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"Highly recommend this collection for young children, cute little "spooky" stories." - by Brian N.
Good collection of short Halloween stories. I've only been able to read one short story to my daughter before she tuckered out for the night, and she seemed to like it. My daughter's happy, I'm happy. Thank you for the short stories, and I recommend this to anyone with young children to bring in the spooky season.
"How to deal with challenges" - by Abbigail Holmes
This is a very good story, not only because it shows children how to reach their dream and how to deal with challenges, but also because it shows how we all should deal with our dreams.
In a story, the problem is a puzzle: when it is simple it doesn't bring happiness and joy anymore. But if it is complex and hard, then it brings only frustration if you don't know how to work it out. The puzzle in the story can also be our life, with its same simplicity and complexity. And lack of joy or frustration.
The method solving for puzzle is the same one for the life problems: big ones cut into smaller ones. And then work on them. It's creative, it's working on puzzles, but it also works on everyday problems and goals we want to achieve. That is the reason I like this book. Even if it ... full review
"Fun for my five year old" - by Megan
My five year old really likes these stories. Only book with few pictures he seems to be able to focus on and listen to.
"A new inspiring experience every time!" - by luke flowers (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, United States)
Since this arrived it has become our favorite family game/activity. We love that it engages a wide age range (we have 7, 9 and 12 year olds) not to mention my wife and I have a ton of fun with it too! The instruction book is really an insightful and inspiring class in story writing, that makes the game come to life even more as you try different aspects of the story building process. Or for a quick game just have fun making up stories with the absolutely marvelously illustrated blocks with a bounty of imaginative storytelling elements! We continue to find new aspects of this book/blocks that we learn, laugh and grow with! Truly a new experience every time! Workman Publishing produces the most unique interactive books and this one is a gem among their treasure trove! We are certainly going to be hoping for a PART 2 of ... full review
"A Terrific Value" - by Gardener52
There are pages and pages of stickers in this book! There are multiples of many stickers, so your child can be creative and use them on several pages.

Several of the sticker pages are word stickers. If your child doesn't read yet, you will have to work with her on these.

Artwork is creative, just like the book series.

Stickers are a little difficult to remove from the sticker pages, but this is not a big drawback.

My granddaughter loves this book. We are glad we purchased it!
"Excellent activity book" - by Mommyof2boys
Great activity book! My 6 year old loves it! Lots of pages and stickers.
"Great for car trips!" - by Katie B.
I bought this book for my kids to read and solve on a long car trip. They enjoyed reading them out loud so my husband and I could try and figure out the puzzles with them. Nice, fun family-friendly puzzle book!
"A family favorite" - by ecc
Fantastic book combining the music of the nutcracker with the timeless christmas story. My kids (under 5) can pick out the music of the nutcracker. I wish there were more books like this
"Different then the other Highlight Hidden Puzzles add a story to the picture" - by Environmental suburan mom
We like it but it is different then the other Highlight hidden puzzles. We like the stickers and stories adds a little more reading element yet still fun.
"This book is perfect for children who want to learn more about the ..." - by E. Carter (Tennessee)
What a well written exciting book for children. This book is perfect for children who want to learn more about the states in the Northeast. It is filled with fun facts as well as bright pictures to help illustrate what the facts are talking about.
"loved sharing it with the kids and needed to share ..." - by Debra G. Kelley
WOW... and incredible concept... got this book in COSTCO, loved sharing it with the kids and needed to share the joy I got. Had to get the New Mexico version for my niece and nephew, they will so enjoy the experience with their mommy and daddy. The TIME CAPSULE is such a great idea, grateful to this author!!! A must buy for all...
"Four great animal adventure stories for kids ages 3-10!" - by Sunny
I liked the stories just as they were and with great morals within each one for these kids teaching them great lessons and having fun ! Therefore I would like to recommend this for five stars and for kids especially between 3-10. I received this ebook for free and in return, here is my honest review. Super Job Uncle Amon! By Angela
"9 YEAR OLD BOY LOVED IT!" - by Kate
I gave this to a 9 year old boy, and I was told that he doesn't like to read. This must be a good book, because he spent quite a bit of time reading it. I don't know too much of what's in it, since I could never get a chance to see it - he and his siblings ran off with it to read. I guess that's a good recommendation!
"Excellent book" - by David E. Miller (Gerry,NY)
This book is excellent for all ages. However may be discuraging for children to find objects with out the help of an adult. We are adults and fin f them difficult at times but like the challenge. Arrive on time and good condition. I would recommend buy used rather than new. Save money and able to buy more books.
"Fun book to add-on" - by Randy Erickson
I use this for homeschooling my 4th grade daughter. This book might be for younger children, however she loves the simplicity and the fun activities.