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"Simple, Yet Effective" - by Mike Henthorne (RI)
Every time I shop for a new mouse for myself I consider many different things, motion sensing system, clickability, reliability of the manufacturer, and of course special features. I for one have ALWAYS bought Logitech mice. They are a trusted manufacturer of peripherals and to be honest, they are some of the toughest pieces of hardware I have seen out there.

I recently decided to switch out my old mouse and replace it with an optical mouse. Looking through the vast selection of mice on Amazon I was a little overwhelmed, especially being a gamer (I thought of maybe getting a 'gaming mouse'), I found many different types of mice with a wide array of special features. What it finally came down to for me was this, I wanted a simple mouse that I could hook up to my laptop and use it without worrying about drivers or special software, and ... full review
"The Ideal Mouse of the Average Computer User" - by Amazon Customer
One of the perks of living in the 21st century is the constant stream of technology that is available for us to use. The majority of people know how to use laptops and computers, but most of us are not computer wizards. The majority of people use simple computer skills for work and leisure purposes, whom I would define as an average computer user. As a college student who uses the internet for leisure and study purposes as well as basic Microsoft Office functions, I would classify myself as an average computer user. Thus, I am writing this review for the average computer user.

A month ago, I was in the market for purchasing a wireless mouse to use on my laptop. After some brief research on Amazon I purchased the VicTsing MM057 Wireless Portable Mouse. The primary reasons for purchasing this mouse was due to the numerous ... full review
"Great fit, and right price" - by Amazon Customer
This is a pretty chunky mouse... and I'm very happy for that! It's been a real pain trying to find a "full" mouse to fit my hand comfortably. My hand is about 7 inches from tip of middle finger to wrist, and I tend to switch between palming and gripping a mouse. I ordered this along with a Logitech M500, which I had used and loved at my previous job site. ... I haven't even opened the Logitech yet because this mouse feels so much nicer to me. Don't get me wrong, I love Logitech products, and their M500 comes in at a close second for me. But the the way this mouse is shaped and sized makes it my first pick. Yes, this Kensington mouse is optical, not laser. Yes, it is super light and may seem to have what some consider a "cheap plastic feel". But it ... full review
"Love the colors and a great mouse, but definitely cheap and light." - by Amanda
I originally bought another mouse that was 30 dollars made by Bloody and I returned it to get this 10 dollar one instead. I don't regret my decision. I've only used it for a couple of hours and it already feels great. I wanted something that was colorful but could still handle playing video games online like League of Legends. Does it feel cheap? Yeah I mean it's pretty cheap, you can tell it is. But it handles well, moves good, and clicks way better than the other one I had bought. This mouse is definitely not something you'd throw around because it's lighter plastic.
"Worked great for over 5 years of constant use" - by Chuck (LEAGUE CITY, TX, United States)
I am a software developer and thus behind a computer nearly 40 hours a week. I bought this mouse because I didn't like the standard issue mouse that came with my work computer. It has worked very well for the past 5 years. Recently I started noticing issues with the left mouse button. I switched to another mouse to make sure it was the mouse and not the software or operating system. Sure enough, it was the mouse. I think it just finally wore out after all this time.

I like the design of this mouse. It fits comfortably in my hand. I really like how quiet the buttons are on this. I didn't realize how quiet it was until I switched to another mouse. No complaints other than that it gave out on me but I guess that's to be ... full review
"Great for basic use" - by John P.
I got this product to go with my new gaming PC. I wanted something affordable, since I'd already overspent on the computer itself, so I went with this. Frankly, at this price, you normally get what you pay for. However, I'm happy to report that what I got instead was a solid, functional, no-nonsense keyboard and mouse.

It seems like a better idea to buy your mouse and keyboard separately, to get the best value, but there's really no reason not to go for this, unless you need something special. The keys on the keyboard are well-spaced and seem sturdy enough. The mouse lacks some features that gamers might want, but is still excellent at what it was intended to do. I'm not sure what the DPI on this thing is, but it serves adequately for clicking people's heads until they die, which seems to be the point of the entire ... full review
"This mouse is great for me (I have arthritis and my fingers are ..." - by Adam Arbri
This mouse is great for me (I have arthritis and my fingers are locked into almost a fist position) it fits my hand perfect and I do not find it to bright. I actually love the color (got the black one).

