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"Love this product. Taste is undetectable in my smoothies." - by amw85
I love this stuff! It is a very clean and pure product and it's an excellent way to up your daily intake of nutrients and antioxidants. I drink a smoothie every morning after my yoga practice and I purchased this to replace fresh greens in my smoothie. I hate adding spinach and kale to smoothies because every time I add a sufficient amount, I am always able to taste it in the smoothie, no matter how hard I try to cover it up with other things. This product is completely undetectable in my smoothies, which is just what I was looking for. I can save my fresh greens for salads now instead of putting them in my smoothie and having to choke it down with my nose plugged. I used to hate drinking smoothies but now I look forward to my smoothie every day!

I haven't tried mixing this ... full review
"Great Product" - by Silvia C German
I love the variety of the organic greens in this product - we could never eat so many on a daily basis. I use the powder to make a healthy breakfast smoothie including 1 banana, 1 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup ice water, juice from 1 lemon, a handful almonds, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 scoop Super Greens. Mix it all in the blender and it tastes yummy.
"Excellent!!!" - by Joe
Excellent product...tastes great and wife has lost 10 pounds since starting to use 3 months ago and my energy level has increased significantly...we're both 44 years young
"Best Amla for your buck." - by Pixie Poet
This is darker and more fragrant than the other Amla I buy. It just seems like it was processed with less heat.
It is also cheaper per ounce than he other ones. It is organic! I'm using it to kill cancer cells. It is found to inhibit cancer growth as well as kill cancer cells.
"Easy Nutrition! Add it to smoothies!" - by trip_dont_fall (USA)
I love fruit, but I find it difficult to get in as many vegetables as I know I should be eating. I really like using greens powders because I think it is an easy and very convenient way to get a lot of nutrition in with minimal effort.

I know some people just mix these powders straight up with water, but that is just NOT my style. I much prefer to use them in a smoothie. Because this, like many greens powders, has a very taste, I chose to add blueberries to it.

I was making 2 servings (for 2 people) and I started with about 1.5 cups of water, 2 scoops of the powder, 1 10z bag of frozen blueberries and blended. It looked a little too runny so I added about 1/2 of another 10 oz bag of blueberries. The end consistency was a little ... full review
"A little pricey, which may induce placebo effect, ..." - by Jewel B. Gibson
A little pricey, which may induce placebo effect, but after a week or ten days I seemed to notice an improvement in energy levels.
"The Bad Taste is Greatly Exaggerated" - by Pamela M Roberson
Only if you are expecting some sort of smoothie experience that you would buy from Jamba Juice or get out of an Herbal Life smoothie mix container (where the second ingredient is non-dairy creamer), will you be freaked out about the taste of Superfood Plus. I could see that if you were going from a full-on totally processed food product diet to drinking this smoothie, you might think it is awful but I don't so I guess it's less of a jump in expectations and tastes for me than others.

I semi-followed the instructions on the jar to make my first smoothie just now. I used some cranberry pomegranate juice (no sugar or sweetener added) - way less than 8oz as directed, about the same amount of water, frozen strawberries, and two tablespoons of Superfood. I started with just one and tasted it to see if I ought to ... full review
"Best form of Protein Ever" - by Angel Torres
Best form of Protein Ever!!! This has a very strong smell, but mix it with orange juice or juice it with a few fruits and you will be set...
Providing me with natural organic iron to build healthy blood cells. Improving the health of my heart and arteries. Improving my immunity and my overall well-being..Beautiful skin. (1 teaspoon in a glass of distilled water and sweetened with raw honey, if desired, can do wonders).
"Read The Bad Review and Buy This Anyways" - by Linnell's
I saw an advertisement on the net for this and rushed straight to Amazon to see it they carried it and read the reviews. I was intrigued by reviews complaining the can (glass) was half full. Huh?! I have never opened powdered anything and observed it full to the top. In fact, I prefer NOT to have it full to the top because the stuff will get everywhere! But I pressed on reading review after review on this stuff. The number two complaint was the price. The last time I checked, organic anything and especially organic herbs always cost more. I don't know where everyone shops but I'm pretty sure if it says organic your going to pay more. Undaunted, I kept reading. There appeared to be some who were rooted in reality that I could compute. They weren't ... full review
"It's got it all!" - by Laur Land
I've purchased this item before from a health food store. This is my third bottle. I love what's in this bottle and I also love what's not.
Often times, companies think consumers want our health food blends to taste good so they add sweeteners like stevia or coconut sugar. I prefer to add my own sweeteners if I desire. This way I can regulate what kind and how much sugar I'm adding. Rarely do I even add sugar to this unless I'm mixing it in a smoothie where I'll add fruit, honey or yogurt to sweeten it. Most of the time, I just mix this with water and apple cider vinegar and I've got my dose of health in for the day. I eat a lot of veggies but I still find it tough to get in all my daily nutrients. Vitamineral green helps with any deficiencies and amps ... full review
"Great tasting, great product" - by taximom (No CA)
Can't say enough good things about this product. The cocoa makes it easy to drink even for picky kids. We mix it with chocolate almond milk and it's wonderful. I've used other green shakes in the past that have a grassy taste, but not this one. Garden of Life is a well known quality product and this lives up to their standards. It's nice that we can drink one shake in the morning and get all the vitamins and nutrients needed for the day.