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"THOUGHFULLY HELPFUL connector covers, WELL MADE, NOT VERY Supple" - by Stephanie Sullivan (Boston, MA)
The Mediabridge 8ft triple shielded coax with F-connectors is an excellent product for cable TV and broadband patching. I used this cable to carry my video signal from the splitter behind my TV into the cabinet where my Tivo is going to live.

First, I have to say that Mediabridge takes packaging their cabling to a higher level. The cable came packaged in an individual box wrapped in plastic film that comes off easily. There was a sheet describing how to remove/replace the "Easy Grip" connector covers. This does not change the cable quality but helps make sure it's delivered intact. Well done.

The Easy Grip connector caps seemed like a silly thing but they really make it easier to get the cable connected and turn the locking nut to finger tight. I was pleased and surprised by this little convenience. If you don't like them, they can be pulled off.

The F-Connectors ... full review
"Works well for outdoor connections to over-the-air antennas" - by Glenn Courington
I was running an over-the-air antenna from my roof to the coax that comes out of my house to grab free over-the-air TV channels. This cable is durable and moldable, allowing me to run the cable down the roof and around the side of my home without any issues. The connectors are well made and firmly compressed onto the cable. As a result, we are able to pick up several channels in HD without any issue. Very happy with this purchase
"It is well made with nice connectors. Big box stores did not have cable ..." - by Tman (Indianapolis)
Cable arrived on time. It is well made with nice connectors. Big box stores did not have cable rated for outdoors.
"No signal problems" - by Macjville
Fixed a broken coax from my Dish Network antenna to the house. Buried it about 6" in the ground. So far, so good.
"Only 4dBmV loss in 100 feet!" - by bqb (Southern CA)
I've used really stiff cables that are difficult to work with, so I didn't know what I might get with this. Fortunately, this cable is about the same stiffness as the cable company's cable, which is fairly easy to manipulate as coax cables go. The cheap, floppy cables you can buy at the local stores are pretty poor. I recently used a couple different retail cables with lengths of 6-9 feet and loss of over 8 dBmV as reported by the cable modem diagnostics screen. That's terrible. So I was concerned about the quality of this coax.

So first thing I did was to connect the full 100' cable in front of my cable modem. The cable modem showed only a 4dBmV loss in 100'! I don't have the equipment to test various frequencies, but for a simple test this is excellent, especially since ... full review
by GE
"hard to find in stores" - by Rachel Bound by Books (michigan)
we needed this for an antenna for our stereo (yes, we like old school stereo music)
and it was super hard to find in stores so off to Amazon I went. Great value based on some of the other prices I was seeing!
"Best Cords to Date.." - by Dan Champagne (East Providence,R.I 02915)
When it comes to HDMI Cords you have to keep in mind that when technology advances so do the wiring.The high speed 15/18 gigabytes HDMI Cords give you better performance of your component your using especially picture quality.These are the best HDMI Cords I have found to date and are guaranteed for life.No brained.
"it was easy to use" - by Frustrated Reader
This sleeve worked very well, it was easy to use, easy to cut to size and just the solution I needed to hide a bunch of cords for router, mini cell tower, etc. I used this in combination with a cord box and I am very happy with the results. I will be purchasing another sleeve to hide other wires. The cords use to be a huge eye sore that bothered me every time I looked in that area, now I look in that same area and feel contentment. This is an easy solution to camouflage many cords quickly, well worth the money.
"good quality and easy to install!" - by Carter (Texas)
This is a great find! It is super easy to use. It comes with heavy-duty screws that will screw into any material. It is a durable plastic and is made so you can use as little or as much of the product as needed. I needed 3 of the 4 sections so I just snapped/cut off the last section and it worked perfectly! I was able to secure 4 pretty good sized cords with room for a few more! It was simple and fast to install and it looks great!

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"Dead simple install" - by Eddy Ahmed
I purchased this along with their soundbar version as well ( and the install could not have been more easy or foolproof. It comes with templates that you trace on your wall in between studs. Cut out the drywall with a jab saw, drop the wires, connect them up and plug it in. Took me all of about an hour to install including cleanup and mounting. Highly recommended. See pics to see how clean the setup is.