Sucralose Sweetener

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"Best of the bunch" - by M.S. (Cleveland, OH)
Hands down the best of the liquid sucralose products I've tried (which is at least 7 different brands over the years - probably more). The dropper bottle is actually the best dispenser I've tried yet as well -- you don't get the dried up crusty stuff that the others end up with after a while, and the amount that comes out is always exactly the same (assuming you know how to handle a dropper).

The sweetness is a little more than others I think -- one drop does the job of two of most of the others. Perfect sweetener if sucralose is your thing.

Also great customer service from the seller - I'd probably still buy this one over the others after trying it - but it makes it even better that they're awesome folks too.
amazingly sweet 1 tsp (5ml ) per gallon of kroger decaf tea tastes like mcdonalds
so we get 48 treatments WOW
"A little goes a long way." - by crowhere
This is a great product. At first I thought it was too expensive. When I used it the first time I realized how little it took. To sweeten a gallon of ice tea it only requires 1/8th of a teaspoon! 100 grams will last me a very long time. It's so much easier to use than the packets. I love it!