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"Clear, sharp monitor" - by Jason G.
This review is for the BenQ PD3200Q 32" 2K(why Amazon, do you insist on mixing different products on the same page?).

Tried the ASUS 32" 2K but had blurry text and weird color issues. Tried a 4k, 28" monitor but the DPI is too high and since my second monitor is a 24" FHD display I can't easily use scaling to fix the issue. Honestly, I think 4k is a waste on anything less than 40".

I'm a programmer who uses Linux exclusively. This monitor serves my purposes well. Definitely happy with the purchase, and happy that I can stop searching for a new main monitor.
"Is what it is." - by Goeff
Great budget monitor.
Nice stand, sleek, nice weight to it. Good picture.
Not complicated.
"One of the ebest monitors for games/movies." - by Adeel
Shipping and packaging was great. Item was at my house within 5 days(prime). Assembly was straight forward and took around 7 minutes. There is no hight adjustment, but the angle can be adjusted back and forth.
One of the best monitors that I've ever used. I'm using it with xbox. I chose SRGB and once I turn on HDR which makes the color very nice. I have used it with plenty of games and each games looks impressive. Have been using it for a month. The only issue I see is with speakers which arnt that good. I'm using headphones with a Xbox controller so that isn't a problem. Over all great monitor for gaming.
"A little bright at first but wonderful monitor." - by Gage
Pros: Works great and as advertised. I use it for gaming; response & lag time are no issues at all. I benefit as well from the improved viewing angles (had a TN monitor before). Have had it for ~2 months now with 0 issues. Settings are a breeze to change and the menus are intuitive to browse through. I work from home as well and have stared at excel sheets on here for hours with minimal eye strain so whatever their eye care system does it works.

Cons: Brightness was a little much for me at first. Had to turn it all the way down and still thought it was too bright but I've gotten used to it.
In Stock.
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"A serious look at a serious graphics monitor" - by PhotoGraphics (United States)

​Important: please note that the seller has lumped 8 different BenQ monitors together on this page, resulting in reviews for all of them being mixed together. That can lead to confusion and conflicting information from well-meaning reviewers. To further complicate it the actual model number is not displayed anywhere for each review, only a generic product description in fine print called "Style Name". To be clear then the model I am reviewing is the SW2700PT 27" IPS Adobe RGB Color Management 2560x1440 Display.


I have owned an award-winning still and video photography business for many years, having trained at several recognized institutions. My work is primarily documentary and product-related. Precision resolution and colorimetry in my acquisition and post gear is of high priority to me. There are many brands, models and technologies of imaging devices available to the professional; however it is sometimes ... full review
"Beautifully built IPS panel with great construction and color reproduction" - by MapRat
UPDATE 4/15/2014: More than a year later, this monitor is still working perfectly! Also it appears the ICC profile was removed from the ASUS site - not sure where it can be found now.

UPDATE 2/8/13: Be sure to download the correct ICC profile (driver) from Asus' website - this file is critical as it defines the proper color space for this monitor. You will need to manually enter device manager to install this driver, otherwise you will use the Windows default. The windows 7 version works fine on windows 8. I occasionally noticed some green pixelating effect in certain .mkv movie files, that disappeared when I loaded the correct ICC profile.


My ASUS MX279H arrived snugly packed and covered in plenty of protective tapes. Included were a VGA cable, HDMI to DVI (male) cable, 3.5mm AUX audio cable and proprietary power adapter. This is a design tradeoff - the panel is ... full review
"An amazing monitor" - by Joel (Milwaukee, WI)
I got this monitor from Cyber Monday sale. It arrived yesterday. I switched cables with my old monitor and wow, the new monitor is working without any adjustment. The display quality is stunning, high resolution of course, and color saturation is beyond my expectation. It's a steal with less than $300 for this monitor.
"Beautiful accurate 4k monitor" - by Lilfurbal
Beautiful monitor, vivid accurate colors, great size, excellent off angle viewing, stable and flexible stand. Best 4k monitor I have gotten to use thus far, great for photo and video editing along with photo and video consumption, everything looks great. Haven't been able to identify a single dead or stuck pixel which is also definitely a plus. There are cheaper 4k monitors out there but they're just not this good, well worth the price.