Shipping was delivered right on time. No problems with shipment,

Mouse is very light, installs with just plugging it in and I love the size of the scrollwheel.

My only issue is for me the cord is about 6-10" to long. No issue as I used a twist tie to bundle the over-length. But a long cord is not really needed for a laptop mouse.

Good buy and I reccomend this mouse
"Great Mouse" - by Shane D. (Indianapolis, IN USA)
I'm very happy with this mouse so far. It felt like a bit of a gamble, ordering it when there weren't any product reviews posted, but I really liked the design of it (in particular, the fact that the apex of its body is set farther back than other mouses, which I had hoped would make it more comfortable and ergonomic to hold). It was pretty inexpensive, too, which is nice. My hunch seems to have paid off so far: the mouse is really comfortable and easy to use. I like using it 100x more than my old notebook mouse which was short, stumpy, and uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. With this mouse, my hand rests very naturally on top of it, which also makes it feel very natural and effortless to move the mouse around. It feels smooth and ... full review
"Solid Mouse for a Good Price" - by T. Cramer (Madison, WI)
There is nothing spectacular about this mouse, but if you are looking for a solid mouse under $10 this is a good choice. I had to replace my parent's mouse which had buttons that were very difficult to press and a scroll wheel that was a challenge to roll. This Kensington is much better.

Like others have said, it is lightweight. For older people who simply want a mouse that works to browse the internet and look at pictures, this mouse is perfect. It does fit the hand very nicely and the buttons are very easy to click, but firm enough so you won't accidentally click them. The scroll wheel scrolls with ease and is textured for a good grip you can feel. No, I wouldn't want to use this for gaming or intense work, but for general computer use it is just right and ... full review
by HP
"My kind of mouse!" - by Texas Lady (Texas)
5 stars for this mouse. So much more comfortable than my old one. Other reviews had said it "clicked" loudly..I see no problem with that. The click isn't nerve wrecking or disruptive. Highly recommend.
"Kind to Seniors" - by W. H. Niehoff (Vestal, NY USA)
I need this mouse in particular because of its relatively "stiff" right-click. More expensive brands are too responsive for my arthritic right-click knuckle. (They're made for 14 year-olds.) Now, if they only made a weighted version of this mouse to help my tendency to shake.
"thumps up!" - by Allylisa (U.S.)
I received the mouse yesterday. When first plugged in my computer recognized it and prompted that the device drivers would be installed. I waited for about 20 seconds then my computer froze. I unplugged the mouse, waited 1 minute & plugged it back in. The second attempt to install device drivers was a success. I'm not sure what happened the first time but the mouse works great now. I like the feel of the mouse in the palm of my hand. It's the perfect size and soft to the touch. I also like that it has the DPI button under the scroll of the mouse for a quickly and easily change the pointer speed. Navigating my computer, whether internet or documents has never been so easy and convenient.
(The DPI, or dots per inch, switch on your computer's mouse enables you to adjust the mouse's sensitivity to a faster or slower ... full review
"Good little wired mouse" - by AD28 (Los Angeles, CA)
Good little mouse. I like the responsiveness and lack of battery on wired mice. I keep this in my backpack so if ever need to use my laptop away from my workstation I have a mouse with me. (I'm not a millennial that can use a trackpad for everything.) It's small enough to be portable, but big enough to be comfortable if you need to use it in a pinch. I had one previously that broke after carrying it around in my backpack for a year, but was impressed enough to buy the same model for a replacement. It would be nice if it came with a carrying case, but it doesn't.
"Nice mouse, but not as nice a the description states..." - by Todd
This is a nice mouse, but it doesn't work without a mouse pad. The wheel is smooth and the movement is great when on a pad, but without, it has a hard time reading the surface. Don't hesitate to pick this mouse up if you need one. Just know it will require a mouse pad.
"... one of these to use at home and I like it, it works great" - by Lynn S (New Jersey)
I got one of these to use at home and I like it, it works great. But I have this co-worker who had an old mouse and all day long I'd hear him scrolling: skritch, skritch, skritch, skritch, skriiiitch and it was driving me nuts. I even showed him how to use the page up and page down buttons, and placing his cursor on the scroll bar on the right of the screen but he wouldn't do that. I think he liked driving me up the wall. So I bought one of these and replaced his mouse with this one while he was out to lunch. Problem solved! :-)