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"The best tasting pseudo-PB out there! Plus great price thanks to Amazon!" - by Shakira Chadwick (Sheffield, UK)
I developed a nut allergy in my early 20s after being raised on PB sandwiches, peanut butter cups, Reese's pieces, Snickers, TCBY peanut butter yogurt...everything peanut butter that kids I know what real PB tastes like! Before I discovered soy butter I tried cashew butter (I'm not allergic to cashews) and almond butter (I'm not allergic to almonds either...yeah, this allergy is weird) but they were way too dense and sticky to substitute for PB in a sandwich. Then I found the various soy butters and but they all (like I.M. healthy) tasted weird and unpleasant.

Finally I tried Wow! butter and its awesome!!! It's not exactly like PB but it's pretty close!!! It melts nicely on toast, it bakes into pseudo-PB cookies like a champ, it great with graham crackers or apples.

At my local health food store this is $6.50 a jar, so I did a ... full review
"The product is great, and is a welcome substitute for peanut butter" - by Susan W (ELMHURST, IL, US)
We usually order a different brand through Subscribe and Save, and ordered the Don't Go Nuts spread when ours wasn't available. The product is great, and is a welcome substitute for peanut butter. We have an allergy in our family, so it's great to have other options. This one is yummy.
"The only "butter" for my monkeys!" - by Jonathan (Colorado)
My boys have peanut and tree nut allergies, so wowbutter is pretty much our go-to for sandwiches, smoothies and granola bars. With four young men needing constant protein infusions, we get the giant bottles as a cost-saving measure. It lasts about a month, and then they get a lot of good practice with the spatula, cleaning it out. Even when we give our baked goods to unsuspecting neighbors who don't know it's a PB replacement, they always ask for more! Thanks for a quality product at a reasonable price!
"most of what tastes good about peanut butter is the roasted" - by Carla Cook
Let's face it, most of what tastes good about peanut butter is the roasted, slightly sweet, saltiness. My kids' school is peanut free and my son's favorite lunch is PB&J. We've tried various soy butters and sun butters but he was never a fan. When I saw the rave reviews of this one, I choked up the 10 bucks and gave it a try. To me, it doesn't taste like "peanuts", but it does taste and feel like peanut butter -- that roasted, salty, sweet goodness. I love that inside the label are little stickers to stick to the lunch letting school personnel know that although it LOOKS like PB&J, it is actually peanut free.
"GREAT school safe peanut butter" - by GranyGZ
GREAT school safe peanut butter! Was surprised that it really tastes and has a texture similar to chunky peanut butter. My daughter has no clue her peanut butter is different. Really spreadable too... isn't super stiff and grainy like some others
"Great substitute for Nutella" - by Jackie
My son who is allergic to nuts really enjoyed this as a Nutella substitute. I'll be buying it again.
"Superior product. I was a huge peanut butter fan ..." - by Hap Eee :)
Superior product. I was a huge peanut butter fan until my son was born and we discovered he has a life threatening allergy! 10 years later, we are finally comfortable having a substitute in the house as a protein, non-perishable snack for my daughter and this is amazing. Flavor is incredible! Smells and tastes just like the real thing. This is my second time buying this product - have also previously purchased the jars of Wow Butter as well.
"but I like it better" - by Amy
This stuff is delicious! It’s definitely different than peanut butter, but I like it better. It actually seems more flavorful with many layers of flavor! I also love that it’s healthier than regular peanut butter. And peanut butter with no sugar to me is bland, but not this. It could become addicting!
"love this butter!" - by Tom and Shelley (Los Angeles, CA)
This is very very good..... really delicious and kind of addictive (like peanut butter) - great on celery sticks or by the spoon. I use this to make Thai and Indonesian "peanut" sauces without the peanuts. It's excellent.... will keep buying
"I eat it too when we are actually out of real peanut butter and I think it is good." - by Petsitter
My grandson likes wow butter. That’s very helpful as he cannot have peanut butter at his preschool. I eat it too when we are actually out of real peanut butter and I think it is good.
"Best soynut butter ever!" - by RollickingReader
Best soynut butter ever made! Taste almost identical to peanut butter without any of the allergy concerns. I am so happy and thankful to have found this brand. I love that they are family owned and operated and have high-quality standards of production.
"Picky eater/ peanut free zone at school. This product solved that problem!" - by Amanda Davis
I bought this as an alternative to peanut butter because my child's school doesn't allow anything with peanuts to be brought in due to allergies some children have. Well my child is super picky and loves peanut butter sandwiches so this was a problem... I needed more lunch options and fast! I saw this product while searching online and thought I'd give it a try. My picky eater didn't even notice it wasnt peanut butter (and who are we kidding... I'm NEVER going to tell her that little secret). She loves it. Its school approved. Everyone is happy now! Problem solved!
"Tiny jar" - by S. Smallwood (Uvalde, Texas)
I was so disappointed when I opened the package. I guess I didn't read the ounces before purchasing. I had been getting the WOW butter which I totally enjoy but could not find it at the time. By the way the WOW butter is 17.6 ounces for the same price as this tiny 12 oz. size. Thus I was real disappointed. I will go back to the WOW butter any time I can find it. AND from now on I WILL read the SIZE of the jar. This size problem is the only reason I gave it 4 stars, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.
"New ingredient ruins bar" - by Jen (OK)
***I have to edit this review. Written below is the one star review reflecting how I felt when Quest changed the recipe the first time in 2015. However, since then (in fact just this year, 2016) they changed it again. Clearly I wasn't the only one who hated the new recipe. Well the latest, 2016 Quest recipe is EXCELLENT. Even better than the original that I loved so much, I think. I am grateful and Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is my favorite protein bar again. For now, however, I order directly from Quest to ensure I get the most current recipe.

Old 2015 one star review:
I have been eating Quest Bars nearly every day for more than a year and chocolate chip cookie dough was my favorite. In fact, it is all I order anymore. I look forward to my daily quest bar. I opened my latest box and ate ... full review