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"Best I have found." - by Amazon Customer
I like the flavor better than Krispy Kreme or Donut House morning light roast.

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"When you order 100 better be good!" - by kjknows (Az.)
Whew! Let's face it, if you're here shopping for a cost break via the 100 ct. bulk pricing, the one danger you risk is discovering you bought ALOT of a something you would just as soon use for fertilizer. What a huge relief to discover the positive reviews for Caza Trail Dark Roast are spot on. It is, indeed, absolutely delicious.
On the prowl for a good deal, I've purchased the 100 count of other dark roast k-cups from club stores and felt reasonably satisfied with the taste. But nothing about the rich full bodied flavor of this roast suggest any cost cutting measures. In fact, there are some wonderful complex tones in this brew that rival far more expensive blends.
Sure, it's just a cup of coffee, but it's really good and the price makes it even more appealing.

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"Great dark roast coffee" - by Lori Rice (Chicago, Il)
Very good quality coffee k-cup. Fit and worked perfectly in my brewer. I love a dark roast and I am very picky about my coffee, this exceeded my expectations. Love it!!

"Pods open on shipment" - by Jackie Hubbard (PLANO, TX)
This my 3 time to order this product,....and it the 3rd time that several (7 this time)...that the pods were open and coffee was all in the interior box.

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"I love this coffee" - by jdavis
So far, I found these to be the cheapest on Amazon. I love this coffee, rich and robust. Just what the doctor ordered!!!!

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"Excellent! The only drawback is the first 2 orders ..." - by Debra De La Cruz
Excellent! The only drawback is the first 2 orders only had 96 cups in the box. Yes, I counted! I like the flavor. My peers at work use a Keurig & purchase this regularly. Word of mouth people!

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"Awesome taste and price" - by Suri
I was very happy with product and the price. Especially satisfied with the quick delivery! I realized Friday that I was out of K Cups and was dreading buying more because they are so expensive. I ordered them on Thursday and they were on my front door Sunday morning. They taste delicious, I was afraid I wouldn't like them coming from Starbucks K Cups but these taste great.

"My fav!" - by Diana Johnson
This is one of my favorites to use in my keurig. I always make at least 10 ounces of coffee. I like these better than the Starbucks ones I used to buy.

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"THIS COFFEE IS GOOD TO THE LAST DROP" - by JG (Highflyer) (South West, Minnesota)
this Donut shop coffee taste good its not the best coffee I've ever tasted. I prefer a darker stronger tasting coffee then this but my wife seems to like it. I did notice that there is a little to much air inside the k cups, and when the needle punctures the the top of the k cup and the air is released it blows coffee grounds up into the needle and causes it to plug up. I found popping a hole in the top with a small needle before placing the k cup into the machine takes care of the problem. now as far as how they package this coffee is a joke, all they did was get an empty box and dumped 50 k cups in and taped it up but none were damaged. as far as buying this coffee again I will for my wife as long as ... full review

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"Grounds issue fixed (for me at least). Not for those who like bolder/stronger coffees." - by Jeffrey P
I had purchased these previously and enjoyed them. I am not a fan of really bold coffees/dark roasts, but found these to be a milder version and not as bitter as normally found. For some, that is good, for others they won't be happy.

On previous purchase I had same issue as others with some of the grounds on about 1/3 of the cups getting into the cup, which made me hesitate before purchasing these again. I have now gone through and used the whole box, and have found a way for me that prevents almost all the grounds from getting into the cup. I take a pin (anything with sharp small point will do) and poke a hole in the center of the lid where the machine will poke a bigger hole anyhow, right before using it, which releases the pressure. 40 cups later and ... full review

"#1 Vanilla" - by SCA (Las Vegas, Nevada United States)
This is the best vanilla flavored K-cup out there. Cheaper than a vanilla latte at popular coffee shops, but gives you a similar vibe. I don't even mind it without cream and sugar! It smells delightful. We always look forward to Cream Puff mornings in our house!

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"The Columbian is great and the price is too!" - by Harry Copen (CUMBERLAND, MD, US)
Our first experience with Bestspresso was their variety pack. Out of that, our favorites are the Columbian and Italian roasts and we have been alternating ever since. Each cup is consistently smooth with great flavor and never bitter. Unlike some reviewers, we have never had a k-cup explode in our keurig nor have we found any coffee grounds in our cups. It's prefect for us and the price is great (as of this review: $24.79 for 72 cups). I'm so glad we found this brand, consider us loyal customers.

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"Bold enough to be tasted, but not so bold as to be bitter." - by John
My favorite brand of coffee best all around blend. My go to cup. Donut Shop is the best around. Particularly the medium roast. My staple for years now. Bold enough to be noticeable, but not so bold as to get bitter. Well done.