Spray Mist Bottle

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"No more hand cramps" - by L. Hawes
These are the best sprayers. Get cramps in your hand from squeezing Windex sprayers? These are the answer. Great for any liquid cleaner, dampening hair or even spraying yourself to keep cool when you are outside in the summer.
"Water fan!" - by Le Janae (USA)
Daughter loves this as of today! In the past I had order two others from a different company. Even though this looks the same except for the gold labeling, this one seems to work better! I only hope it last. It was a bit more money than the others, so I am hoping it will pass the longevity test. Living in southern Arizona because of family, these are so appreciated. If you pour real cool water in it, and use it after you have been out in the summer heat, OOOOOOOH!, WHAT A FEELING! Soon I may get one for myself, because I simply LOVE for my skin to be moist and COOL! YEAH! Oh, just a tip, when you spray, DO NOT KEEP HOLDING THE HANDLE DOWN. Just spray and immediately let it go. Simply because it works just a little different from regular pump sprays!
"Very nice quality! Arrived on time" - by Brandy O'Neal (PANAMA CITY, FL, United States)
I am Highly impressed with these spray bottles! Very nice quality! Arrived on time! I'll be sharing with all my friends. Thank You!
"Purchased to mist my face in hot weather." - by James S.
I purchased these bottles to mist my face in hot weather. The mist has nice, small drops which sit on my face evaporating to cool me. The bottle is small enough to fit in my pocket as I move around and the cap snaps on snugly. They work well.
"Hair stylist necessity!" - by AmandaM
Love this! As a hair stylist, this spray bottle is one of my favorite tools. It provides a long, steady mist as opposed to saturating areas with traditional spray bottles. Almost all the girls have them at work!
"Easy on hands" - by Amazon Customer
Great bottle, not a continuous mist but definitely better than average squirt bottle.
"Five Stars" - by Janerayko (Hawaii)
Great small plastic mist spray pump bottles that I use for my alcohol inks. Will order it again.
"stream and a fine mist spray" - by WalkInPeace (Mena, AR USA)
The bottle is heavy duty and the sprayer seems to be high quality, although, I haven't used it much yet. It is versatile with a position for off, stream and a fine mist spray. I use mine to make a mixture of filtered water and oregano oil to clean my fruits and veggies to inhibit mold. I like the fact that I can use glass instead of plastic to avoid any issues with outgassing. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. I would recommend and will probably purchase more.
"Stream not spray with essential oils" - by Claire Florentino
Good value but of you want a wider spray area it may not be the right bottle for you. It's more of a stream not spray if used with essential oils.
"Great product!" - by Melissa H (Orlando, FL United States)
It IS in the description, but I missed that they were glass... what a pleasant surprise!! Great quality , great price!
I use it for a homemade baby toy cleaner- vinegar, water, lemon peels and lemon oil and rosemary. Love that they come with tops as I used the second one to make a cleaner for a friend.
"Fix for inner bag. Please read" - by john
Works pretty good spent 5 min running around the house spraying family members. Works great so far. The reason I ask people to read this is because of other peoples reviews about the inner bag collapsing and not filling with water. Now I'm no genius but I look at this thing for a couple of minutes and figured out a simple solution for those others reviewers who claim to have spent weeks devising great plans on how to fix this. Quite frankly I'm shocked at the simplicity of the human race but anyways here's my 2 min deep thought on how to fix and it works like a charm. ....take the cap off put your lips on or in it and blow. It reinflates the bag. It's that simple. If you have chemicals in there obviously clean it out so you don't poison yourself. I'm ... full review
"Still Good after 3 Months" - by Amazon Customer
I bought this 3 months ago and wanted to use it for a few months before writing a review. I use these mists bottles for indoor plants that are small to medium-size. It is a mist spray which is perfect for my intended use. It sprays just enough and I have had no issues with the trigger.
"Very, Very small........." - by Raine Ravenwolf (California)
The clear part fits inside my hand, it's only a few ounces big, so if you need something bigger, look elsewhere. The product description or other reviews didn't state how big/small it was, so I took a chance and ordered it. Very, Very small. Other than that, seems to work pretty good.