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"this thing runs super smooth. This is definitely a great budget gaming ..." - by Ookami
I gotta tell you, i had my doubts on this computer going into it but i have never been more wrong. The computer is lightning fast with the 8th gen 15 (runs faster that a 7th gen i7) and after getting all the updated completed, this thing runs super smooth.

This is definitely a great budget gaming laptop and amazing workstation laptop for those of you that want the best of both worlds. Strongly recommend the 8th gen i5 version of this computer! It looks super nice too!
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"I hope you're ready for top level gaming..." - by JC
This laptop is an absolute beast!!!!
I am running Planetside2 on Ultra AND I turned on EVERYTHING...smoothing, fog shadows, ambient occlusion, bloom enabled, even motion blur!!! Zero lag 60+fps!!!
I am not kidding!!! The screen is absolutely stunning! The 256gb solid state is super fast. There are zero moving parts inside this laptop!!! Windows 10 is running from the SSD so basically even web browsing is like 10 times faster than normal.
You will be super proud as I am to own one of these. The fire in Planetside2 is so bright that I literally jumped back! The screen is so amazing!
Anyway, as of October 8 when I purchased this on Amazon it is a brand spanking new model. Did I mention it even has a 6 core i7 intel processor??!!
Buy this beast and experience games in Ultra like never before!!! I promise!!!
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"One of The best." - by Amazon Customer
As far as portable gaming laptops go this one takes the cake. Its simple, powerful, and portable. Everything a laptop should be. The one thing I didn't like was the limited storage the factory laptop gets. I got the gtx1070 with 256g of storage and that just wasn't a lot. I do understand that they have to cut corners somewhere to keep the price down but it would be nice to have a way to upgrade. Otherwise the laptop exceeds all expectations. No throttling and the fans aren't too noisy, plus the keys on the keyboard are very smooth. I really like the feel of the hardware. I don't like the speakers on the bottom but they are very loud and do a good job. The 144hz screen is phenomenal I think that is the big selling point for this laptop. Overall 4.5/5 stars.
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"Under 4lb gaming laptop; works smooth with all Steam ..." - by Amazon Customer
Under 4lb gaming laptop; works smooth with all Steam games; Expect the fans to run loud as would any other gaming computer!; The moment you get the unit, erase the stock M2 SSD (not NVME) and do a fresh windows 10 creator edition install; Stock SSD is still very fast but I upgraded to 1TB M2 NvMe SSD 960pro and removed the slow 2TB HD to save some weight. SSD upgrade requires you to remove the back cover (bunch of screws) then motherboard attachments (more screws), flip over the board to find the SSD and RAM. It takes about 1 hour to do it and take bunch of pictures of all connections while doing it so you won't miss any connections.
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"It also stays cool under my left hand where I use the keys ..." - by bob
The laptop is fast, and runs all my games with no issues. It also stays cool under my left hand where I use the keys for movement.
"Good Performance in a Small Package" - by Jim L.
This review is from: ASUS M580VD-EB76 15.6" Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 16 GB DDR4 Memory 256 GB SSD 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Gaming Laptop

Pros: Background: I bought this to replace my aging 5 year old (Bulky/Heavy) MSI laptop with a 660M. Set up was relatively fast and I got most of my files and settings set up in around 2 hours on and off once Windows 10 was done downloading and installing updates. Onto the physical bits:

-The computer is extremely thin and light like the product description suggests. Build quality is quite good and the plastic bottom could have fooled me for how solid it feels. I could go on for days how much nicer using this laptop is than my old MSI.

-Speakers are a mixed bag in that at proper (i.e. lower) volumes they sound super clean and ... full review
"but damn this thing is a beast its super fast and runs games like a charm" - by Fabian
was a little worried at first do the mixed reviews, but damn this thing is a beast its super fast and runs games like a charm, only one down side to it. It gets pretty hot, like really really hot, i suggest buying a laptop cooling pad for it like i have here, but deff worth the money for the specs