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"Four years later, not broken and no scratches" - by Oggs
I live in New England and I've had a Sno Brum over four years. Just the other day a storm dumped 10+ inches of snow, the snow was heavy with sleet mixed in. There wasn't much wind so there was a good amount of snow on top of the cars.

The collapsible handle that came with my sno brum is a simple twist and tighten/loose, move both halves closer or farther away for more reach. You have to make sure to tighten the handle or it could collapse. I just give it one good twist before my hands get wet and don't have that problem anymore.

I have a midsize sedan and a minivan, I only had 30 minutes to clean both cars before I had to get ready for work. I was done so fast I even had time to clean the neighbor's car!!.

I'm careful when I remove the snow from ... full review
"Snow? What snow?" - by Amazon Customer
I worked for a few years at a car dealer in NE Ohio, and we relied on these almost daily in winter to clean off the cars. Amazingly easy to clean off a car in the snow compared to any of the flimsy things you can get at the store. Great for taller SUVs too. Once winter hit again I knew I had to get one for my personal car at home. Useful as a shovel when trying to clear out deeper snow around tires too. Love it!
"excellent product!!!" - by ws
Have shoveled, bladed, & blown lots of snow in 55 yrs. Last snowblower was craftsman gas blower that is still working out at the farm. I am 64 & needed something lightweight & powerful that I can pick up & move as I need to! Very easy for one person to assemble. This is the tkt. I just came in from blowing one foot of snow on long driveway & sidewalk at home in town; plus the double driveway and corner lot sidewalk of my 91yr neighbor. One pass all the way to the concrete every time. It took me one hour start to finish. No clogs & the snow slid off the surfaces of the blower & no snow to clean out of the chute when done. I especially like the directional handle on the chute for snow. It allows a good dispersion of snow at a low ... full review
"Love it" - by wjlynch
So glad I bought this. Does a fantastic job. Handled blizzard today with no problem. Seems like it works well with snow up to about 10-12 inches at most. Dealing with an extension cord is a bit of a pain, but I like the quick start and no hassle of dealing with a gas-powered machine. This thing has good power.
"Simplifies an unpleasant task and should last for years" - by Brian from Wisconsin
I've lived in snow country all my life and have owned a bunch of different snow brushes over the years. This one is the best and by far the most impressive I've seen. I bought the 58" for myself to use on my pickup, and two of the 39", one for each of the car owners in the family. All three were well-received and have been used a couple times since being unwrapped on Christmas.

They're well-made, heavy-duty, and should last for decades if you don't wreck the bristles by crushing them under trunk junk in the off-season. A coworker said "jeez" when he saw mine the first time and I could feel the jealousy radiating off of him while he used his feeble gas station snow brush to clear the snow off his car after work one day. The 58" model is long enough to ... full review
"Good snow brush" - by JYLY (Minnesota, USA)
Decent snow brush now that I've actually received a proper one. I've had better ones, but for the price I paid for this I'm more than satisfied. Especially now that Amazon replaced my first broken one. Double check yours before you use it, otherwise you could end up damaging your car or breaking the snow brush without knowing it was defective/damaged in the first place. Especially with how the company tried to hide the damage from the first one I received. Hopefully it lasts as long as my previous one. Had that one for years, finally decided to retire it.
"Quickly and Safely Removed Snow From Roof of Car" - by Sheen99
I bought this because we get a lot of snow in New England. I am short and have a tall vehicle so there's no way I can reach the top of the car. I would struggle using a brush to try to brush all the snow off the roof. This is AMAZING. I couldn't believe how easy and fast it was to clear off the roof of my car. Plus it's foam so you don't have to worry about it scraping the paint and damaging your car.
I wish everyone had one because some people don't brush the snow off their roof and the snow flies off at you on the highway. That makes it very dangerous to drive when you can't see.
So although I absolutely love the foam broom, I am only giving it 4 stars because of the ice scraper. It is bulky when put together if you are ... full review
"Light Weight, Narrow Path, Battery Operated, Powerful and Convenient Use & Storage. Enjoy!" - by Tom McGee (Castle Rock, CO, USA)
I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. It snows a lot here. Although I have a pretty powerful snow blower, like me, it is getting old and sometimes hard to start and to keep running. On those occasions, I have been relying on my good old snow shovel and personal stamina.

At 69 years old this task is not getting any easier; however, it does help me stay in shape and gives me some exercise time burning calories that I monitor on my iWatch program when I feel the need to brag.

The other day, I noticed a young man using a battery operated snow shovel that looked pretty neat and struck up a conversation with him. He said he loved the machine, but wish he would have bought an extra battery because he sometimes forgets to charge the battery and ends up pulling out the trusty shovel.

I took ... full review
"Worx for me!" - by Matthew Hamilton
I know there are mixed reviews on this and I was a little hesitant to purchase, but went ahead and did. This worked perfectly in vacuum mode! I have 2 very large red oak trees in my yard and they tend to dump a lot of leaves all over my yard and my neighbor's yard. Before this arrived, I blew them into a pile awaiting the shipment so I could mulch them up. I previously had a mulching attachment for my line trimmer and it wasn't that great, but did the job. In comparison, this was far better. It had rained the morning before I tried this out, so the leaves were wet, which made the work a little slower than with dry leaves, but it still worked. It did get bogged down one time, but I was overfilling the bag when it happened - so partly my fault. I ... full review