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"Would Recommend" - by Amazon Customer
I got this adapter because I have a really old car and was tired of listening to radio music. Now, everytime I get into my car, I listen to the tunes I want without any problem. It works fine, the only downside for me is that if I play my music too loud I hear a "popping sound." However, this problem is probably caused by the settings I have in my car for music. All in all, would recommend.
"Give it a few days and the audio will clear up perfectly!" - by DJ_BIG
I read some not so great reviews of this product so I thought I would share a positive experience. The first few days of using this tape deck aux input gave me some static feedback, especially on base notes. After a little use however, things cleared up perfectly and everything comes through my truck speakers without distortion. I'm very happy with this product and it was much cheaper than installing a modern head unit with an aux input or bluetooth. I recommend this deck to anyone.
"Sounds great!" - by Enrique Sanchez
I use this on my 2006 audi and I get cd quality sound. There is a slight sound from the gears on the tape but it's a very low sound. Once the music starts playing you are likely to not hear it again. I also play my music through an app called shuttle which has a built in equalizer so I can tweak the sound for an even better sound experience.
"Good cheap option for using iPod in the car. Don't spend lots on an adapter - quality will never happen with an adapter" - by KJ
I always get the cheap cassette adapters now because expensive ones really don't have any better quality than these cheap ones I get. Nor do they last longer. I find it better to buy two cheap ones than one expensive one because it's like a 50/50 chance of getting a good one no matter how much you spend on it. If you're going to start spending lots of money on a cassette tape adapter, just replace your stereo with one that already has an audio jack. That's the only way you'll actually get the top quality sound anyways. Every adapter in the world will always have loss and be imperfect.
If you don't want to spend the money on getting a new stereo installed, check out Crutchfield.com for videos and help to do it yourself. They also have some good deals on it. I replaced mine as a high school student ... full review
"Allows me to listen to music from my phone in the car! Works great!" - by Miss Amy
I ordered the Insten Car Cassette Tape Deck Adapter to replace my old one that broke. I use a car cassette tape deck adapter daily so I can listen to music from my phone while riding in the car. I have been using it daily since I received it a little over a month ago and it still works great!

It is a solid white cassette tape adapter. It feels like a normal tape cassette and a normal cord. The cassette tape fits my tape deck well and the cord plugs into the audio outlet on my phone fine. I have had no problems with it at all over the last month and have used it almost every day to listen to music from my phone in my car.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this car tape deck adapter ... full review
"Very good sound quality" - by Amazon Customer
Very good sound quality. All of my songs on my iPod Touch sound great unlike other cassette adapters I've used.
by XM
"Works great, depending on your car radio cassette player." - by Charlie McNulty (Ventura, Ca USA)
Works great, depending on your car radio cassette player.

The first car I tried it in resulted in a really noisy sound from the player.
Tried it in my other car and it works great.
So the item is fine, but the first cassette player is probably not good. But then it hadn't been used in years.
"Super Easy Works Really well." - by John Richards
Ordered this last night it came the next day I ripped the box open plugged it in without reading the directions and it works Flawlessly certainly one of the most valuable purchases I have made on Amazon. If you have a headphone jack in your car and want to connect via Bluetooth this is the way to go
"... my truck but this one always works and has amazing sound, the only problem I have is the ..." - by Wesley Willis
I have an 03 4Runner and other cassette adapters don't seem to work in my truck but this one always works and has amazing sound, the only problem I have is the cord seems to break at the end where it's plugged into my phone. But other than that I love it and will continue to buy.
"For the bluetooth impaired" - by BNT
Works great, great price. If you're willing to put up with a wire running from your tape deck to your phone, you'll be happy with this product :)
"Good value. Hard to find elsewhere!" - by Dumville Dad (Coastal Virginia USA)
Works as described, and cost less than comparable items from other retailers who sell them.