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"Detailed review of TI-84 Plus" - by Duong Le
This is the standard for graphing calculators for high school and early college-level mathematics; the calculator is a pleasure to use.
This device is approved for SAT/ACT/AP exams.
I have been using this device for two months for Calculus 1, and it is accurate all the time.
The box includes the calculator, slide case, mini-USB cable, I/O cable, getting started guide, CD-ROM, and four AAA batteries.
The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries and a lithium battery backup to protect RAM. It has a 15 MHz processor, 480 KB of ROM for data and app storage, an I/O port, and a mini-USB port, which can be used to load apps found on the Texas Instruments official website.
Additionally, the calculator comes preloaded with 12 apps. Cabri Jr™ (interactive geometry), Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, and Probability Simulation are four of the most useful preloaded apps for most students.

The five keys at the top ... full review
"Great calculator with all you need." - by Your friend and mine (Minneapolis MN)
This is an excellent calculator. I'm working on a certification for 6-sigma greenbelt at work, and for the exam they require a "calculator without an alphabetic keyboard." So, I couldn't use my old [[ASIN:B00000JF55 Texas Instruments TI-89 Advanced Graphing Calculator]] from college or [[ASIN:B008LZM1CQ Texas Instruments TI-85 Advanced Graphing Scientific Calculator]] from high school. I've only had it for a few weeks, but I'm already impressed with how easy it is to work with. I'm particularly impressed with it's statistical capabilities--I would have thought you would need a more of a heavy duty graphing calculator to do some of the things I've been able to do with this little guy.
"Best Calculator on the Market (For Engineers) - It's so easy it's like cheating!!!" - by B. Hutchins
I like this calculator even more than my TI-89.

Try to find a calculator that has a log(base)(value) button ANYWHERE. This one has it.
Usually, on my TI-89, I have to type log(value) / log(base) to get the value I want. Here, I just type in the base where it's supposed to go!
Or try to find one that has a mode for converting between base 2, 8, 10, 16, etc very quickly and easily.
Or one that has all the scientific constants and conversions you could ever need, all easily at your fingertips.
All symbolic? With imaginary calculations? A button for polar input?
You have a button to switch from fractional values to decimal notation?

Holy smokes, it just simply blows my socks off. SO incredibly easy to use for things I do DAILY as an power systems engineer.

I used this calculator to pass my professional engineering exam, and cannot stress enough how much this saved ... full review
"Great Calculator!" - by Logan A. (Chubbuck, Idaho)
I was using a TI-89 which is far superior, BUT, it is not allowed in the math department at my university only the TI-83 Plus, TI-83, and TI-84(including their various releases). The calculator FEELS very basic, however, with a little knowledge you can take the calculator on through Calculus 3 as I understand, I dont believe that it can do derivitives so you'll be writing those out by hand. I purchased "TI-83 Pluss Graphing Calculator for Dummies" And I would say that a book of that nature really is mandatory, its no fun hunting thing down on the calculator itself or within the different tabs, say math for example you may never know that what your looking for is in one of those tabs. The advertisement for this calculator is a little decieving it says you can transfer files to and from your calculator. This ... full review
"Great Calculator" - by Daniel Healy
One of the best scientific calculators available. The older black version was better because it was more durable but the functionality is the same and that's what makes it great.
"Lots of power for the price" - by Cadnr
First impressions after using it for a couple of hours: Nice, fairly comprehensive scientific calculator. This is to replace my old faithful TI-82 that I got tired of changing the batteries in twice a year (plus I have no need for the graphing or programming any more). So far this solar power model seems like a great replacement. Unfortunately it has nowhere near the build quality of the TI-82 and feels quite cheap, lightweight and flimsy in your hand - I don't see it standing up to years of abuse, but then what can you expect for $20? The layout is good an intuitive, but I don't like the feel of the buttons very much - they are too squishy and have insufficient tactile feedback so you can't tell when you've pressed them. However, their sensitivity is good and missed key strokes are rare.

The best feature about this compared ... full review
"Great for middle schoolers and high schoolers alike." - by TH1028 (Central FL)
My teenage son informs me that this has been working quite well for him in his Algebra class in middle school. I grew up using a TI-34 then moved on to a TI-84 graphing calc. I wasn't going to bother buying a new one, as I have a pricey TI-84 that I was using, but his math teacher told us that the students are not allowed to use graphing calculators at this point. I found that this (MUCH) newer model solves some issues I remember being pain points for me with that old TI-34. Firstly, it has a multi-line display. No more weird little symbol to denote a fraction, or a square root. It can actually display the symbol. The most helpful thing though, to me, is the ability to SCROLL BACK UP! I hated doing problems that required a multitude of steps and having to keep writing down every ... full review
"Looks don't matter, it's functionality that counts" - by jhonea
The condition I bought said "Used Very Good" But the calculator has visible wear on it, it looks like it sat out in the sun for extended periods of time since the colors are faded, and is VERY slow. But I guess it still does everything it needs to, just really slowly.

