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"No Golden Flavor Nugget" - by Amazon Customer
Very disappointed that you have removed the golden egg. It really did make the taste better and richer. My daughter used to request this soup during chemo treatments and whenever she felt bad. That was in the 80's. We would add lemon to it and it was perfect. She has since passed away and we kept up the family tradition of eating it when we were not feeling well. It is nowhere to be found in the stores around me and so I ordered it on line only to be very disappointed. Can you PLEASE put the golden nugget egg back? I will never understand why when a product is good, the company decides to cut costs and offer less quality. That is what causes business's to fail.
"These noodles are my absolute favorite. They make a fabulous Japache and they don’t ..." - by Busy Mom (Virginia)
These noodles are my absolute favorite. They make a fabulous Japache and they don’t get mushy. They are like glass noodles and have a delightfully chewy texture.
"Recommended by The Ramentator" - by Dan Knauss (Edmonton, Alberta)
My favorite ramen are the Nongshim Korean staples, now increasingly available in the US at Walmart and other stores. I ordered this ramen because it and its manufacturer come up high in the "all time best" lists of "The Ramentator." I also love tom yum soup but never ran into an instant noodle version of it -- nor had the possibility occurred to me that such a thing might exist and be good, but stumbling over the Ramentator's blog opened my eyes.

This is a great tom yum by itself or enhanced with your own upgrades. The packet is small but makes a very full bowl. The thin, brownish noodles seem to be made or dusted with a slightly fishy prawn or shrimp powder. (They taste pretty good on their own and would be great in a noodle salad.) Two packets are included: the oily tom yum sauce and a double-compartment ... full review
"2x Spicy INDEED!" - by Em3rald
My family loves hot dishes. Mostly everything we eat, we add some sort of pepper to it so we were so excited to try these thinking it would be nothing. We were so excited to test them out that we started to prepare them as soon as they arrived. LOL..boy did we fool ourselves! Ahhh, those things were hotter than expected. We did it as a challenge (as seen on YouTube); although I wanted to quit after my first bite, my kids kept egging me on to eat more so....I ate 3 bites lol. My girls finished theirs but one was in tears. I would say the burn afterwards lasted about 10 minutes.

Good purchase! They are as they claim to be, hands down. If you truly like and can tolerate hot things you will definitely like these. The flavor is so good just so freaking hot!

"Expert Asian Noodle Guy Takes on Samyang Spicy Noodles" - by Eric Alan (L.A.)
When it comes to these Asian noodles, i'm an expert at this point. Years and years of consumption..I eat all types of varieties 4 days a week just about. So let me tell you about the Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles. These damn noodles are so delicious. Yes they're hot, but tasty hot, addicting i'd say. It reminds me of those Flamin Hot Cheetos flavor. The sauce is like a thick chili oil that has some sweetness to it. Slight sweetness with an umami chicken thing going on, it works well to balance that burn. The noodles themselves are thicker then your normal ramen noodles, they have great chew and are of very good quality. I prepare my noodles with ground turkey and add a bunch of herbs to it for freshness. A side of veggies to counter the noodles and you're good to go. YES you will stop eating them ... full review
"Finally found them!" - by Yorkie Mom (Myrtle Beach, SC)
When I lived in NH I bought these all the time. Now in SC I can't find them anywhere. They have the "Chicken" but not the "Hearty Chicken" and there is a big difference. Have ordered them a second time and will do so again later this week.
"Delicious" - by Sumit Banerjee
Best ramen I've ever had. Definitely worth the price. Large quantity per bowl and I swear the secret ingredient is cocaine because I cannot stop eating this. Friends with low spice tolerance have told me that it's too spicy for them, though.
"Excellent noodles!" - by Laker2 (Indiana)
These are very thin and tasty noodles. We use them in Noodle bowls and stir frys. I like the quantity and packaging.
"Yummy!" - by Amazon Customer
I was surprised by the authenticity of these noodles... very flavorful and just enough sauce to create the appearance of authentic black bean noodles! Highly recommend!
"Must have for spicy food lovers" - by Daisy K
I am addicted to these. I usually get them from the Korean supermarket and they are a tad cheaper there depending on the area you’re in. If on sale I can usually get a pack of five for $5 so I am docking a star for the price. They came in good condition though!
"Delicious, but very spicy!" - by Bill
This soup isn't for the spice novice. I'm a spice enthusiast, and I never can find ramen hot enough to satisfy. I bought a package of these, and a package of the ones in the black packaging. The ones in the black (1/2 as spicy as this one) are nice and hot, but not overbearing. I actually prefer it over this 2x hot one. I can eat the entire bowl without needing a cooling agent. When I ate this 2x hot one, I was disappointed at first because it tasted just as hot as the black one. However, that was short lived. Like a ghost pepper this one creeps up in you very slowly! I was constantly sipping milk as I ate the bowl because it was burning the tongue pretty intensely! If you're looking for a super hot bowl of ramen this is the way to go.