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"Buy This Album NOW!" - by RXC
My wife purchased this album for me for Christmas primarily because she knew how much I enjoy "Stressed Out." I'll be honest when I wasn't terribly familiar with the band beyond their more popular songs that are played on the radio like "Tear In My Heart" and "Stressed Out" but after listening to the CD in my car for the past several weeks I'm totally addicted to it and really, really enjoy nearly every song on the album. "Tear In My Heart" is probably my least favorite song and that's probably because it was so overplayed on the radio. I really enjoy "Lane Boy," "The Judge," "Doubt," and "Goner," as well as "Ride," and "Polarize' a lot. Just a great album with a lot of great music!
"Stoked on this buy" - by Mitchell Watson
Great copy of this record, love the colored vinyl. Record came a day before it was supposed to, seller did a good job
"Sounds fantastic. The extras follow suit." - by Crank
This remaster does not deviate much from the dynamic range of the original. Around DR8 or so but it actually sounds great and well-balanced with a tad more detail from the new scan! Not at all too loud. I think they push the medium for rock, but then again I think DR8 is the line you really don't need to cross. And they didn't. The first few Blur albums do sound a bit different, but I think it's for the better with the added detail and bottom end that was very much lacking on the old releases. They may have had more dynamic range, but it was honestly too much for the sound of a rock band. The bass just wasn't there. This one has always sounded pretty good, though, and continues to sound great here.

This comes in a box and has a lot of care put into it. Very ... full review
"what do we need is the first time." - by 812jonathan
Popshit dance funk funky the best way to get the job done in time to get it now and again. The only problem is that the company is looking forward, but I think it was not able the best way to get it.
"Unlikely classic, Damon Albarn's first masterpiece." - by Angry Mofo
It's astonishing that Parklife ever became popular. It's so full of rough edges: even the dance-inspired hit single "Girls And Boys" is aggressively dissonant. The chugging beat isn't really danceable, the production is full of squealing, squawking noises, and Albarn sings in an overbearing, tuneless holler. It's an even unlikelier hit single than [[ASIN:B0000E6XJQ Underworld's]] "Born Slippy NUXX."

A lot of the album is like this. After showing his versatility on [[ASIN:B000002USH Modern Life Is Rubbish]], Graham Coxon came into his own and developed a scraping guitar sound that always sounds slightly off-key, even when the song is bright and good-natured. Check out the riff that leads in "Tracy Jacks," and the odd inversion of that riff at the end. The song has an airy feel, but the guitar is a little heavier than the tone requires. Same with "Trouble In The Message Centre," which affects a [[ASIN:B00008BRB5 Police]]-ish new-wave sound, ... full review
"TP is the Best! All their albums in one place" - by JP VOLKER
TP is the Best! All their albums in one place. Super well produced heavy, audiophiles vinyl. Will last. Happy! Highly recommended!
"Important release." - by Bryan C. Rombalski (Sanford, Mi United States)
Don't agree with some of the others on this release. Wonderful sound and just to hear Jimi in soft voice with guitar presenting electric lady tunes is wonderful. Filled with vibe...but than again as a musician of many years this is important as a whole package. Concert, sketches, cover, music, something that's lost to many in these days and times. His importance as an artist cannot be overstated. Respectfully composed.
"Excellent CD it's like The Reincarnation of Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix and the next incarnation of Blues for the future." - by James Reed "Dharman" (MAUI Hi.)
He is the man and everyone else is following him he will only get better it's like The Reincarnation of Robert Johnson Jimi Hendrix and the next incarnation of where Blues is going. Incredibly satisfied with this CD. He just gets better with every recording.
"A Unique Album" - by A. Bell (Indiana, USA)
This is probably one of the most unique albums I've ever bought. The booklet is cool because Graham Coxon has the guitar chords for all the songs inside which I've never seen before. This is probably Blur's most overlooked album and being an American it is virtually unknown here. I even overlooked it for a long time until I sat down and listened to the whole thing a couple times. Now it's probably my favorite or second favorite Blur album.
This album is supposed to be somewhat of a retaliation against American culture and grunge music in particular which was gaining popularity in the United Kingdom at the time. So this album has a very British feel to it and is intended to be a celebration of all things British. In fact, the album was almost titled Britain versus American due to the bands distaste for America at the time.
For Tomorrow, ... full review
"Five Stars" - by A. Dodge (Saint Louis, MO United States)
The sound is great, the hardcover book is a nice touch, and Arthur includes the inserts. Lovely
"LOVE the set, but my turntable doesn't like all the songs" - by bridgesbaker
I kept the set. I still love it. It is my turntable. I took it to a record store to see if it skipped on their turn table and it played like a dream. I'm holding onto them and I'm hoping for a nice turntable for Christmas :). Those are the only records that have that problem on my player though. I think it's the thickness. Most of my collection is original presses on much thinner vinyl. These still sound great and I love them. I also bought the Reality Tour vinyl set and I have no problems with those. I highly recommend those as well!

I LOVE this album set. The sound is truly remarkable and the vinyl is a very heavy pressing. My only problem with it has been that about 3 songs skip unbearably. I sent the set back once and when I played my ... full review
"still the MAN" - by drf (Lexington, NC)
this is a great total album. so good to hear them play this fresh and yet true to past music
"Totally satisfied" - by zephead (New York)
John Cutler, Phil Lesh and Bob Matthews did a great job on this vinyl project. The sound quality is phenomenal for a 1969 recording. I'm using a Stanton T62 DJ TT at the moment and upgrading to a Music Hall MMF 5.3 soon. Can't wait to hear this on a audiophile TT. If you're a deadhead and have a TT get this vinyl. I have Dicks picks 2 on vinyl and I think this is better.
"Sounds amazing. Looks terrible." - by Amazon Customer
Very short and to the point. These Poison vinyl reissues look terrible...but sound amazing. The artwork is not crisp and clear. They did a terrible job bringing these back to life visually. Sonically though....the re-masters are on the money. Couldn't be happier with the sound. I would certainly recommend these for a fan!