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"Perfect book to promote love of reading AND writing!!" - by Brenda Allen
My husband and I LOVE this book!! I've been a librarian for over 14 years, and my husband is a reading tutor. He uses this book with his students, and they have fallen in love with it. Students who find spelling to be so difficult that it gets in the way of their love of writing will change the way they feel forever! A must read for all!!
"Great Read!" - by Timothy Uhlik
Great book for those entering third grade! Tells a great story and inspires thoughtful actions! Highly recommend.
"Great Workbook!" - by Believe
Bought this for my grandson to prepare him more for third grade, he’s not 8 yet and he is enjoying the new work that he does know and is also learning more areas of the curriculum. It’s a perfect summer time workbook to hopefully help the kiddos transition to the next grade. I believe it will give them more confidence to start the next year.
"She loved this book and it was great for her to ..." - by Mercedes Budzinski
I bought this book for my 8 yr old daughter who is going in to 3rd grade this year. She loved this book and it was great for her to read on her own.
"Great for the summer" - by Lady BlindSpot
My 8 year old will do math all day long but if you ask him to read his energy drops.

This book is great for him because it is just enough reading for him each day and the context usually leads to more conversation on the topic. It also has introduced him to new words. Now he wants 180 days of math.
"Important Lesson, According to a Second Grader" - by Liz (San Diego, CA)
Second grader chose this from many books saying, "I'm almost in third grade and need to know this". Vocabulary level is appropriate and he is enjoying the story.
"She loved it. Parts she read herself and parts I ..." - by Grandma B who reads
I bought this book for my 7 (almost 8) year old Granddaughter. She loved it. Parts she read herself and parts I read to her. For her there were parts that were 'kinda scary' and parts that made her laugh out loud. She is thinking about passing book 1 on to a friend. I just ordered her book 2; to quote my Granddaughter, "I can't wait!".
"A Fun Read" - by Amazon Customer
Lots of fun to read aloud with our grandson! Cleverly written and holds the reader and listener's attention!
"Great childrens book" - by Lisa Kelly Jones
I absolutely loved this book as a child and ordered it for my 5 year old granddaughter. Its a little bit old for her, and there are very few pictures. I have been reading it to her a chapter at a time as her attention span isn't that long! I definitely recommend this for an older child that can read on their own. Its funny, engaging, and reminds them that too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing.
"See my review in Horrible Harry in Room 2B" - by Katherine R (CT)
We love this series in our house! I wrote an somewhat in depth review under the first title in the series. My review is more of a review of the series than any one book. :)
Use this EVERY SINGLE MORNING as morning work. IT is GREAT spiral review and aligns with Georgia Standards.
"Practice, Assess,Diagnose: 180 Days of Math for 3rd Grade" - by Janie Mendez
This book provides 3rd students with 180 daily practice activities. Each page builds and assesses student's fluency in math especially since third is the foundation that a child needs for state testing.. Each Students gains skills through the practice and allows the teacher to quickly, diagnose students weakness and begin intervention.Kid then graph own learning and look forward to improving on skills. Great visual for both parents and kids.
"Our Son will enjoy reading a little more now that we found some ..." - by Amazon Customer
Our Son will enjoy reading a little more now that we found some books he is interested in! Thank you!😊
"These series of books are great. I bought it for my soon to be ..." - by KreesteenRN
These series of books are great. I bought it for my soon to be 9 years old that is in currently in 3rd grade. The difficult part was making him put the book down.