sorry) thicker than regular spiral notebook paper. Minimal wear to cover as I toss, pack and unpack from cluttered bag regularly. Very happy with book durability.

Simple review of tech behind book—The app along with the book is very simple and easy to follow and setup. It allows you to hand write notes and upload to multiple places with just a bubble mark on page. You set up app and assign a different storage/email to the different icons and when scanning and uploading you mark by hand on the bottom of page which place particular page will go and complete scan/send. It helps people stay organized.

Use as attended— again very ... full review
"Like that it has power monitoring. Works well with Amazon Alexa." - by McKay C (Utah)
The design does not cover up other outlets, so you can still use the other outlet when you have this plugged in.

I found this to be very easy to setup and use. I was able to use the Smart Life app to get it setup and after I set it up, I was able to connect it to my Amazon Dot and use it with Alexa. Technically, at this point I could remove the app from my phone, but I like it for monitoring power.

I have not had any issues with this disconnecting from Wifi. I have this plugged into my power strip that supplies power for everything going into my desk. I did this so I could see how much power I was using up. In all, I am running my laptop, external monitor, external hard drive, audio mixer, and desk lamp on about 80 watts.
"A must-have for every house hold" - by Born2shop
I bought these for a "rainy day" and didnt expect to actually need them. Turned out, these tiny alarms saved my house, twice! There are three in the package, so I placed one behind my washing machine, one under the kitchen sink, and one near to the water heater. Nothing happened in the first two years, and then one day, I heard some noise coming from the other side of the house. I searched around and suddenly realized that it was the leak alarm! I run to the water heater and saw the utility room (connected to the guest bedroom) was flooded with the water from my broken water heater. I dont go to the utility room ever. So it is hard to imagine if I didnt have this alert, how my guest bedroom will look like by the time I discover this leak. The second time was a few ... full review
"Included AA backup batteries leaked and destroyed circuit board" - by H.S.M.
Bought it on September 2016. Now it is January 2017 and the four Rayovac AA backup batteries that were included leaked a white powdery dust into the internal circuits of the Smartthings corroding the internal circuit board making unusable because now it doesn't even startup.
Poor design concerning the protection of internal circuit board againt battery leaking only after 5 months of having the 4 included batteries inserted in the memory backup compartment of the Smartthings.
Is there any warranty/replacement on this from Amazon ? I used the included AA batteries and it should have lasted at least about 1 year without leakage. It was sold to me by Amazon, LLC
I planned to purchase an Echo Dot to pair with this device and now I am left out with nothing to control other zwave devices.

Update (February 24 2017):
Contacted Samsung Customer Service by chat and sent them the pictures of leaked batteries and ... full review
"Would buy it again" - by D. Carneiro
Trust me, I’ve seen them all. I’ve been using these devices for a long time. Installed dozens of them and this one is a keeper. Very very easy to install, and fast response to the commands, and a fair price. It says 15A, which is a good current for these devices. Lest see if it passes the time test. For now, 5 stars. Would definitely buy it again.
"You get what you pay for with those cheaper outlets. THIS is the one you want." - by Debbie (North Carolina)
I have owned a number of different "smart" switches. Of late, I had 3 different brands with 3 different apps including an IHome app that worked horribly with Alex and constantly lost connection, some that used the Smart Life app that made me nearly lose my religion trying to keep them all connected, and a light switch and outlet that use Kasa app (TP Link). The only two that worked every single time and had a mutually beneficial relationship with Alexa were the ones on the Kasa app.

So after finally giving up on the others I grabbed 2 of these. PERFECT! Easy set up. No crazy needing to scan the back of the plug that is clearly plugged in so you can't scan it kind of stuff--or the press the button for 15 seconds and then press it three times fast craziness. Quick connect, ... full review
"Great gift for an 8 year old who is curious about electricity" - by Kindle Customer (Chesterfield, VA)
I got this for my 8 year old who is interested in all things mechanical and electrical. This educational toy has exceeding my expectations as the book is also fabulous and teaches the underlying electrical principles. My son loves playing with this and making the lights and sounds in the various circuits.
"Best Plug for Echo" - by minmaui2002
For the past few years we've only used WeMo smart plugs by Belkin. They've worked ok and rules are easy to set up BUT, like any other smart plug, WeMo requires users to manage smart plugs using the WeMo app. The WeMo smart plugs were relatively easy to set up with Alexa, however, the moment there was a power outage, reboot of router, etc. they have been a royal pain to get back online.

I received my new Amazon Smart Plug today and the setup was very easy and took minimal time. This was so much easier dealing with one single app (Alexa) that I will now be replacing all of my WeMo devices. I would have given it 5 stars but using the scheduling option (days and times) in Alexa required too many steps. Users should ideally be able to add start times, stop times ... full review
"Great device, latest firmware fixes frequent wifi disconnect" - by Scott W (Northwest Washington)
*** UPDATE 12/2017 ***
The iOS app now finds and applies firmware updates for all devices. Updating review to 5-stars!

*** UPDATE 5-24-2017 ***
Firmware 1.2.1 appears to have solved the problem of dropping wifi connection. Prior to 1.2.1, the longest my HS105's would stay connected to wifi was 8 hours before they dropped/reconnected. With 1.2.1, my HS105's have now been continually connected for over 96 hours.

I am leaving my 3-star rating for now, because... The KASA app doesn't detect/upgrade the new firmware. To update to 1.2.1, you need a Windows PC and should search the web for "tp-link faq-949". That will give you a page where you can download a firmware update utility. The utility is very crude, and always says "update failed!" even though it successfully updates the HS105.

If tp-link gets the KASA app fixed so that it can update HS105 to 1.2.1, or ... full review
"My first Smart Plug experience was wonderful" - by cgetts
I wanted to get into the home modernization so I decided to start with this product. To my pleasant surprise the little plug works great. The software was very easy to install and seems very powerful. The software can handle a LARGE number of devices. After playing with the software I was very impressed with all the different options it has to control this device and all the other devices that can be synced to the software. For instance on your phone you have an on/off button, a timer that will turn off the switch in a given number of minutes, or you can program it to have the plug come on and off at certain times during the day.

I have included a few pictures of the product and a very short video showing how the manual switch on my phone controls the light ... full review
"So easy to great with app or Alexa!" - by Amy A (California, USA)
This is a fantastic product! It uses the Smart Life app, which is extremely easy to use on its own, and it also seamlessly syncs with Alexa (echo). I started using these with my Christmas tree and various Christmas lights in my house. I first set a timer in the app so they would come on at 5pm each evening and turn off at bedtime....never have to remember to turn the tree off again! Then I synced it with Alexa (really easy to do), and can also turn it on by saying "Alexa, turn on Christmas tree" and on it goes! I love the product so much, I bought a bunch more for other outlets in my house.