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"Decent tools, not the best metal for small bits!" - by hypocrat37
I really like IFixIt's tools. This kit is pretty awesome. I bought it about 6 months ago and have used it daily! I also one the smaller kit with the smaller screw driver set, which I have had for over a year. I only have 2 complaints. In this kit I swear the metal the bits are made of is softer than the ones in the smaller/older kit. I have never bent or broken a bit from the previous kit, but with this one I was opening a laptop case a couple days after this arrived (a laptop that I have opened several times!) and somehow I bent one of the Phillips bits in this set! I was pretty bugged about that! Then a couple weeks later I bent one of the flat head bits too! What the heck! I now try to be MUCH more careful, but still why ... full review
"I'm super stoked to get it" - by Amazon Customer
Just ordered my very first tool bag and after hours of reading and talking to people I chose this bag. I'm super stoked to get it, and see how much better it is than the husky bag that tools keep falling out of. 4/19 just got my bag and a day early, so that impressed me. This bag is definitely built heavy duty. The zippers work flawlessly and smooth. Looking forward to getting this beast in the field. Very professional looking
"Great Value" - by Swiss moneybag
Super satisfied! 10 bucks?? Worth it hands down. I already took apart my laptop and built a brand new PC and it was a much easier experience with this set. Dont pass up and dont break the bank:)
"charismatic, but not efficient" - by SGBear98
It is a wonderful addition to my desk in the category of uniqueness. I have received plenty of comments to the effect of "how cool" it is. Image aside though it isn't efficient in the pen holder, paperclip holder classification.

The cup part of the hand is roughly 2 inches deep (considering most pens are 5 1/2 inches high, well over half the pen sticks out). The cup holds approximately 9-10 pens (it may hold a few more if you are using the smaller variety of pens).

The back part of the hand has a magnet inside so that you can put paperclips on the back. It is a nice little function, however the magnet is only strong enough to support about 15-18 large paperclips (which again, if you are using the tiny paperclips I am sure you would be able to put several more on).

I don't regret my purchase, in fact ... full review
"I bought this for of all reasons, to warm ..." - by J & C
I bought this for of all reasons, to warm up breastmilk and later to warm up water for bottles.
It keeps it hot to warm without burning or scalding though the lid can be a pain to get off - it guarntees you wont have any accidental hot water spills.
Its been a lifesafer as not all places when travelling have warm to hot water to help make bottles and we can just carry water with us and warm as we go.
"After 3 mos. use - this gets a 10." - by M. Skeen
Now that I have been using this for a few months I can say, without a doubt, awesome! I am an HVAC & plumbing contractor and this tool tote is the best I have owned. Perfect combination of space and pockets. Mine is pretty heavy with tools, but even carrying on one shoulder, the straps are comfortable. Best I have found.
"Love it. Now we can watch TV with lights ..." - by Mom
I have the same one in black. Love it. Now we can watch TV with lights turned out, and I can do my mending, crocheting, etc! Also great for use in car. Can similarly crochet or mend while my husband is driving - even if it's dark out! Am getting one for vacation home! Note: a little tricky opening battery case
"Good kit, but missing a bit. (Updated - Tekton replaced missing bit)" - by Justin
While I like this kit a lot and all of the components seem very well made, the set that I received was missing a bit that was supposed to be included. The slot that should have held the TR9 Torx bit instead contained a second TR7 bit (photo attached). I've had this kit for almost a year and it has performed well in that time, but it was disappointing to discover that the one component that I needed for a current task was not actually there when I needed it.

I reached out to Tekton a few days ago via the email address that they have posted as a response to a few reviews here, but have not yet heard back. If I receive a response/resolution, I will update this review accordingly. Again, the product is overall very good and would easily be five stars in most cases, but my rating ... full review
"Weight is sign of reliability" - by Joshua Forbess
This thing is bigger than I thought it would be and as others have stated it is a little heavy. It seems well constructed with heavy duty zippers and plenty of pockets and compartments. The straps and back are well padded in case you do load it down with way too much of your junk. The laptop compartment can accommodate two laptops if needed but it could use a little more padding to protect your laptop. Everything else I own from Dead On has exceeded my expectations so I expect no less out of this rig.
"One of their BEST in my opinion" - by Bama
This is one of their best in my opinion. I have almost all of the swiss tech tools. This one is built in a way to where when im using it i can get a better grip and better torque or leverage.
"Great Backpack a Must have for service techs" - by Michelle and Brian
I'm a HVAC contractor and have used clc backpacks and have 2 of them in the last 2 years, I bought this bag because the clc bag is starting to rip inside, it is still working and passing it down to my van bag for my employee to use and trying to set up like my bag that way when my employee and I use the tools we know rite where the tools are in each bag. From opening the box to the new backpack the only thing I didn't like was the weight of the bag but its not too bad once you fill it with tools and wear it on your back, the only other thing is the price but if it lasts 2 years its the same as buying a cheaper bag every year. It feels really stable on my back and the first service call I ... full review
"Awesome tool, 2 thumbs up!!!" - by Lucas Perez
I've had the octopus for about a month now and it has been a very useful tool to have. It is very convenient and easy to use. I plan on buying another one to leave in my gig bag for those unexpected events that always seem to happen when your about to perform. I give this tool 5 stars since it's been a blessing so far.