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"carport" - by Nunice
We love this carport. We live in New England, and the winters can be harsh, and it held up fine. Very sturdy. It was nice not to have to clean snow off my car.
"Needs some customization" - by P. Lee (San Jose, CA)
Installed two of this as a dual gate on my 11ft wide drive way. Ran into couple problems and had to change some measurements and parts to make it fit.

- Twisted post: my wooden posts have been there for 12yrs, and one of them is a bit twisted, I don't want to replace the posts as they are nicely fit into the concrete drive way, digging it out would make a mess. The post side hinge I got with this gate is the corner plate with a hook on it, if I directly fit the corner plate on the twisted post it then my gate would not be true, and turning one side would lean downward, and turning another side would lean upward. So I had to go to Lowe's and buy me a 5/8" j-lag screw hinge. Measure a true straight line on the post using a line and ... full review
"Highly recommend for A+ Customer service and a great product" - by Amadeus B. Klein (Central Ohio)
Ok, I really like this cart... And the company that makes it...

I bought this and when I got it the box was ripped open... Uh-oh... Well, After assembling everything I found out that 1 wheel was flat and the tube was punctured along with missing a support brace... I was pissed, This isn't a cheap cart... So I went online and registered my cart and let them know I got a damaged part via email, well, long story short within 2 days I had a new wheel and brace and a fully functional cart, I wasn't mean or insistent and was ready to wait a month for a wheel from china, but to my surprise they used fedex overnight to get me the replacement parts from a US warehouse... That's a customer service win in my book... I would absolutely recommend this cart ... full review
"I built a mother effin gate!" - by Jon Roig (Scottsdale, AZ)
I have all kinds of friends who do ambitious DIY home projects, but I'm a relative newcomer to fixing stuff up around the house. I've done other little things, but when it came time to replace my side gate, I was like, "Oh, I bet I can do that." The wife was skeptical... and yet, there it is -- a pretty nice little gate right there on the side of my house, looking more or less exactly how it should look. The directions weren't great, but I was able to muddle my way through things with this kit. For whatever it's worth, I bore the holes for the hinges with a 1/2 inch drill and then struggled mightily to twist in the screws. Also, I used those artificial pre-cut woodlike slats they sell in the garden section of Lowe's instead of cutting my own. Saved a ton of work and ... full review
"we used stronger and better stakes to ensure it stays put" - by Amazon Customer
This shelter takes longer to put together than is stated but when it is put together, it stays together. I use mine for my horse so he has shelter from rain, snow, ice, etc.... It is big enough for him and he is 15.2 hands high and 1150 lbs; we used stronger and better stakes to ensure it stays put; I am super happy with my shelter logic shed... and so is my horse..
"Great value- 2 years strong!" - by Deal Guy (CA)
UPDATE: 2 years later and the shed is still going strong with no downside in sight! Has survived a couple of California earthquakes. I am completely satisfied with this purchase.

I bought this over a year ago and built it myself over the course of a couple weekends with the help of my uncle. Instructions were lacking and they were a ton of components to the build, but once it was built, boy was it worth it! Great bang for your buck for sure! Once built, it is very sturdy, trust me. Have patience in the assembly and you will be rewarded with a great shed!
"No problems to report." - by Amazon Customer
Was easy for 3 guys to assemble. Took about 3 hrs. Seems very sturdy. No problems with delivery. Was in perfect condition when arrived in box. Seems like a great buy.
"I would bayou this pot but I don't know you" - by M. Avita
I don't live in a bayou so I wasn't sure if this was the right product for me. I live in an urban coastal environment. We don't have gators or crawfish or hurricanes. So you can imagine my extreme concern when making this purchase. Will it be a cultural fit? Will people judge me because I'm not bayou enough to use this? It had a lot of nerves about this.

In the end, it worked out very well. I used this pot to deep fry my Thanksgiving turkey. The little turkey stand was very useful as was the thermometer. The hook was okay but I accidentally dropped it into the oil about five minutes after submerging the bird. This is not a recommended action. I had to borrow a neighbor's hook. Yes, I have a neighbor who has a hook. And to my delight, he did not judge the bayou-ness of ... full review
"Great shed with bad labeling of panels and screws vs ..." - by A. Adams
Great shed with bad labeling of panels and screws vs instructions (Why pack the same screw into several little packs). If concrete floor is used, slope 1/4" per ft from center to slab edges to prevent leakage at floor/wall joint from puddling beneath floor panels.
A plywood floor should have plywood placed length placed perpendicular to floor joists
for maximum strength vs "Lifetime" plan. Place GAF WEATHERWATCH 36-in x 50-ft 150-sq ft Polypropylene Roof Underlayment (Not shown or included) over plywood to avoid floor & joist rot from puddling caused by perimeter leakage. To minimize perimeter wall/base leakage, install GE Clear Silicone caulk at perimeter of both floor and wall panels, and fill open floor slots at door sill with caulk.