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"It is just a bit better than the Voyager Pro that I had before" - by Julia (New York, NY)
It is just a bit better than the Voyager Pro that I had before, which I already loved. One of the problems the Pro had which bugged me is when I had it on and in my hear, when I answered a call on my iPhone it would not automatically switch to the earpiece, I'd have to wait a few seconds for the call to connect and then bring up the sound options and switch from phone to ear piece, meanwhile the caller was like "hello? hello? hello?" every time! Now the new Voyager is smart enough to put the call in my ear piece if it's in my ear. By the way, that problem had never happened with the Voyager Pro when I had a Droid, it only started when I switched to iPhone.

Another thing I totally love about this is how I can now say ... full review
"Great w/ Verizon Flip phone, hands free talking" - by Dwight0
I use w/ my Verizon flip phone w/ hands free talking driving my Big Rig state to state. People hear me clearly, I hear them good unlike Bluetooth type threw truck radio. I've only used about 10-Hrs. making 30 to 50 phone calls. I don't suggest driving & talking as it's a distraction. The 3.5 mm plug fits phone jack, however it came w/ second jack of different size. This has an on/off switch on about a 10' long cord to disconnect after call. I close flip phone after placing call & my call stays connected. These are comfortable to where, and well made & a good value for the money.
Amazon Prime w/ great S&H also. Ten-Four Ol' buddy
"One Tough Cookie/Bluetooth Headset!!" - by Michael and Joy Covey (Southeast Virginia)
I bought this bluetooth headset for my wife since she was starting to experience neck pain from holding her phone against her shoulder while talking on the phone (we have four kids so her hands are busy for much of the day). It connected to her phone without delay and worked very long on a single charge. However, the main reason I'm writing this review is to the sing the praises of how amazingly SOLID this bluetooth headset is!

My wife had this headset for a couple of months when she misplaced it. She thought for sure she'd left it at a store but then, where did it turn up? In the dryer! She typically would remove the earpiece from her ear and place it in the back pocket of her pants. This particular time, it stayed in her pants and went through an entire cycle in the washing machine... and ... full review
"Capable of Stereo Output! - Excellent Quality, Perfect Adapter" - by dangerrr (KINGMAN, AZ, United States)
At first I balked at purchasing this adapter, hoping to find PC to single 3.5 adapter elsewhere in a lower price range. I only paid $25 for my headset, making this a tough decision to spend nearly the same amount on a mere adapter. It was necessary based on my selection of headset for office use.

Overall quality and sound is amazing. Although the description claims that output in stereo is left-channel only, I recognized left & right stereo output sound from the headset. The 3.5 male adapter has a 4 ring TRS (Tip, Ring-Ring, Sleeve), so stereo output may be dependent on either the headset or media player capability. Output L/R stereo sound from my iPod and mobile device was clear and flawless. Mic was clear on calls.

The female input ports are a snug fit, and I suspect this is to ensure optimal sound quality.

The only drawback is it's an ... full review
"I've tried several options for talking on my cell phone ..." - by Ron Hansen (Edmonds, WA United States)
I've tried several options for talking on my cell phone while at home and being able to move around hands free to do other things. Up until recently they have been various blue teeth. Nothing was satisfactory to my callers so I decided to try wired. I tried several of those as well. This headset is indeed the answer to my situation as it works flawlessly and was affordable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 starts is because the cord is so thick. More recently it seems that many audio devices have been able to use smaller diameter cord as well as cord that is more flexible. Just a tiny bit cumbersome is all.
"Best mobile VR out there" - by KSchmidt
The best mobile VR headset I've ever tried. Comfortable and fits a wide variety of phones. Very lightweight as well.