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"Double LP, colored vinyl" - by DesertGirl (USA)
This double album set was a great surprise. First, it's colored vinyl, one light blue and the other gray to match the cover, it's gatefold sleeve, high quality and the sound is great. I would highly recommend this. I have the CD but have been wanting some classic 80's for my vinyl collection. Very impressed with this release.
"Great vinyl pressing" - by James
One the best vinyl pressings I've seen; perfectly quiet and exceptional audio quality. It's missing a few great songs, but overall it's a good collection. Great album!

Legacy Recordings does not mess around with vinyl pressing Quality Assurance like the rest of the labels.
"Great" - by Atticus (Royal Oak, Michigan)
It is such a great collection of songs. Can't beat it. Some will wish more early stuff was on it. But for me, I didn't really know those songs well. And many were too long for inclusion on this sort of cd. My criticism is that some songs seem to get cut off. Also, I wish double songs could be kept together when you shuffle. Having Brain Damage end without Eclipse and having Eclipse stand on its own, well, it doesn't work. But that goes for connected songs by any act. If you want them together, then don't shuffle. Ultimately, it is great stuff.
by U2
"Classic U2 in all its glory" - by Sisyphus (Fresno, CA USA)
U2 is the biggest group of both the 1980's and 1990's. Their album Joshua Tree is widely acknowledged to be the best rock album since the Beatles broke up, at the very least.
The Best of 1980-1990, while lacking in the sort of thematic connection and continuity present in Joshua Tree, nevertheless succeeds greatly as an album by including other great U2 songs which were on other albums.
The "B" sides on the second disc are generally not of the same caliber as the hits on the first disc, though some will certainly surprise you with their musical strength and depth.
For U2 fans, there is no question that you must own this album. For those who are just general fans of modern rock, this is one of two U2 albums you should definitely own (the other is Joshua Tree).
"Quality Sounding CD" - by Erimel
Great CD, brings back memories. If you're thinking of buying this CD, I am sure you already know the songs and know that you like them, so I don't have much to say about the songs. I love them, but that's personal taste. I will say the quality of the CD is great, nice and clear. Package arrived in perfect condition. Buy and enjoy :)
"Billy Joel Greatest Hits: Vol 1-2 (CD)" - by Mimi
I saw Billy Joel on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago and it reminded me of how much I loved his music when I was much younger. The next day I ordered it and have listened to none of my other CDs since! His music is unexcelled even to this day. What a talent he was, and indicated by his appearance and performance with Jimmy Fallon, he still is! His music takes me back to a time when I was very happy and excited about life. As I listened to Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Piano Man, Captain Jack, Movin' Out etc., it really put me in a New York State of Mind and took me back to a much more carefree time in my life. Think I'll open and bottle of red or a bottle of white, put my ... full review
"Best of the Best" - by Celticstorm76 (United States)
What an amazing LP, all the best of the best of Queen in collection. I love this album, the sound, the quality are great.
"Great songs from a fantastic band!" - by Charles Brown (KENOSHA, WISCONSIN, United States)
This is a great collection of songs from a definitive '70s band. Just mentioning the name the Doobie Brothers brings back the memory of black and white TV and the late night show "The Midnight Special" in the '70s :) These songs best represent the more rock 'n roll side of the Doobies, so this album should appeal more to fans who like that version of the band. Great songs from a great, timeless band!
"Eva Cassidy was an unknown SUPERSTAR!" - by Annie (Houston)
My Fiancé is a beautifully talented musician. He was on YouTube looking for different renditions of Somewhere over the Rainbow and stumbled across Eva Cassidy‘s live performance. With tears in our eyes, we listened to her rendition over and over, and then over again, Yesterday I received her CD “The Best of Eva Cassidy”, and we spent the evening in awe as we relished every song. What a gift she was to this world with talent. She had the voice of an angel. It’s heartbreaking she died so early and didn’t get to see the impact she had on so many people worldwide. Her voice and style are as close to perfection as we’ve ever encountered . We decided to give her CD’s as gifts to all of our loved ones so they can experience the pure joy she has brought to us. This is a purchase you will ... full review
"Four Stars" - by Dperezj
poor sound quality, but honestly that's why you buy vinyl, for the tics and pops!
"Great... awesome!" - by Silvana Casanova (Redondo Beach,CA)
Okay i know some devoted DM fans say this isn't the greatest recompilation Cd, i know, they have so many albums and so many good songs that it's impossible to include them all, but i guess there will be a volume II? hopefully...
I like this cd a lot, i think they picked the right songs, I'm a relatively new fan(like a year ago) and before this cd i bought their last work "Playing The Angel",DM are one of the few bands thay i can say have not a really bad song, they are awesome. Buy this CD you will like it, specially if you dont know them that well after listening to all this great songs you will be like okay i have to buy more cds of depeche!
"Nice selection of songs" - by The Librarian (WILD ROSE, WI, USA)
Good album. I never got to see the Dead, but this helps me understand the allure of the jams.
by U2
"Great collection of U2's overlooked 90s music!" - by Distant Voyageur (Io)
I thought that the "Best of 1980-1990" collection musically, was awesome with alot of their strongest songs from their 80s heyday. However, I thought that compilation was forced with only one new song "Sweetest Thing" being a re-recording of a previous B-Side and with the hit songs having large parts cut out especially "New Years Day" & "Where The Streets Have No Name" and it dragged down the collection as a whole. However that was made up for with a 2-CD edition that made it a worthy addition to my CD collection and the same holds true with it's successor "The Best of 1990-2000.
U2 did not have as many major hits during the 1990s like they did during the 1980s and they were going further & further into experimenting with techno sounds which started with their 1991 masterpiece "Achtung Baby", went even further into techno with the craziness of "Zooropa" ... full review
"Raw, rough and passionate--sexy hard-driving music you seldom find!" - by Cynthia Danute Cekauskas, LCSW (Savannah, Georgia)
From before I even KNEW what "sexy" meant the music of the Animals has been by far one of my all time favorites. I mean this because the original version of album was introduced to me by my sister in pre-CD, pre-casette, yes, I mean, RECORD form when I was but a preteen. Of course, like many others, THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN became an immediate favorite not even knowing that the song was about a house of ill repute in New Orleans! It's just that the music was so hard driving, so rough and raw and passionate. Like a previous reviewer stated "these musicians, although very competent, are not vituosos by any means. They are streetwise English boys who worked hard and made it on grit, stance, and a whole lotta heart and soul." They are not unlike the working class people of Detroit city whom I ... full review