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"Perfect alternative to leather!" - by LaurieJ
I love this! I made the decision to go with this fabric after a lot of research. We have been through 2 sets of expensive leather furniture in the past 22 years. With the prices I paid for it, I was disappointed with how it held up. Both sets looked well worn within 5 years. We have 2 dogs that are allowed on our furniture. They scratch the leather. My husband also sits in the same spot on the couch every day, wearing out just that individual cushion. This is perfect! The fabric hold ups to the dogs, does not scratch. The cushions not only are flippable, they can also be switched around, in order to provide even wear.

Update: We have now owned this couch and the matching loveseat for over 2 years. It has held up perfectly! ... full review
"So happy we pulled the trigger on this" - by William Skiles
Very impressed with this couch especially for the money! We put it in our Airstream trailer, and it has taken the design to another level. So happy we pulled the trigger on this. I also like the mustard color; unique and funky. It is firm but still comfortable.
"Fast delivery and easy set up" - by jossy quezada
Fast delivery and easy set up. Nothing was ripped, broken or missing. The sectional looks very nice just not as comfortable as I’d like but decent for the price it’s worth.
"So Happy!" - by Mayren
The sofa was so perfect! It came quickly,and it looks so beautiful to me it is much better than I expected. I'm very happy.
"The cushions are pretty firm, which we like" - by M. Field (New England)
We have a small living room, and it was difficult for us to find a new sofa/loveseat set that was small enough to fit but was still comfy and didn't feel cheap. This one did the trick, plus it has a recliner chair included which we found a spot for. The cushions are pretty firm, which we like, but is something to keep in mind. The recliners all work smoothly and are comfy. They were really easy to put together too, the backs literally just click on to the base, and they're set. I am a little worried that the armrests will flatten out over time as they are pretty cushy, but they should hold up for a few years anyway. I also wasn't sure I'd like the white stitching, but it actually looks pretty good.

All in all, I'm really glad we got this set.
"Love this couch" - by Brittany Toda
Love this couch! I got it in the red and it's a gorgeous rust burgundy color. Really makes the room pop! Only thing, as many others mentioned, you will need a drill to get the legs on. There are no pre drilled holes, I even pulled part of the black material up to check.
"Great couch" - by M. K. Seeger (MN)
This is a sturdy, comfortable, basic couch. It is all I hoped it would be. I am so glad it is cushy, but not overly so!
"My toddler loves it!" - by Jeanette B.
This is a life saver. I used it open in front of my sofa so if my toddler falls while he practiced getting down my sofa he wont get hurt. Now he sits on it and even sleeps on it like he was a grown man lol =)
"Quality Product." - by MissT (LAKE ANN, MI, United States)
This cover is just what I wanted! The fabric is soft and comfortable for my dog. It fits my sofa perfectly, covering all the areas I need protected from dirty paws. It hangs long enough in the back when he lays on the top of the sofa, without falling down. It also hangs low enough at the bottom to protect the sofa. I didn’t need to use the elastic strap for the back, but it appeared more substantial than described in other reviews. Maybe they have improved on it. It’s quick and easy to remove when company comes. I hope they continue to make it, as I would certainly purchase again when this one wears out.
"Love it!!!!!" - by rebecca
I just love this, it's study, comfortable and beautiful, it did take me about 4 hours to put it all together by myself though
"Great cover that won’t slip" - by Kelly Block
I would love this sofa cover if it fit better. The description says it fits up to 90”, but the back of my couch measures 82” and if you look at the top left and right corners of my couch, you can see that the cover is pulled very tight. The couch cushions also do not fit properly in the sleeve provided. It still looks nice enough I would’ve kept it, even with the extremely tight fit it never slipped! But I utimately returned it because I wanted a matching recliner cover, which this brand didn’t have and the other brand I found the color (gray) didn’t exactly match, so I bought the couch cover in that brand instead. Overall, a great cover if you have a slightly smaller couch than mine. (The arms of my couch might actually be the issue)