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"This is a fantastic dvd player i have a lots of european format ..." - by Radka Pietrass
This is a fantastic dvd player i have a lots of european format dvd's and this player really plays all. I am very happy with this product.
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"This is the one you've been looking for!" - by riverguy (Forestville, CA United States)
Wonderful! We wanted a simple unit that would play CDs. We looked at dozens of very sad reviews and finally settled on a Samsung unit because its reviews were not as bad as most of them. Sad state of affairs to be left with that option, but that seems to be the new normal. Well, it arrived, long story short, it was junk, quit in three days and we returned it. We found this Panasonic quite be accident. It had good reviews and it's perfect for us. Very simple controls, solid performance, and unlike most of the ones on which I read reviews for, this one is absolutely silent. You can barely hear the disc start to spin up and once going, it is silent. It loads quickly and if I could give it six stars, I would. Way to go, ... full review
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"Good instructions. Like the ability to connect by HDMI" - by DBR (Seattle, Washington, US)
Good instructions. Like the ability to connect by HDMI.
by LG
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"On my 4K tv even a typical dvd produces a superb picture as good as any pay tv service" - by Amazon Customer
This region- free player functions perfectly. It does not get any easier then this. Whatever the region disc you load the player switches automatically and it plays. I have not seen any 4K discs other then A, but my regions dvd and bd all work very well. On my 4K tv even a typical dvd produces a superb picture as good as any pay tv service.
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"Nice big screen & easy to use!" - by Lena (virginia)
So far so good! Got this for my elderly father and now he can watch dvd's and listen to cd's on his lap without having to figure out the TV/DVD player. The screen is like a laptop. Buttons are easy to work. Comes with 2 remotes, a simple one with big buttons and a more complex one with small buttons. Has opened up another world for my dad!
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"Plug and Play Region Free DVD Player" - by VickyLostInNM (NM, USA)
Update - Jul 2017:
It's been 4 years now, and the DVD still in perfect working order.

Update - Dec 2015:
After 2 years, my DVD player is still working great. I use Regions 1, 2 and 3 DVDs and never had a problem with any of them, with player transitioning seamlessly between PAL and NTSC systems. I still highly recommend it.

Original review:
It is compact but very efficient. No complicated installation hook ups, just plug HDMI and use it. It plays all my DVDs (and CDs) from all over the world with no problems. Pictures are very clear. Small and fuss free remote control, it has all the basic functions.

It has a USB port but it doesn't play videos, it's only for showing pictures (jpg format) - I don't use for anything.

What I like the most is how small and light it is, it also has a very elegant look. Description dimensions are ... full review
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"The Best of Three Different Models" - by Amazon Customer (Charlotte, NC USA)
I bought two different models of DVD/VCR recorders at separate times (from vendors other than Amazon) and returned both within days. Either the user's guide was written so poorly it was incomprehensible, or the machine itself didn't function as advertised.

Not so with the [[ASIN:B000O3LUKC Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK Up-Converting 1080p DVD-Recorder/VCR Combo with Built In Tuner]]. The user's guide is well written and has an excellent index and table of contents, making it easy to find what you're looking for when you have cables and boxes spread all over your living room floor.

The machine works as advertised and has an easy-to-use onscreen menu. The remote control is like any other. After a few minutes with it, the functions become clear.

The fact that the remote does not operate the open/close tray of the DVD or the eject function of the VCR is not really a problem. If you're changing DVDs or tapes, you've ... full review
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"The Panasonic DVD-S700 plays both PAL and NTSC Formats and is Region Free at a reasonable price." - by Mister Natural
I had one of like this from Samsung which was so cheaply made that they used epoxy to attach the HDMI female connection on the main board which if bumped or much pressure is used while attaching the cable then it breaks. I could had replaced the circuit board and fixed it but Samsung will not sell the parts. You have to send to THEIR techs and pay more than the player would cost if buying. The Panasonic is excellent and plays my DVD's from anywhere of this world. All regions and all formats. I have never been disappointed with a Panasonic product and I will NEVER buy anything again of Samsung's. You should not either. Customer Service? Samsung? Yeah,Right !!! Should you buy the Panasonic DVD-S700 you will not be disappointed as it will play PAL or NTSC formats and is region free and pricing is decent. ... full review
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"Excellent! Just plug it in and watch all your ..." - by Tony Shaw
Excellent! Just plug it in and watch all your dvds.
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"Solid 4K Player Easy to Use" - by Irv Haas (Atlanta, GA USA)
The Sony UBP-X700 is a replacement for the former UBP-X800. The new player is smaller and more lightweight than its predecessor. It's about the size of most recent Sony Blu-ray players.

It produces a solid 4K picture that looks like it was from a more expensive player. The set up is very simple--just choose your language and set up your wireless connection for the basics. Most of the default settings work fine for most users.

The operation is very intuitive. When the opening screen comes up, press the open/eject button, insert your disc and press PLAY and your done.

This 4K player has 2 HDMI outputs--one for audio/video and the second for audio only. This is very helpful if you are using a receiver with this player.

Sony has put the latest video technology into the X700--Dolby Vision. It produces a more vivid picture with better contrast. ... full review
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"After a week, it's a good buy" - by opaljewel
The unit works well. Two items which are negative. The instruction booklet doesn't exactly match the unit itself. Also, the purchaser may have to supply additional wiring and plugs; in this case we didn't need any additional wires.
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"Amazing for Roadtrips and Camping" - by Trazy Collins (NYC, NY)
So, we decided to go camping, right? We have a kid now, so we needed to figure out a way to keep him entertained in the tent during rain... and in the car ride. This isn't always as easy as you would think. Turns out, it's a whole lot easier with this machine. I bought this on a whim after reading the reviews. I thought maybe, just maybe, this will be the answer to our problem. It was AMAZING.

First of all, the battery lasts a long time. We brought all kinds of gadgets to keep it charged and make sure it didn't die. We didn't need half of them. It charged before we left, once we got there and once more before we left. 5 hours of travel, 5 days on and off intermittently, and another 5 hours of travel.
Then, ... full review
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"Great customer service!!" - by Mommajojox4
Just received!! I opened the undamaged box and there is scratches all over the screen!! Extremely disappointed!! Other than that it worked fine! But for the price I'm sending it back! Thinking about reordering to see if hopefully I can receive a undamaged screen! Will follow up with review, once issue is resolved!!
Update within hours!! I was contacted by customer service and there was a screen protector on it, It was extremely hard to see and take off!! Luckily eventually I was able to do so. So far I'm digging the DVD player and customer service !! Thank you!!
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"Just buy it. It plays and records. You can't go wrong." - by Robert J Gheysens Jr
Ready to go right out of the box. Now instead of constantly using my data streaming. I can play my daughters favorite dvd and plug and play into her tablet. I also hooked it up to my survalance system at home and now I can record in high quality on a disk that I can give away. Very quiet and seems to be made of quality material. For the price, I could not go wrong.