UPDATED: 12/21/2015 I had figured out that the slow speed was due in part to multiple games/programs being installed that I didn't know of, so I swiped the memory and everything is working just fine, this calculator has saved me so much trouble, a MUST HAVE for those in Algebra classes since it can "FOIL" equations and even find the bases and roots of a large equation (so it saves you a lot of work and time). But all in all I retract the 3 stars I gave it, to give it the 5 stars it deserves,
"Impressive." - by Itz_Wahee
As a 7th grade student, I have to do a lot of math that requires a lot of calculation. This calculator handles it really well, it is easy to use with multiple modes (i.e Classic,Math Print) and the keys don't get jammed. It has a large enough display to hold multiple calculations and overall can handle a beating. (If you consider a TI-34 calculator falling down a 1-story flight of stairs in a middle school as a beating.) Overall would recommend this for Middle School students!
"Passed "Algebra II" with an A- Throughout Last Year - Helpful Tips" - by Henryen (MI, USA)
When I first got this calculator, I had no idea what I was doing.
So, I'll give you terms that went on in the classroom with the Texas Instruments that may be confusing to users of this calculator. This way you guys'll not be as behind as I was when I had to figure this stuff out by myself and with the book (which came in super helpful btw).

- When the teacher says "go to (press) Y= (Y equals)," what you really do is press the MENU button (it's grey and next to the big circle) then select GRAPH.
- If the graph doesn't seem to work at all, or the line seems really funky, First go to GRAPH and then press DRAW. After that you should press F3 (View Window aka how much you want the graph to be able to see) and then F1 to go back to the ... full review
"Great for double-checking work, but don't get this for a math student as it may be forbidden for classroom use" - by JohnAroundTheCornerReviews (South Carolina, USA)
I love this calculator, but I use it as my BACKUP calculator for studying.

If you are studying Algebra or Calculus, I suggest you get a non-CAS calculator for your homework and for use during quizzes and tests, but if you want a fuller understanding of the material, use the CX CAS for additional study in your subjects.

My main calculator for doing homework is my TI 84 Plus CE graphing calculator, but there are other good choices. Using it forces you to learn the material better.

The CX CAS model allows you to cheat, which is why I recommend you only use it for double-checking your work after you do it.
by HP
If you are a college student and tired of typing in long equations with a hundred of these guys, ( ), then this is a product you should buy. The capability of using your finger to select a value or an equation that you want to re use in your next calculation is amazing. Not only that but some of the features inside the calculator are amazing as well, such as the solver feature. Any calculator where you can set as many equations with as many variable as you want/need and the calculator will solve it for you is amazing. I wish I had this calculator earlier in my college career. If you want to dive deeper in the calculator you can also program equation into the calculator, this is extremely useful when you use the same equation 100 times. The desktop app that comes with this calculator makes things ... full review
"Good VERY Basic Scientific Calculator" - by QueenAmazon (Bronx, NY)
I am a Math Prof and I bought a few of these as backups for students during remedial algebra exams. It is the simplest and cheapest scientific calculator you can order and still get GOOD quality. If however, you plan on going onto higher level mathematics, it is recommended you buy a more sophisticated model that can handle equations in the same manner that they are written.
"Great Product! Very easy to use. Awesome Functionality." - by Daniel
Great Product! Very easy to use. Awesome Functionality.

This is one of the best education investments that i have ever made. Very happy with the purchase. The Calculator is simply great. I understand that in North America teachers and books only uses TI Calculators because is the tool that they have been using for years. Otherwise here in South America most of the High Schools/Universities uses Casio. I use to work with a Casio Graphing FX-7400 for 7 years and was really happy with it. Like my old Casio this new also do the graphing but it does twice as fast!. The FX-9860 Gii is a beast!!. Super fast calculations. The fact that comes with screen light are really nice!. Love the fact that come with 4 size AAA batteries so there is no need to recharge every week like TI or HP color screen calculators. I highly recommend it. Great ... full review
"Flawless Calculator! - UPDATE" - by Jack
UPDATE 11/9/2015
Hi everyone, I had to knock off a star for small reasons. After using this for a couple months, I still haven't changed my opinions, but I need to get my point across. While this is by far the best calculator for the price, especially with the updated memory, here are the issues I have. While I must admit I have an early production unit, I am sure these issue must be fixed. Anyhow, I noticed a lot of dust and crumbs get behind the screen for some reason. Tapping the screen makes it move around which is kinda annoying. Also, the front piece of the calculator is a fingerprint magnet. While it looks nice when its clean, it gets dirty quick. Another issue is over time the battery gets weaker. It is still great, but not as great as it used to be, but this is expected. Granted ... full review