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"The best tool for hoisting an arborist rope into a tree" - by Clutch Cargo
The best tool for hoisting an arborist rope into a tree. I recommend viewing the video on YouTube demonstrating the throwing technique to get the line up into a tree. It's all about your throwing technique. The one pound lead shot bag is a good weight for throwing. I also highly recommend wearing a safety helmet when using this tool.
"Awesome. This is an excellent tool" - by Bruno
Awesome. This is an excellent tool. Well engineered . Functioned perfectly. Cutting branches like butter. Even the color well picked-- florescent yellow . The design of the telescopic handle will put other pole cutter to shame . I love this tool.
"So handy!" - by thompsje
I am really happy I made this purchase. I used to fell trees without protection, and weedwack without a face guard. That was stupid. Luckily, I didn't get hurt. The instructions could have been better for putting this together, but it wasn't hard to figure out. I like how easily adjustable the headband for fitting is. Also, it comes with a clear shield, but I have only used the screen. The hearing protection does the trick. I was foolish to ever work without this. I am really glad I made the purchase.
"Awesome pole saw" - by Jose I Miceli
This pole saw is awesome! I live in South Florida and have many palm trees. I got estimates to trim them and they wanted $50/tree. I got this pole saw and a ladder and trimmed them with easy. The saw gets a bit warm but I give it a few minutes between fronds and I didn't have any issues. This saw has paid for itself in the first 10 min of use. I like that the blade articulates, makes cutting much easier.
"Easy to use and fulfilled its purpose." - by Amber Henley
We ordered this harness to go outdoor rock climbing and it worked perfectly well when worn by both guys and girls as well as with the climbing ropes we used. It was easy to put on and adjust too.
"Lightning protection, better lighting" - by Stephen Throop
A crew brought a cherry picker to repair a power line, but they used a Silky to cut a limb 4" in diameter, 19 feet off the ground. I wanted one.

My house had two lightning strikes five years apart. It finally dawned on me that the danger came from the four pecans within 25 feet of the house. I don't know how often they are struck because pecans take it in stride. If a drooping limb touched the house, it could bring in lightning. My 11-foot pole saw wasn’t adequate to keep limbs well away from my roof and wires.

Silky warns not to cut within 50 feet of electrical wires, grounded objects, or other conductors. For a 21-foot pole? Grounded conductors would include metal fences, sheds, and posts. A 50-foot distance is a good idea for lines that feed transformers on poles, but for most overhead wires, ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Jeff N.
works great, only problem it is top heavier than I liked
"Solid connection with this Chain Saw" - by John C. Ware (Millbrae, CA USA)
This saw has delivered. It cuts through 3-4" diameter branches with no problem. Cutting pampas grass does pull some live grass into the chain / interior, requiring occasional breaks to stop and pull it all out. The chain saw attaches / detaches from the pole easily, and is very rigid when attached. It is a bit of a workout, especially if you are using it to cut parallel to the ground. As mentioned in other reviews if you can rest the saw blade on the branch you are cutting, the weight is much more manageable. The chain oil reservoir seems to be tight/leak free, which hasn't been the case with other chain saws I've owned, so I'm glad of that.
"Green works 20672 G-MAX 40 volt long reach chain saw" - by semi-retired (Limestone Capital)
I finally got a chance to try this out 2-13-2017.
I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.
It allowed me to cut limbs from 1/2" to 6" diameter quickly and efficiently from the safety of the ground.
I didn't fully extend the shaft and still reached 12 or 15 feet high limbs.
Battery life is reasonable, probably an hour of on and off trimming limbs of the aforementioned dimensions.
A couple of cons I've noticed after further use -
As others have mentioned, the battery is ridiculously hard to get out of the tool and not too easy to get out of the charger.
Also, your thumb will be sore after using this for awhile. The safety that you have to engage before squeezing the trigger to run the saw is recessed and awkward to push and after using tool for several minutes, your thumb feels like it is sprained.
Still, all in all, Five stars, it's ... full review
"Quality and Safety all in One" - by R. Hanes
OMG! I have other model timber jacks but they don't come close in comparison. This jack is amazingly strong and steady no more dull chains from hitting the dirt while bucking log into firewood lengths. I you are strong enough to turn the log this puppy will hold it for you. I have used on logs to 20" diameter no problem. The unique two foot design makes all the difference. Also no smashed fingers when rolling the log because the jack handle is off the ground. I do a lot of firewood cutting each year and this is the best tool I have for making work easy and safe. A little pricey compared to others but quality costs more and this is quality. Has a tough aggressive hook as well so unlikely to slip off the log. I highly recommend this tool and didn't get any consideration for writing this ... full review
"If you need a pole saw, this is the one to get!" - by Easy Livin' in AR (Arkansas)
I've used this Pole Chain now for about 2 hours of trimming trees. It works great, seems very durable, and does everything I've expected very well. I selected this item based primarily on the positive reviews on it, plus it's weight was a little less than some others. Believe me, for a old f*** like me, having even 1 pound less weight on the end of the 10' or 12' extended pole is significant!
The only negative I can come up with is that it actually delivered 5 days later than it was originally scheduled - but I can deal with that for a good quality product.
"Good for camping" - by dwightlathan77 (Traverse City, MI)
Great product. Great for splicing and cuts nicely with a $10 soldering pen. If you're using it with Dutchware bling I'd recommend the 1.8mm size over the 2.2mm. For guy lines it locks nicely just by looping a few times and bite.